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Ffion Davies vs. Gezary Matuda Title Match for Polaris 9

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A huge match in the making as Welsh grappler, and current IBJJF European champion Ffion Davies is set to meet the formidable Gezary Matuda for the Polaris Jiu Jitsu Invitational, ladies, under 55-kilogram belt.

The news was released earlier today by Grappling Insider (link), although Polaris has not yet made their official announcement. Nonetheless, everything seems to point for an epic bout at the next invitational event, which is taking place on March 15, 2019, in London, England.

This clash is one of the better match-ups to be made in the female division today, considering how accomplished, aggressive, technical and submission oriented both these athletes are. Certainly a match for the ages. Matuda is more experienced and the more accomplished guard player here, with fantastic armbar setups and a killer instinct like no other. Davies, on the other hand, is the wilder grappler of the two, prefers to be on top, has relentless pressure and always plays for the tap.

Both competitors earned their shot at the title on the Polaris 6 show, where they defeated their opponents (Matuda – Serena Gabrielli and Ffion – Chelsea Leah) by submission. More developments on the Polaris Invitational soon.

in cover photo – Gezary Matuda.

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