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F2W 144 Results, Hulk Submits Lovato Jr. And Pedigo FS Go 7 Out Of 7 in Texas

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JUNE 20, 2020, TEXAS – USA was once again the set for another edition of the Fight 2 Win promotion, the 144th card set forth by this important grappling organization.

On paper, this looked like a very exciting line up as it featured many high-level athletes who traditionally like to push the pace on the mats. Luckily those suspicions turned out to be very true as the 32 matches were almost entirely entertaining.

One of the tales of the event was most certainly the dominance of the Pedigo Submission Fighting Academy. Based in Illinois, the team brought 7 athletes down to Texas, for the event – Andrew Wiltse, Clay Mayfield, Troy Mercer, Alejandro Wajner, Jacob Couch, Sathya Wiltse and Jorge Valladares, all of which conquered the “W” in very entertaining fashion, with 3 of those wins coming via submission. Also successful were team Checkmat and Atos, who came out with strong wins and two important F2W titles.

For more details on last night’s events, please check below.


  • Total Matches 32 (17 submissions – 52%)
  • 18 Gi Matches (9 submissions – 50%)
  • 14 No-Gi Matches (8 submissions – 57%)


Main Event
205lbs Black Belt GI Title
Lucas Barbosa def. Rafael Lovato Jr. via armbar

When assessing this match, there seemed to be a clear advantage for whoever achieved and secured the top position. Given Lucas’ well-known takedown skills, Rafael opted to pull guard early, likely with the intent of sweeping Barbosa midway through the match and work his top game pressure from there. Unfortunately for the American grappling legend, that game-plan did not work out. Once he found himself on top, Lucas was relentless, passing Lovato’s guard on two occasions, always placing Rafael in check.

The relentless pace set forth by the Brazilian forced Rafael to almost exclusively play defense, and in one of these exchanges Lovato was forced to hyper-extend his frame and “offer” and arm to The Hulk, one gift was enough for the Atos representative. Fantastic performance by Barbosa.

Co-Main Event
130lbs Black Belt NOGI Title
– Nathalie Ribeiro def. Talita Alencar  via decision

As we had alluded to in our preview article, Nathalie vs Talita had all the tools to be the Match Of The Night, a comment that turned out to be true. Very fast-paced match, Ribeiro fighting from her back and attacking the feet of Alencar as well as the upper body – particularly in one nasty armbar attempt that looked very close to a match-ending sequence.

The resilient Alencar persevered and worked on forcing Nathalie to turtle, in the hope of taking the Checkmat athlete’s back. This eventually did happen, and Talita tried her best to lock on a submission, unfortunately for her, she could not bite on anything substantial. Nathalie’s closer submission attempts swayed the judges in her favor, a very close match.

175lbs Black Belt GI
– Jonnatas Gracie def. Edwin Najmi  via split decision

A tough match to judge, Gracie fell for a footlock halfway through the bout and the two athletes exchanged leg entanglements from then on. The decision could have gone either way. In his post-fight interview with FloGrappling’s Hywel Teague, Jonnatas explained the slower performance as being a result of the lack of competitive rhythm due to the recent COVID19 events.

200lbs Black Belt NOGI
– Andrew Wiltse def. Isiah Wright via RNC

A solid performance by Wiltse, who saw Isiah hunt for the submission first and dangerously. Andrew worked from his back, snatching a fantastic arm-drag from the bottom, solidifying top dominance. After a few passing attempts, Wiltse secured back control in a beautiful sequence, and from there the choke.

225lbs Black Belt NOGI
Joe Baize def. Don Westman via inside heel-hook

200lbs Black Belt GI
– Rafael Lang def. Brett Oteri via kimura

150lbs Black Belt GI
– Jordan Burton III def. Aaron Brooks via decision

230lbs Black Belt GI
– Kenny Cross def. Stephen Hall via bread cutter choke

175lbs Black Belt NOGI
– Bobby Emmons def. Angel Lopez via outside heel-hook

150lbs Black Belt GI
– Bruno Jacaré def. Filipe Matos via decision

175lbs Black Belt GI
Caio Caetano def. Rehan Muttalib via decision

180lbs Brown Belt GI
– Clay Mayfield def. Edgar Christian Benitez via decision

270lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Walker Madden def. John Robledo via armbar

205lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Troy Mercer def. Marco Soto via decision

150lbs Purple Belt GI
– Stephen Shnayderman def. Von Wood via botinha lock

180lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Alejandro Wajner def. Amador Barraza via decision

170lbs Purple Belt GI
– Lucas Espinoza def. Carlos Neto via decision

140lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Chase Sosa def. Jazz Ortiz via RNC

215lbs Purple Belt GI
– Elder Cruz def. Francisco Papasidero via decision

205lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Jacob Couch def. Dominic Alfano via heel-hook

170lbs Purple Belt GI
– Dante Muschamp def. Colton Phoenix via bow and arrow

150lbs Purple Belt GI
– Sathya Wiltse def. Carson Steicher via decision

135lbs Purple Belt GI
– Daniel Cavazos def. Dylan Nguyen via choke

185lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Jorge Valladares def. Kemoy Anderson via inside heel-hook

135lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Isiah Sanchez def. Connor Ogle via split decision

185lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Matt Anater def. Peter G Hailer via split decision

210lbs Blue Belt Gi
– Brett Nicholas def. David Shumaker via clock choke

135lbs Blue Belt Gi
– Marisa Ramirez def. Laci Douthitt via bread cutter choke

230lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Nathan Sevedge def. Cody Byers via decision

125lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Shannon O’Shea def. Brittany Baize armlock

160lbs Blue Belt Gi
– Jacob Olson def. David Grostic via suicide choke (baseball bat)

Blue Belt Gi
– Dori Aoun def. B. Severson via decision

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