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Keenan Returns With A “W” And Victor Hugo Keeps 2020 Unbeaten Run At F2W 148

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JULY 25, 2020, Austing Texas was once again the home for Fight 2 Win’s latest event, the super-stacked 148th event organized by Seth Daniels and his crew.

Although stacked to the brim with top-level talent, this card did not have has many berserker matches as the promotion has accustomed us over the past couple of months, and the submission numbers were lower than the average F2W show as seen by the stats below:

32 Recorded Matches – 9 submissions (28% sub rate)
19 Gi Matches – 6 submissions (31.5% sub rate)
13 No-Gi Matches – 3 submissions (23% sub rate)

A few athletes with strong performances last night, namely Sloan Clymer, a Legion team representative who looked outstanding, taking chances and reaping plenty of reward by winning via the unorthodox no-gi Ezekiel choke. A sequence he started from the guard and ended from a top position with the tap.

Also impressive was no-gi world champ Kendal Reusing who came back on the winning column with F2W in a fantastic match against Brittney Elkin, one that was likely the Fight Of The Night, given the many fun exchanges between these to athletes.

Equally impressive was Victor Hugo, the talented student of the Ribeiro brothers. Hugo had a very fun match against GFT’s top man, Max Gimenis, with both athletes exchanging offensive maneuvers with beautiful technique, before, in one of those exchanges, Hugo got to Gimenis’ guard and to the match ending short-choke (palm-to-palm). This way defending his title with F2W and raising his F2W record to 4-0-0, and his winning streak to 7-0-0.

Main Event Super Heavy Weight Gi Title
Victor Hugo DEF. Max Gimenis via short choke/face-crank

200lbs Black Belt Gi
Keenan Cornelius DEF. Matheus Luna via decision

Super Heavy Weight Masters Black Belt Gi Title
– Chris Roberson DEF. Bruno Bastos via decision

185lbs NOGI
Kendall Reusing DEF. Brittney Elkin via “Marcelotine” (high-elbow guillotine)

160lbs Black Belt Gi
Richar Nogueira DEF. Andris Brunovskis via decision

185lbs Black Belt Gi
Mathias Luna DEF. Carlos Souza via decision

195lbs Black Belt Gi
– Gilvan Costa DEF. Henrique Nobrega via decision

185lbs Black Belt Gi
– Vitor Corte DEF. Chris Crosby via calf crusher

150lbs Black Belt NOGI
– Juan Fernando Garcia DEF. Cristobal Chavez via split decision

170lbs Black Belt Gi
– Erick Raposo DEF. Marcus Douthitt via decision

195lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Sloan “Caveman” Clymer DEF. Justin Renick via Ezekiel choke

145lbs Brown Belt NOGi
– Mike Diaz DEF. Danny Hernandez via split decision

220lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Breylor Grout DEF. Elder Cruz via Darce choke

240lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Andrezo Ramos DEF. Levi De Moura via decision

200lbs Brown Belt Gi
– DC de Angelis DEF. Sean McCleary via double collar choke from back

175lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Zach Cothren DEF. Jacob Landin via armbar

170lbs Brown Belt Gi
Eric Coe DEF. Austin Fraley via decision

215lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Marlon Tanaka DEF. Nader Tannir via toe hold

150lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Felipe Ferreira DEF. Juno Lucero via decision

150lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Brandon Gambucci DEF. JD Ortega via decision

130lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Livia Santos DEF. Rebekah Caka via decision

190lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Michael Walker DEF. Nicholas Liwanag via decision

175lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Matheus Dantas DEF. Zach Wolivar via decision

155lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Maximilian Hanson DEF. Evan Kotzur via decision

160lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Stepahnie Williamson DEF. Caitlin Cardenas via decision

140lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Robert Robinson DEF. Ned Johnson via decision

160lbs Purple Belt Gi
Jacob Kassama DEF. Max Catamaglia via cachecol choke (scarf choke)

180lbs NOGI
– Kemoy Anderson DEF. Bronson Hansen via decision

190lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Scott Lasater DEF. Spencer Fossier X-choke from mount

Super Heavy Weight Purple Belt NOGI
– Walker Madden DEF. Billy Akins via decision

210lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Ramiro Leon DEF. Larry Bradford via decision

210 lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Gabriel Costa DEF. D. Auon via split decision

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