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BJJ Stars Madness! Erberth Assaults Bystander Mid-match, Rocha Beats Buchecha

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FEBRUARY 24, 2019 São Paulo, Brazil saw the first edition of the BJJ Stars event, the biggest event on the Brazilian professional circuit so far this year, arguably the biggest event so far period.

The biggest attractions on the mats were Buchecha vs João Gabriel, Meregali vs Lo and Preguiça vs Erberth, and none of those disappointed.

In Meregali’s case, a huge victory for Nicholas, who came in with a very strong top game, showing his stand-up is looking sharp. This was a deciding factor for his victory, his confidence while standing allowed Nicholas to stay on top and force Lo to pull guard. From there he looked for back attacks from the pass, which he did successfuly find in his 4×0 victory.

The biggest upset of the night (match-wise) was João Gabriel Rocha over Marcus Buchecha. As per usual, every inch of the mat space was hard fought by the two competitors. The strongest judo grips of Gabriel took Marcus out of his element, who could not implement his strong double and single legs to take the match to the ground. In the end, 3 advantages were all it took for Rocha to get one “W” back from the 5x open-weight champion.


Then we had Erberth vs Preguiça, and that, my readers was the most disgusting thing we have seen in our almost 10-year coverage of this sport. While Preguiça was performing an attempt to sweep from X guard, Erberth looked to feel his knee and asked the referee to stop. The crowd was displeased, shouting that Santos was faking the injury. As the referee requested for the nurses to assist the athlete, Santos decided to stand-up and run across the mat area to assault Fernando Pena, Felipe’s younger brother, jump kicking the bystander and a woman who was next to him as both stood on the sidelines. Then all hell broke loose with a few of Guigo Jiu-Jitsu’s team members who were sitting close to Fernando and the lady tried to separate Santos from Preguiça’s brother.

As the crowd dispersed Erberth from the situation and things seemed to cool off, once again Santos ran at Fernando Pena out of the blue to attack him and the same followed. Absolutely disgraceful attitude from the Esquadrão Jiu-Jitsu team founder.

Video of Erberth Santos Assault:


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Naquela que seria a grande Luta do evento, o atleta Erberth Santos em uma lamentável atitude escolheu brigar do que lutar. Dessa forma Felipe Preguiça ficou com o título e cinturão do BJJ STARS. . . . Estaremos disponibilizando em nosso Blog a cobertura completa desse mega evento! Continue acompanhando o BJJ Fanatics! . . . Confira Os Cursos Do BJJ Fanatics Brasil 🎥 em nosso site! @bjjfanaticsbrasil 🥇 . . . Https:// . . . #Bjjfanaticsbrasil #bjjfanatics #jiujitsu #bjj #bjjstars #brazilianjiujitsu #jiujitsulifestyle #oss #jiujitsubrasil #faixapreta #jiu #jiujitsulife #jiujitsu4life #jiujitsu_videos #jiujiteiro #jiujitsuparatodos #jiujitsufeminino #jiujitsuviciados #graciejiujitsu #jiujitsunaveia #cbjj #clubehebraica #bjjstarsblackbeltedition

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Full results below.


Adriano Silva def. Diego Vivaldo by 4 adv (2×2 pts)
– Luis Marques def. Diogo Almeida by 2×0 pts
– Jurandir Vieira def. Rodrigo Serafim by triangle
– Paulo Procópio def. Chico Salgado by 4×0

– Jurandir Vieira def. Adriano Silva by last to score rule (2×2 pts)
– Luis Marques def. Paulo Procópio by choke

– Luis Marques def. Jurandir Vieira by 1 advantage (0x0 pts)


– Ricardo (Pingo) Rocha def. Carlos (Cadu) Eduardo by armbar
Bianca Basílio def. Michelle Nicolini by 9×2 pts
Gabriel Rollo def. Celso Venicius by 1 advantage
Delson (Pé de Chumbo) Heleno def. Fernando Tererê via choke
Patrick Gaudio def. Tim Spriggs by 14×2 pts
Isaque Bahiense def. DJ Jackson by decision
Marco Barbosa def. Wellington (Megaton) Dias by 2×0 pts
Roberto Godoi def. Renato (Babalu) Sobral by 2×0 pts
Nicholas Meregali def. Leandro Lo by 4×0 pts
João Gabriel Rocha def. Marcus Almeida by 3 advantages
Felipe Pena def. Erberth Santos by DQ

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