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F2W 161, Dominant Performances By Tex, Haisam, Rau And Brasco In Stacked Event

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JANUARY 23, 2021. Yesterday was another stellar night for Fight 2 Win and their jiu-jitsu show. Held in Miami, Florida, USA, F2W made the most of the local gyms to put together a talent-filled event, featuring local grapplers such as Roberto Abreu, Tex Johnson, James Brasco, Suraj Budhram, and a few more, bringing over a handful of outsiders from the Northern shores of the East Coast, names like Jason Rau, Tim Spriggs, David Garmo, Hugo Marques, etc.

Counting from the purple bet matches onwards, below is our analysis of the event.

27 Recorded Adult BJJ Matches 7 submissions (26% sub rate)
10 Gi Matches: 1 submission (10% sub rate)
17 No-Gi Matches: 6 submissions (35% sub rate)


Performance of the night, in our opinion, should go to Aaron “Tex” Johnson. The former Unity BJJ talent moved to Florida a while ago where his career has picked up a few nice wins under the Fight Sports banner, including a “W” over US super-star, Rafael Lovato Jr.

Last night Tex was matched up against the veteran, Arnaldo Maidana. Johnson used his aggression to get Maidana to his closed guard, where he set-up attack after attack, until sinking in the final “short-armlock” – also known as a violin armlock – after a straight armbar to triangle to armlock sequence. Beautiful work.


It was great to see ADCC veteran James Brasco back on the mats on a big event. Brasco faced Marcelo Monteiro, dominating the Brazilian with takedowns and guard passes.

Jason Rau and JZ Cavalcante impressed us in a technical battle where both athletes looked resilient. More of an old-school stylist, Cavalcante was not afraid to exchange feet attacks with the leg-lock expert, Rau. Impressive defense and offense by both and fun overall match.

Equally fun to watch was Rida Haisam. Formerly with Carpe Diem, in Japan, Haisam has recently moved to the US to further his career. An unbelievable talent, Rida put on a great show of offense against Brandon Allen. Attacking throughout the match from the guard and passing position. Top-notch work-rate, top-notch performance.

The Main and Co-Main Events – Cyborg X Spriggs and Diego Pato x Gabriel Sousa – were not particularly exciting matches. Very evenly matched bouts with few risks taken, although, Roberto Cyborg did outperform Spriggs in the takedown department.

Match Results:

– NOGI MATCH: Roberto Abreu def. Tim Spriggs via decision

– GI MATCH: Diego “Pato” def. Gabriel Sousa via split decision

– NOGI MATCH: Jason Rau def. JZ Cavalcante via split decision

– NOGI MATCH: Hugo Marques def. Cole Franson via decision

– NOGI MATCH: “Tex” Johnson def. Arnaldo Maidana via violin armlock

– NOGI MATCH: James Brasco def. Marcelo Meleiro via decision

– NOGI MATCH: Rafael Dias def. Roberto Retto via split decision

– NOGI MATCH: Chad Fields def. T. King via decision

– NOGI MATCH: Mateo Londono def. Dru Phoenix via armbar

– NOGI MATCH: Suraj Budhram def. Anthony Birchak via arm-in guillotine

– NOGI MATCH: Rida Haisam def. Brandon Allen via decision

– NOGI MATCH: Orlando Castillo def. Ricky Semiglia via decision

– NOGI MATCH: Rodrigo Gortari def. Michael Rodriguez via lateral kneebar

– NOGI MATCH: David Garmo def. Adrian Benevidez via decision

– GI MATCH: Jorge Santiago def. Fred Moncaio via decision

– GI MATCH: David Klay def. Marcelo Herz via decision

– GI MATCH: Pedro Ramos def. Tomas Kucera via decision


– NOGI MATCH: Michael Miguel def. Blake Rubin via decision

– NOGI MATCH: Antonio Zuazo def. Vinicius Furio via outside heel-hook

– NOGI MATCH: Marcelo Bruzzo def. Reuben Holliman via Americana lock

– NOGI MATCH: Adrian Alsina def. Dilano Taylor via decision

– GI MATCH: Anthony Heine def. Allan Cazal via decision

– GI MATCH: Ari Pollan def. Renod Gonzalez via choke from the back


– GI MATCH: Enea Lapa def. Miguel Toral via split decision

– GI MATCH: Carlmichael Leiva def. Joseph Barrocas via decision

– GI MATCH: Breno Rodrigues def. R. Hernandez via decision

– GI MATCH: Oscar Rosa def. Alexis Solis via decision

Roberto Jimenez BJJ Attacking The Back

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