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Fenajitsu Results, Isaque Bahiense, Bianca Basilio And Servio Tulio Victorious In Unique Ruleset

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OCTOBER 20, 2021, BRUSQUE, SANTA CATARINA, BRAZIL. Last night the south of Brazil held its first Fenajitsu event, a show advertised as a national jiu-jitsu convention with a series of grappling related workshops, talks and amateur tournaments which culminated with a big professional-jiu-jitsu show between a few of the top athletes in the country. This pro line-up was sponsored by one of the main combat sports promotions in the country, Big Deal Pro. Below is a description of the action, you may also watch the event for free on the Fenajitsu YouTube channel.



This portion of Fenajitsu, had plenty of high value entertainment, particularly the last 4 matches. We would like to bring particular attention to the clash between Cicero Costa’s Vitor Hugo and local town hero, Patrick Possamai (Cenora). Both put on a great show and represented their teams with great gusto. Although an evenly matched bout, Hugo took the win with a beautiful no-arm triangle choke, a move that is becoming more common in gi BJJ by the minute, it seems.

Another local town hero with a big performance last night was Duda Tozoni. The rooster weight had the finish on her mind, playing from the guard and masterfully working her way into a triangle choke win.

– Angelo Santos def. Jeison Silva via 2×0 pts

– Vitor Hugo def. Patrick Possamai via no-arm triangle choke

Ericka Almeida def. Luciana Antunes via armlock

– Diogo Nascimento def. Rodrigo Fajardo via 7×0 pts

Duda Tozoni def. Michele Betanin via triangle choke


For the main card of the pro-jiu-jitsu line-up, the promotion offered a different take on the traditional IBJJF or AJP rulesets. Although most of the positional points were maintained, instead of 1 round of 10 or 6 minutes, the super fights were divided into 3 separate matches of 5 minutes where a defeated athlete of round 1 or 2 was offered a chance to redeem him/herself in a Best-of-Three style arrangement.

We would love to say all matches were fun to watch, but they really weren’t. The first two matches were nearly impossible to follow without a couple of strong cups of coffee, a type of performance that we really shouldn’t be seeing between paid professionals.

Little rant aside, the rest of the show went very well with entertaining clashes, scrambles, submissions, and plenty of action for all fans. We had a hard time picking our Fight Of The Night, but we ended up opting to choose the violent clash between Felipe Pena’s student, Servio Túlio, and Marcos Barbosa’s black belt Marcos “Petcho” Martins. Both these young men have been praised for their willingness to push the pace and put entertainment at the forefront of their matches, and once again they proved the props are well warranted.

In the Petcho x Tulio aforementioned bout, the athletes clashed heads after a high amplitude takedown at the end of the first round. A bloodied Tulio was forced to compete for two whole rounds with a highly bandaged head, Mumm-Ra style.

Lucas Gualberto def. Claudio Calasans via 2 rounds to 0 (R1: 0x0, R2: 2×0, R3: 2×0)

Alex Munis def. Gabriel Costa via 1 round to 0 (R1: 0x0, R2: 0x0, R3: 2×0)

Servio Tulio def. Marcos Petcho via 1 round to 0 (R1: 0x0, R2: 2×0, R: 3×3)

Bianca Basilio def. Victoria Ulrich via tech-fall (R1: triangle, R2: kimura)

Isaque Bahiense def. Leonardo Lara via 2 rounds to 0 (R1: 2×0, R2: 2×2, R3: choke from the back)

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