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King of Mats Results, Paulo Miyao Steals the Show in London

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MARCH 10, 2019, LONDON – ENGLAND. Built for the London Summer Olympics of 2012, the Copper Box Arena was the perfect home for one of the top “gi jiu-jitsu” events of the year, the King of Mats (KOM), a tournament that runs in parallel with the United Arab Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Federation (UAEJJF) Grand Slam Tour.

Set to feature all of the Grand Slam’s lighter weights champions (Tokyo, LA, Rio, and London) under one roof, the King of Mats London lost one of its main figures, Gianni Grippo, to an injury last week. As a last minute replacement, the federation called on Samir Chantre, the veteran co-founder of the Ares JJ team. The KOM saw the top rooster, light-feather, and featherweights on the UAEJJF circuit go to war. Lukewarm at first, the grapplers did pick up the pace as the tournament went by, providing good matches to the audience.

As is most common on these lower weights classes, traditionally more prone to experimenting with modern techniques, the lapel-guard was of the utmost importance throughout the tournament, with nearly all athletes aiming to use this control to overcome their opponents.

From all the competitors on the mat today, special mention to Isaac Doederlein, Gabriel Sousa, Paulo Miyao, and Tiago Bravo, who did their best to use their offense as often as possible, committing to forward-moving grappling and succeeding for the most part. Doederlein is looked at his sharpest throughout the weekend, both on the Grand Slam (yesterday) and today, very impressive campaigns.

On a side-note, Paulo Miyao came on the mats with messages drawn on his body, the messages increased as he advanced on to each round, Paulo was also incredibly emotional after the event, hinting that there may be a backstory to this out of character behavior.

Full results below.


1st Round
Hiago George def. Lee Ting by 0x0 pts, 3×0 adv
João Paulo Neto def. Nobuhiro Sawada by 3×0 pts

2nd Round
Hiago George def. Gabriel Sousa by decision (0x0 pts)
João Paulo Neto def. Lee Ting by 2×0

3rd Round
Gabriel Sousa def. Nobuhiro Sawada by 13×0 pts
João Paulo Neto def. Hiago George by decision, 0x0 pts, 1×1 adv

4th Round
– Lee Ting def. Nobuhiro Sawada by decision, 0x0 pts, 0x0 adv
Gabriel Sousa def. João Paulo Neto by 0x0 pts, 1×0 adv

5th Round
Gabriel Sousa def. Lee Ting by Toe-hook
Hiago George def. Nobuhiro Sawada by submission


1st Round
Isaac Doederlein def. Carlos Oliveira by choke from the back
Paulo Miyao def. Tiago Bravo by 10×2 pts

2nd Round
– Carlos Oliveira def. Samir Chantre by decision, 2×2 pts
Paulo Miyao def. Isaac Doederlein by 2×0 pts

3rd Round
Tiago Bravo def. Samir Chantre by 2×2 pts, 2×0 adv
Paulo Miyao def. Carlos Oliveira by 2×2 pts, 1×0 adv

4th Round
Isaac Doederlein def. Tiago Bravo by 2×2 pts, 3×1 adv
Paulo Miyao def. Samir Chantre by 3×0 pts

5th Round
Tiago Bravo def. Carlos Oliveira by armlock
Isaac Doederlein def. Samir Chantre by

Paulo Miyao def. Hiago George by decision
Isaac Doederlein def. Gabriel Sousa by wristlock

Gabriel Sousa def. Hiago George by 6×4

Paulo Miyao def. Isaac Doederlein by decision, 4×4 pts, 3×3 adv, 3×3 pens.

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