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GrappleFest 4 Results: Craig Jones Finishes Gabriel Arges in Liverpool!

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FEBRUARY 21, 2019, Liverpool – England saw the 4th edition of the GrappleFest, an event promoted by the British organization “Figure 4 Promotions”. As it’s been for the previous shows, the event tries to pull the local nogi talent, adding to the event a few high-level super-fights to gather the attention of a more worldly crowd.

The event went by in a sequence of identical matches between leg-lockers. Leg entanglement after leg entanglement, as we reached nearly 20 sequential leg battles, the event was in dire need of a change in dynamics. Luckily for us, things opened up when Sean McDonagh and Marcus Phelan entered the mat, an exciting match with flying attacks and takedown exchanges. The variety factor returned again for Ffion Davis versus Christine Martin (one of the best matches of the day). The two competitors went to war with exciting positional exchanges and a variety of submission attempts.

The main event saw a very solid match-up between a 2x IBJJF gi World Champion Gabriel Arges, going up against one of the biggest stars of the nogi world, heel-hook specialist Craig Jones. On paper, the style clash was a really interesting puzzle, the pressure passing and X-guard style of Arges and the creative guard of Jones… Nothing could be further from the truth.

Although with very little experience in nogi, and none at submission-only rules since his purple belt days, Arges arrived eager to prove a point. The draw between the two grapplers while standing, led Arges to pull guard on Jones. Craig’s top game proved to be a key part of his game plan, and he used it to perfection. Jones body lock sequence allowed him to pass the guard of Arges and mount the Gracie Barra standout. On another passing instance, Jones took the back of Gabriel on his way for a clean tap by RNC. Outstanding work by the Australian athlete.

Full results below.

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Main event

Craig Jones (Absolute MMA) v Gabriel Arges (Gracie Barra)
Weight: U90KG || Win by: RNC

Co-main event

Lachlan Giles (Absolute MMA) v Bradley Hill (GB)
Weight: U80KG || Win by: Outside heel-hook

Ffion Davies (ECJJ) v Christine Martin (GB)
Weight: U65KG || Win by: RNC

Freddie Vosgrone (Carlson Gracie) def. Ash Amos (Tillery Combat)
Weight: U100KG || Win by: Outside heel-hook

Lloyd Cooper (Combat Base) def. Gregor Strakl (10th Planet)
Weight: U80KG || Win by: Straight ankle-lock

Sean McDonagh (GB) def. Marcus Phelan (ECJJ)
Weight: U80KG || Win by: Dead Orchard armbar

Eoghan O’Flanaghan (NSBJJ) def. Chris Walsh (Next Gen)
Weight: U80KG || Win by: Outside heel-hook

Izaak Michell (Arruda Team) def. Nathan Dunne (Next Gen)
Weight: U70KG || Win by: Heel-hook

Nick Forrer (NFMS) def. James Orr (Scramble Academy)
Weight: U90KG || Win by: RNC

Jamie Hughes (Pedro Bessa) def. Ian Jones (Combat Base)
Weight: U100KG || Win by: Decision


* Main matches of the prelims.

Lee Simpson (Sukata) def. Chris Regan (GB)
Weight: U90KG || Win by: Inside heel-hook

Neil Atkins (Sukata) def. Higo Gomez (IMBJJ)
Weight: U70KG || Win by: Decision

Paul Webb (Next Gen) def. Adam Ellis (ARBJJ)
Weight: +100KG || Win by: Decision

Kev Corkhill (LBJJ) def. Nick Fielding (IMBJJ)
Weight: U70KG || Win by: Inside heel-hook

Dan Hope (GripHouse) def. Kenny Richardson (FF)
Weight: U90KG || Win by: Decision

Josh Cherington (Bedlam) def. Tom Barry (CRA)
Weight: U80KG || Win by: Outside heel-hook

Ben Hills (Next Gen) def. Jamie Shattock (Sukata)
Weight: U90KG || Win by: Guillotine

Igor Puskarkis (ASW) def. Mateusz Urbanek (Factory)
Weight: U90KG || Win by: Arm in guillotine


Craig Jones Brand New Instructional

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