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IBJJF No-Gi Worlds Full Results 2015

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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8 2015 and yet another edition of the IBJJF World No-Gi Jiu Jitsu Championship. The event has been gaining momentum in the past couple of years, being finally embraced by the main competitors the sport, and this year was another step in the right direction.

The black belt divisions were absolutely stacked with talent, from ADCC champions to world champions (gi) and many of the new stars of the sport. The level was so high that even some of the most prestigious figures of the grappling world, competitors such as Jared Dopp, Gary Tonon, Felipe Cesar, Lucas Rocha did not get close a medal in the event, being pushed aside by the ruthless torrent of submission grapplers on deck.

The New Breed is Here

If this tournament will be remembered for something, it will likely be for the high volume of young talent that has emerged from it. Although many of these young grapplers were already known by most of those who follow the sport, the numbers of finalists under 26 years of age was still remarkable. We saw: Thiago Sá, Mahamed Aly, Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa, Jonathan Satava, Mansher Khera, Matheus Diniz, Felipe Pena, Jackson Sousa, Gabriel Lucas an the Miyao Bros.

Among the women, the formidable Tammi Musumeci was on fire, winning the featherweight division with a brilliant victory over one of jiu jitsu’s most prominent stars, Mackenzie Dern (6×2 in the final), who later redeemed herself in the final of the absolute by submitting Andressa Correa.

2015 No Gi World Champions

Below you can check how the male black belt categories panned out, all the matches from each weight class. But first, the champions of each category.

Men Women
Rooster Caio Terra Light Feather Pati Fontes
Light Feather Joao Miyao Feather Tammi Musumeci
Feather Tanquinho/Queixinho Light Karen Antunes
Light Michael Langhi Middle Angelica Galvao
Middle DJ Jackson Medium Heavy Andressa Correa
Medium Heavy Lucas Barbosa Absolute Mackenzie Dern
Heavy Felipe Pena
Super Heavy Joao Assis
Ultra Heavy Gabriel Lucas
Absolute Felipe Pena



Matheus DinizNicholas LiaskosRNCABSR1
Charles NegromonteRodrigo Silva6x0ABSR1
Gary TononMarcel GonçalvesRef. DecisionABSR1
Steven PattersonFelipe CesarTriangleABSR1
Mahamed AlyGabriel KitoberArmbarABSR1
Patrick GaudioEvandro NunesToe holdABSR1
Jackson SousaGabriel ProcópioStraight armlockABSR1
Rodrigo FreitasJared Dopp6x6 (adv)ABSR1
Adam WheelerJosh Hinger5x0ABSR1
Matheus DinizGary Tonon4x0ABSR1
Arnaldo MaidanaKeller Locke-SodhiSubmissionABSR1
Andreas PeralesGeoffrey Villareal9x2ABSR1
Gustavo EliasNic Nikolaisen5x0ABSR1
DJ JacksonElliot Kelly0x0 ref dec.ABSR1
PreguiçaWilson ReisMounted guillotineABSR1
Patrick GaudioEvandro NunesToe HoldABSR1
Guybson SáJoseph Moku2x0ABSR1
PreguiçaPatrick GaudioArmbarABSR2
Arnaldo MaidanaGustavo DiasSubmissionABS1/8F
Caio TerraAndreas PeralesArmbarABS1/8F
DJ JacksonGuybson Sá6x0ABS1/8F
Mahamed AlyCharles NegromonteToe holdABS1/8F
Steven PattersonRodrigo Freitas0x0 (adv)ABS1/8F
Jackson SousaAdam Wheeler10x0ABS1/8F
DJ JacksonCaio Terra0x0 (adv)ABS1/4F
PreguiçaArnaldo MaidanaToe HoldABS1/4F
Matheus DinizSteven PattersonCrussifix ChokeABS1/4F
Mahamed AlyJackson Sousa2x2 (adv)ABS1/4F
PreguiçaDJ JacksonRNCABSSF
Matheus DinizMahamed AlyRNCABSSF
PreguiçaMatheus Diniz10x2ABSF


