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GrappleFest Joins FITE TV

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One of the leading promotions in the grappling industry, GrappleFest will be taking their broadcast to a brand new platform, FITE.TV starting this February.

Over the years, the Liverpool-based organization has graced fans with many memorable super fights such as Tayane Porfirio x Ffion Davies, Kade Ruotolo x Keith Kirkorian, Tye Ruotolo x Dante Leon, Craig Jones x Adam Wardzinski, to name only a few. All of which were streamed under FloGrappling’s subscription platform. The show is now ready to broaden its horizon making its debut this February 26 under the FITE network umbrella with a very exciting card featuring the Pedigo Submission Fighting squad versus a team of All-European talent, an event accurately named Daisy Fresh X Europe.

The Daisy Fresh Versus Europe card will feature big names of the sport such as Dante Leon, Mikey Musumeci, Ffion Davies, Kendall Reusing, Mateusz Szczecinski, Jacob Couch, and more. To find out more about the upcoming card, check here.

For those less familiar with FITE.TV, the company is a digital video streaming service dedicated to combat sports-related programming. The network distributes free-to-air content but is mainly under a pay-per-view structure that has been used by a few different grappling & jiu-jitsu events such as Third Coast Grappling and the BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix.

To address the recent move, we spoke to the event’s matchmaker and promoter, Chris Thompson (IG.: @tommo_asw ) who explained the reason behind the move:

Flo was great to work with for the last 4 years and helped us a lot, we genuinely thank them for that and we have parted on extremely amicable terms.

They offered us another contract but we felt it was time to push on in a different direction.

We would never be arrogant enough to say GrappleFest is the best show in the world as there are some great events out there, but we feel it’s definitely in the top 5 now and consistently delivers amazing matches every single event.

We feel Fite TV is the right platform for us to get to the next level, they are a huge Global brand known by all factions of the combat sports world

We are looking forward to bringing exciting submission grappling matches to their 5.5 million registered users.

Check FITE.TV here.

Check GrappleFest IG here.

Check the Next GrappleFest card here.

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