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Polaris 28 Results

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JUNE 15, 2024, DONCASTER, ENGLAND. The 28th edition of the Polaris Jiu-Jitsu Invitational ended tonight with a match between Owen Livesey and MMA fighter “Baki” Chamsoudinov. Originally set to go against Yoel Romero (who was forced to drop out due to flight issues from his home in Florida, US, to the UK), Livesey did the best he could to outwrestle his new French opponent. Sadly, it takes two to tango and Mr. Chamsoudinov came in extremely defensive for this one, walking backward for much of the match. Livesey showed some creative takedown work and grip sequences and for that, he ended with his hand raised.

Although the main event didn’t turn out as well as some expected, we are glad to say the grappling at the co-main event was top-notch, as it was in the remaining matches on the main card. In the welterweight title clash between the footlock sniper and the expert back-taker, Mateusz Szczecinski vs Levi Jones-Leary, victory came to the leg-locker, but it was close. Neither competitor was in imminent danger of tapping to a submission, but the Polish athlete’s constant attacks did keep Levi posing much offense of his own. In the end, the relentless attempts by Szczecinski earned him the nod from the judges.

Veteran European black belt, Santeri Lilius, also had a very strong performance against 2024 ADCC European Trials silver medal Ben Bennet, fully dominating the talented British competitor for the vast majority of the match, after he conquered Bennet’s back off of a knee-cut guard passing attempt. US grappling phenom, Helena Crevar was also dominant in her win over Jessika Torttila, although Torttila showed tremendous resilience in not tapping to the tight submissions she was put into.


– Ellis Younger def. Sam Quinn via RNC

– Jed Hue def. Steven def. Ray via decision

– Santeri Lilius def. Ben Bennet via decision

– Helena Crevar def. Jessika Torttila via decision

– Mateusz Szczecinski def. Levi Jones via decision

– Owen Livesey def. “Baki” Chamsoudinov via decision

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