Yusuke HonmaWashington Lima11x257KG1/4F
Caio TerraJorge SantiestevanArmbar57KGSF
Yusuke HonmaLeandro TatuRNC57KGSF
Caio TerraHonmaBaratoplata57KGF
Joao Miyao Mark RamosToe hold64KG1/4F
Thomas LisboaHelio Guilherme13x064KG1/4F
Rafael BarataLeonard CandersMounted triangle64KG1/4F
Joao Miyao Thomas Lisboa64KGSF
Samir ChantreRafael BarataArmbar64KGSF
Joao Miyao Samir Chantre8x664KGF
TanquinhoMatthew MaganaRNC70KG1/8F
Vitor PaschoalMayko Borges2x2 (2x0 adv)70KG1/8F
Gianni GrippoGeoffrey VillarealChoke from Back70KG1/8F
Paulo Miyao Thiago Macedo4x070KG1/8F
Wilson ReisLuiz TostaKatagatame70KG1/8F
O. QueixinhoBerndt ForsellOmoplata70KG1/8F
TanquinhoVitor PaschoalKatagatame70KG1/4F
Gianni GrippoIsaque Paiva15x1070KG1/4F
O. QueixinhoKim Terra0x0 (ref dec.)70KG1/4F
Paulo Miyao Wilson Reis6x470KG1/4F
TanquinhoGianni Grippo2x070KGSF
O. QueixinhoPaulo Miyao 8x8 (2x1 adv)70KGSF
TanquinhoO. QueixinhoClose out70KGF
Gary TononIssa AbleRNC76KG1/8F
Michael Langhi Cristian LopezRNC76KG1/8F
Thiago AbreuMarcus WilsonAnkle lock76KG1/8F
Fabio CaloiMarcelo MottaKneebar76KG1/8F
Francisco SinistroRafael Benedito2x2 (advantages)76KG1/8F
Thiago GaiaAndreas PeralesTriangle76KG1/8F
Gabriel PalitoRoss Nicholls6x276KG1/8F
Mansher KheraRodrigo FreitasAdvantages76KG1/8F
Michael Langhi Gary Tonon4x276KG1/4F
Thiago AbreuFabio CaloiN/A76KG1/4F
Thiago GaiaFrancisco Sinistro2x2 (ref. decision)76KG1/4F
Mansher KheraGabriel Palito4x076KG1/4F
Michael Langhi Thiago Abreu0x0 (2x0 adv)76KGSF
Mansher KheraThiago GaiaRNC76KGSF
Michael Langhi Mansher Khera0x0 (2x0 adv)76KGF
Nic RubenT. Al Taher8x282KG1/8F
Felipe CesarMarcel Gonçalves2x082KG1/8F
Jon SatavaGabriel Procópio10x282KG1/8F
Otavio Sousa Dustin AkbariOmoplata82KG1/8F
Rodrigo CaporalStephen MartinezDarce choke82KG1/8F
Vinicius AgudoPaul SchonToe hold82KG1/8F
DJ JacksonRibamar2x082KG1/8F
Marcelo MafraNic Ruben4x082KG1/4F
Jon SatavaFelipe Cesar6x482KG1/4F
DJ JacksonVinicius Agudo5x082KG1/4F
Otavio Sousa Rodrigo Caporal0x082KG1/4F
Jon SatavaMarcelo Mafra0x0 (7x5 adv)82KGSF
DJ JacksonOtavio Sousa 0x0 (ref. decision)82KGSF
DJ JacksonJon Satava3x082KGF
Thiago SaSteven PattersonTriangle88KG1/8F
Josh HingerGotterell King0x0 (advantages)88KG1/8F
Marcos TinocoGabriel VieiraKneebar88KG1/8F
Charles NegromonteEzra LenonArmbar88KG1/8F
Lucas HulkPatrick Gaudio2x088KG1/8F
Inacio NetoMatt Jubera4x288KG1/8F
Pedro MelloRyan RobinsonArmbar88KG1/8F
Thiago SaJosh HingerToe Hold88KG1/4F
Charles NegromonteMarcos TinocoArmbar88KG1/4F
Lucas HulkInacio Neto4x4 (adv)88KG1/4F
Matheus DinizPedro Mello6x088KG1/4F
Thiago SaCharles Negromonte3x088KGSF
Lucas HulkMatheus Diniz4x288KGSF
Lucas HulkThiago Sa2x088KGF
Rodrigo ReisJason HackremanN/A94KG1/8F
Jackson SousaRodrigo ReisKneebar94KG1/4F
Felipe BuenoTony Silva2x094KG1/4F
PreguiçaRoberto TorralbasKneebar94KG1/4F
Arnaldo MaidanaKheller ShodiSubmission94KG1/4F
PreguiçaArnaldo MaidanaEzekiel94KGSF
Jackson SousaFelipe Bueno2x094KGSF
PreguiçaJackson Sousa2x094KGF
Evandro NunesNicholas LiaskosArmbar100KG1/8F
Lucas RochaDiego GamonalAdvantage100KG1/8F
James QuinlanRodrigo Silva2x0100KG1/8F
Guybson SaElliot Kelly4x2100KG1/4F
Joao AssisEvandro Nunes6x2100KG1/4F
James PuopoloLucas RochaKneebar100KG1/4F
Roberto TussaJames QuinlanGuillotine100KG1/4F
Joao AssisJames PuopoloStraight ankle lock100KGSF
Roberto TussaGuybson SaKimura100KGSF
Joao AssisRoberto Tussa4x0100KGF
CyborgJoseph Moku4x2O100KG1/4F
Mahamed AlyAdam WheelerArmbarO100KG1/4F
Gabriel FedorJohn Fain4x0O100KG1/4F
Gustavo EliasJared Dopp2x2 (adv)O100KG1/4F
Mahamed AlyCyborgWO (injured)O100KGSF
Gabriel FedorGustavo Elias2x2 (2x1 adv)O100KGSF
Gabriel FedorMahamed Aly2x2 (3x2 adv)O100KGF

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