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3CG Kumite 6 Full-Card, Hugo, Almeida, Jimenez, Trovo And More

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Third Coast Grappling is back with the 6th edition of the, now well-known KUMITE series. The promotion has been working hard on these talent-packed small tournaments, events that have captured the attention of our sport’s fanbase.

The Kumite 6 will feature 8 competitors in the gi format, a format that has reaped benefits with the 3rd Coast Grappling promotion, having a substantially higher submission rate than the event’s no-gi matches (7.25% over NG average), a trend we have been watching in all other professional platforms this year.

The promotion will serve the purpose of crowning yet another Kumite champion, having in its list of previous champs a real who-is-who of top-level grappling:


170 lbs – Roberto Jimenez
180 lbs – Roberto Jimenez
Ultra-heavy – Roberto Cyborg

180 lbs Gi – Gustavo Batista
Ultra heavy Gi – Victor Hugo

Who are the 6 tournament challengers? More information on these fine grapplers below.


September 12th, 2020
8pm CST/ 9pm EST

Kumite Challengers

Team: Ribeiro JJ // Weight: Ultra-heavy

Arguably the favorite to take on the Kumite belt, Hugo has very few kinks in his armor. Very solid guard work, proficient passing, and size, Victor will be very hard to beat.

Team: Studio 76 // Weight: Heavy

On the horizon for Roberto is not only a chance to earn his 3rd Kumite title (first with the gi) but also the possibility of a rematch with Gabriel Almeida, who beat Jimenez recently at a different event. First, however, Jimenez will have to go through men much larger than himself in Guilherme Augusto.

Team: Alliance // Weight: Super-heavy

Once seen as one of the very best heavyweights in the world, Guilherme has since moved up one (often two) weight classes, since moving to the US. The Alliance standout is as high-level as you can get in this sport with three medals in the IBJJF World Championships in the adult black belt division and a two-time black belt Brazilian Nationals champion.

Team: Checkmat // Weight: Heavy

The second time in the Kumite tournament, Maidana, is a solid competitor, tried and tested in all formats – Submission-Only, ACB rules, IBJJF rules, FIVE Grappling rules, and 3CG. His experience will be his strongest card in a talent-filled tournament.

Team: Alliance // Weight: Super-heavy

One of the most talented jiu-jitsu players in the sport, when Andrew is on, he is a force to be reckoned with. His berserker style has also cost him a few wins, as his willingness to trade submission for submission has resulted in almost 100% of his losses to come via submission.

Team: Gracie Barra // Weight: Light

An incredible challenge for Arian, who will be coming in as the less experienced athlete on the roster, and also likely the smallest. De Melo is a brown belt and has traditionally competed as a light-weight. He’s competed before for the 3rd Coast Grappling event and done well, we are eager to see what the talented athlete has up his gi sleeve.

Team: Checkmat // Weight: Medium-heavy

One of the most active BJJ athletes during the COVID19 pandemic, Almeida is also one of the sport’s most dynamic and fun to watch competitors. His grinding style will be tested to the fullest in a tournament where he will be one of the smallest challengers on the mat.

Team: Gracie Barra // Weight: Super-heavy

A very unconventional competitor, Trovo always hunts for the submission, a style that has taken his career to great heights but also somewhat penalized his ranking in the sport, particularly when competing in points-based tournaments, where his berserker style cost him a few wins.

Very talented grappler, expect Trovo to gain some more fans after this one.

Super Fights

– Brandon Gambucci vs Curry Gaut
– Erik Wright vs Omar Hillail
– Orin Nova vs Jordan Vaisman
– Ricky Peoples vs Jordan Plutin
– Abel Salazar vs Isaac Vasquez
– Jay Spiegel vs Isaiah Malik Carlson
– Andy Cordova vs Sergei Zack Edwards
– Cassidy Welch vs Shannon O’Shea
– Cristian Guzman vs Brandon Gutierrez
– Kristin Kotinek vs Jessica Crane

Roberto Jimenez BJJ Attacking The Back

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