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KOM Results: Lone American Takes The Big Prize In Tokyo

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JULY 27, 2019 Tokyo, Japan was the perfect setting for the latest edition of the United Arab Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s (UAEJJF) King Of Mats event, a Grand Prix style tournament that gathered the Grand Slam champions in one single lightweight event. With athletes such as Thiago Macedo, Diego ‘Pato’ Oliveira, Isaac Doederlein, Cleber Sousa and co. on deck, we expected to see a few wars and indeed these competitors did not disappoint. Much of the great, forward-moving jiu-jitsu on display today was owed to the fantastic job done by the referees, who never allowed the competitors to get comfortable and settle in a stalling mode.

The man of the hour was undoubtedly the Alliance – Los Angeles standout, Isaac Doederlein, the only US athlete on the tournament. Doederlein looked as sharp as ever – somewhat of a trend this year, beating his opponents with a very aggressive jiu-jitsu style, always hunting for the submission. The only opponent Isaac failed to submit today was the rising star Diego Pato, but even there, Doederlein ended with a submission fully locked and ready to fire, running out of time to finish.

Speaking of Diego Pato, the young black belt showed his lion heart today in a very hard tournament. Oliveira went through to the semi-finals in a tough Group A, where he faced the dangerous ZR Team representative and UAEJJF ‘Player Of The Year’ Gabriel Sousa. Although Diego lost by two points there but was very close to tapping in that match, coming away from the fight wrestling with a clear injury to his foot. Not one to shy away from a battle, Pato returned to the mat for the 3rd place match against Cleber Sousa – a footlock specialist of all people. Sousa attacked Diego’s foot relentlessly, forcing the young Manaus prospect to dig very deep in his mind not to tap. Moments that had viewers grimacing “bigly”. Although he came out of that match in severe pain, Pato was the victor. An outstanding display of heart.


Group A:
Isaac Doederlein def. Thiago Macedo by armbar
Diego Oliveira def. Tomoyuki Hashimoto by advantages (0x0 pts)
Isaac Doederlein def. Diego Oliveira by advantages (4×4 pts)
Diego Oliveira def. Thiago Macedo by 2×0
Isaac Doederlein def. Tomoyuki Hashimoto by armbar
Thiago Macedo def. Tomoyuki Hashimoto by Bow and arrow

Group B:
Gabriel Sousa def. Wanki Chae by points
Cleber Sousa def. Nobuhiro Sawada by Kneebar
Gabriel Sousa def. Cleber Sousa by Armbar
Wanki Chae def. Nobuhiro Sawada by 4×2
Gabriel Sousa def. Nobuhiro Sawada by Bow and arrow
Cleber Sousa def. Wanki Chae by decision

Gabriel Sousa def. Diego Oliveira by 4×2
Isaac Doederlein def. Cleber Sousa by Armbar

3rd Place:
Diego Oliveira def. Cleber Sousa by 4×0

Isaac Doederlein def. Gabriel Sousa by Straight ankle lock

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