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Tonight’s F2W 144 Has One Hell Of A Card !

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JUNE 19, 2020, prepare yourself for another epic night of submission-only jiu-jitsu by Fight 2 Win tonight, as the Colorado-based promotion returns to Texas for its 144th show, which will be broadcasted by FloGrappling.

A very solid card with top-notch match-making, the F2W 144 will headline a much-anticipated clash between Rafael Lovato vs Lucas Barbosa. A superb match to be made, well worthy of the main-event honors. Equally entertaining will be Nathalie Ribeiro vs Talita Alencar, two competitors who always put on a show with forward-moving grappling styles, but there are plenty of sleeper matches on this line-up as discussed below.


Main Event
205lbs Black Belt Gi Title
Rafael Lovato Jr. (Lovato JJ) vs Lucas Barbosa (Atos)

The match we are most excited about is certainly this cash between Lovato and “The Hulk”. Although from different generations, both play old school type jiu-jitsu with tons of pressure from the top – their preferred winning position, Lovato with the slower-cooked, grindy passing and Lucas with a more explosive and unpredictable game.

Expect the unexpected here. Both athletes will prefer to conquer top position, though Lovato’s path to the top might have to come from the bottom position first (meaning guard pull to sweep) due to Hulk’s wider history in the takedown department.

Co-Main Event
130lbs Black Belt NOGI Title
Nathalie Ribeiro (Checkmat) vs Talita Alencar (Alliance)

One of the best guard players in the world today is Nathalie Ribeiro, a student of Lucas Leite, whose style has granted us, the fans with many grappling highlight moments. What Ribeiro is from the guard, Alencar is from the top. An aggressive competitor who always leaves everything on the mat.

We would give a slight edge for Alencar in experience, with “Ta-Ta” gaining an advantage on the physical side. A very fun clash of styles, we see this as a strong candidate to the Match Of The Night award.

175lbs Black Belt Gi
Jonnatas Gracie (Atos) vs Edwin Najmi (Gracie Barra)

We are happy to see this match-up and happy it has been made with the gi, a format in which both these gentlemen shine brightest.

Style-wise, Jonnatas is the more patient, tactical athlete. One who does not divert from a game plan in search of the submission. Najmi, on the other hand, is prone to jump on a submission if he sees the opportunity. Which style will prevail is very hard to tell as these two grapplers are very evenly matched in all areas of the game.

175lbs Black Belt Gi
Caio Caetano (One JJ) vs Rehan Muttalib (Alliance)

One of the sleeper matches on the card is the face-off between Caetano and Muttalib. Caio was regarded as one of the prime middleweights in the world when he first arrived at the black belt division back in 2018, after his 12 match-winning streak, where he accomplished a 50% submission ratio in the sport’s pro division. Since then, the former Leandro Lo training partner has had his ups-and-downs.

More recently Caetano left NS Brotherhood and moved to California, where he trains under Giva Santana, a change that sparked our curiosity. Is the change going to bring back the submission hunter in Caio?

Facing Caio will be the multi-faceted, part-time grappler Rehan Muttalib. We are not as familiar with Rehan as we are with Caetano, but the little we have seen of him has always been entertaining. Well versed in the new BJJ game, physical and submission oriented, a good challenger for Caetano.

225lbs Black Belt NOGI
Joe Baize (Owensboro Gracie) vs Don Westman (Colorado BJJ Stapleton)

An American submission grappling legend is BJJ Hero Joe Baize, an athlete with an extensive career in the North American circuit. We do not know Don Westman, but we expect him to come with his footlock defense on point, otherwise, it could be a quick match for Baize, who has looked fantastic in his past few matches.

200lbs Black Belt NOGI
– Andrew Wiltse (Pedigo Submission Fighting) vs Isiah Wright (Easton BJJ)

Wiltse made waves in the colored belt divisions as a medium-heavy weight athlete but will be moving up one weight class for his black belt debut, to challenge the more experienced Wright. On paper, this is a very entertaining match. Both Isiah and Andrew enjoy being on the offense and are not prone to holding on to tight margins as a method for victory.

150lbs Black Belt Gi
– Aaron Brooks (Vianna Brothers) vs Jordan Burton III (Soul Fighters)

Another entertaining match up. Burton III is one of the most knowledgeable competitors out there and scholar of the grappling game with plenty of accolades in the Masters division. Brooks is also a regular face on the F2W platform and of similar experience to that of Jordan. A very good match-up.

200lbs Black Belt Gi
– Brett Oteri (The Lab) vs Rafael Lang (Octagon MMA)

230lbs Black Belt Gi
– Kenny Cross (Team Shawn Hammonds) vs Stephen Hall (Octagon MMA)

175lbs Black Belt NOGi
– Angel Lopez (Halo JJ) vs Bobby Emmons (Nice Guy Submission Fighting)

150lbs Black Belt GI
– Filipe Matos (Gracie Barra) vs Bruno Jacare Dias (Juniko)

180lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Clay Mayfield (Pedigo Submission Fighting) vs Edgar Christian Benitez (Gracie Barra)

270lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– John Paul Robledo (R Jitsu) vs Walker Madden (Colorado BJJ Stapleton)

205lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Troy Mercer (Pedigo Submission Fighting) vs Marco Soto (Waugh BJJ)

150lbs Purple Belt GI
– Stephen Shnayderman (Soul Fighters) vs Von Wood Lovato JJ)

180lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Alejandro Wajner (Pedigo Submission Fighting) vs Amador Barraza (War Room MMA)

170lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Lucas Espinoza (Gracie allegiance HQ) vs Carlos Neto (AMBJJ)

140lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Jazz Ortiz (Team ROC) vs Chase Sosa (A Force BJJ)

215lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Elder Cruz (Checkmat) vs Francisco Papasidero (Renzo Gracie)

205lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Jacob Couch (Pedigo Submission Fighting) vs Dominic Alfano (AMBJJ)

170lbs Purple Belt GI
– Dante Muschamp (Essential BJJ) vs Colton Phoenix (Lovato JJ)

150lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Sathya Wiltse (Pedigo Submission Fighting) vs Carson Steicher (Carlson Gracie)

135lbs Purple Belt GI
– Daniel Cavazos (Halo Martial Arts) vs Dylan Nguyen (Lovato JJ)

185lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Jorge Valladares (Pedigo Submission Fighting) vs Kemoy Anderson (10th Planet)

135lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Connor Ogle (Atos) vs Isiah Sanchez (AMBJJ)

185lbs Blue Belt NOGi
– Peter G Hailer (Lauzon MMA) vs Matt Anater (Mohler MMA)

210lbs Blue Belt Gi
– David Shumaker (Atos) vs Brett Nicholas (Soul Fighters)

135lbs Blue Belt Gi
– Laci Douthitt (Machado JJ) vs Marisa Ramirez (Carlson Gracie)

230lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Nathan Sevedge (Atos) vs Cody Byers (Peak Performance)

125lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Brittany Baize (Owensboro Gracie) vs Shannon O’Shea (Soul Fighters)

160lbs Blue Belt Gi
– David Grostic (Atos) vs Jacob Olson ( JJ Therapy)

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