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BJJ Pan American Results 2014

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Full results for the 2014 Pan American Championship. Another great weekend of fights for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast. The black belts started on saturday with the open weight division (no weight limit), where some of the most interesting grappling displays tend to happen due to the mismatching that often takes place, the fights between the smaller and faster grapplers vs the heavyer and stronger Jiu Jitsu style. This year did not dissapoint with current lightweight world champion Leandro Lo participating, as well as Lucas Lepri and AJ Agazarm, all lightweights going up against big men such as Abraham Marte or Alexander Trans. In a true display of the essence of Jiu Jitsu, Leandro Lo put on (another) show, reaching the final in an amazing display of tactical and offensive BJJ. Here are the results of the Absolute Division:

Open Weigh/Absolute Pan American Results

Jurandir ConceicaoTanner RiceFootlockRd1
Ulpiano Malachiasn/aPoints: 8x0Rd1
Nathan Mendelsohnn/aPointsRd1
John RobertsOliver GeddesPoints: 10x0Rd1
Alexandre Ceconin/aCross choke f/ mountRd1
DJ Jacksonn/aSubmissionRd 2
Andre GalvaoJurandir ConceicaoPoints: 14x0Rd 2
Murilo SantanaGybson SaPoints: 4x0Rd 2
James PuopoloAJ AgazarmChoke from backRd 2
Lucas LepriNathan MendelsohnChoke from backRd 2
Keenan Corneliusn/aEzekiel choke f/ backRd 2
Diego Hertzogn/aPointsRd 2
Leandro LoJohn RobertsCross chokeRd 2
Felipe Preguican/aBow and arrow chokeRd 2
Fabiano LeiteEduardo TellesKneebarRd 2
Jackson Sousan/aPoints: 4x0Rd 2
Alex Transn/aSubmissionRd 3
Keenan CorneliusLuiz PanzaPoints: 8x6Rd 3
Murilo SantanaJames Puopolon/aRd 3
Leandro LoFabiano LeitePointsRd 3
Victor EstimaAbraham MarteEstima lockRd 3
Diego HertzogLucas LepriPointsRd 3
Felipe PreguicaJackson SousaSubmissionRd 3
Andre GalvaoDJ JacksonAdvantagesRd 3
Felipe PreguicaDiego HertzogPoints1/4 final
Alex TransKeenan CorneliusPoints: 3x21/4 final
Leandro LoVictor EstimaPoints1/4 final
Andre GalvaoMurilo Santanan/a1/4 final
Leandro LoAlex TransPointsSemi final
Andre GalvaoFelipe PreguicaPoints: 4x2Semi final
Andre GalvaoLeandro LoAdvantage: 1x0Final

Pan American BJJ 2014 Results: Male Black Belt Divisions

Many amazing fights in the weight divisions and the referees had a good tournament with very few “blunders”. Some of the most recent prospects of the black belt division used this tournament prove they belonged with the best (case of the Myiao brothers, Luiz Panza and Keenan who all won their divisions), others such as Jackson Sousa, Renato Cardoso and Felipe “Preguica” Pena, although with some good performances, will go home thinking they will have to work harder to succeed at the highest level.

The tournament also marked the return of Mario Reis to a gold medal at a top IBJJF tournament, the veteran had an amazing performance and was hinted by BJJ Heroes as the strongest candidate to the featherweight division, Reis proved his good form. Two moments stood out as the strangest in the tournament, the first was at the semi final of the galo weight division (rooster) when Milton Bastos put the favourite to win the tournament Ivaniel Oliveira in a tight triangle, the referee rushed in to stop the fight (thinking Ivaniel was “out”, but the fighter was well and defending the position. The fight was then stood up and Milton had to work hard to get another submission hold on the Checkmat fighter, the other awkward moment occurred during the final of the Pesado (heavyweights) when Lucas Leite gave Yuri Simoes the win, a highly unusual practice in Jiu Jitsu, specially considering that Yuri recently left Checkmat (Lucas’ team) in less then amicable terms. Below are the results of all categories of the men’s divisions.

William HagertyThiago DiasSub: ChokeGaloRd1
Joao RodriguesTakahito YoshiokaPoints: 2x0GaloRd1
Washington LimaDavid Zennarion/aGaloRd1
Milton BastosMakoto SawadaPointsGalo1/4 final
Koji ShibamotoWilliam HaggertySub: ArmbarGalo1/4 final
Joao RodriguesFabbio PassosPts 2x2, advantagesGalo1/4 final
Ivaniel OliveiraWashington LimaPoints: 7x0Galo1/4 final
Joao RodriguesKoji ShibamotoSub: Choke from backGaloSemi final
Milton BastosIvaniel OliveiraSub: Choke from backGaloSemi final
Joao RodriguesMilton BastosAdvantages: 2x2 Pen 1x0GaloFinal
Rafael Freitasn/an/aPluma1/4 final
Victor PaschoalNobuo YagaiSub: Achilies lockPluma1/4 final
Paulo MiyaoJohn Nam HSub: ArmlockPluma1/4 final
Joao MiyaoFernando SpessotoSub: Choke from backPluma1/4 final
Paulo MiyaoVitor PaschoalSub: Choke from backPlumaSemi final
Joao MiyaoRafael BarataSub: Choke from backPlumaSemi final
Paulo MiyaoJoao MiyaoGentlemans agreementPlumaFinal
Gianni GrippoZachary AdamsonPointsPenaRd1
QueixinhoLuke HackerSub: FootlockPenaRd1
Isaque PaivaEdson Oliveiran/aPenaRd1
Mario ReisSpencer Gilliamn/aPenaRd1
David LemesSamuel Hertzogn/aPenaRd1
Justin RaderNiccolas AraujoPointsPenaRd1
Samir ChantreYukito IsodaAdvantage1x0PenaRd1
Mario ReisMayko BorgesSub: Brabo chokePena1/4 final
QueixinhoJustin RaderPoints: 4x0Pena1/4 final
Gianni GrippoIsaque PaivaPoints: 5x0Pena1/4 final
Samir ChantreDavid LemesAdvantagesPena1/4 final
Mario ReisQueixinhoPoints: 6x4PenaSemi final
Gianni GrippoSamir ChantrePoints: 2x0PenaSemi final
Mario ReisGianni GrippoGentlemans agreementPenaFinal
Michael LanghiJulian VegaPoints: 8x0LeveRd 1
Lucas LepriRafael HenriqueSub: Choke from backLeveRd 1
Thiago AbreuAJ Agazarmn/aLeveRd 1
Della MonicaSteven BarnettSub: ArmlockLeveRd 1
JT TorresBricklin WelchSub: KneebarLeveRd 1
Gabriel GoulartRodrigo CaporalAdvantagesLeveRd 1
Marcel GoulartRafael Costan/aLeveRd 1
Michael LanghiMarcel GoulartSub: Choke from backLeve1/4 final
Lucas LepriRafael HenriqueSub: Brabo chokeLeve1/4 final
Della MonicaGabriel GoulartPoints: 2x0Leve1/4 final
JT TorresSinistro IturraldeAdvantages 7x0Leve1/4 final
Michael LanghiDella MonicaSub: Choke from omoplataLeveSemi final
Lucas LepriJT TorresAdvantage 1x0LeveSemi final
Michael LanghiLucas LepriGentlemans agreementLeveFinal
Otavio SousaMatt JuberaSub: Brabo chokeMedioRd1
Leo IturraldeJordon ShultzPoints: 2x0MedioRd1
Leandro LoJulian MarquezDQMedioRd1
Clark GracieVictor SilverioSub: KimuraMedioRd1
Lucas rochaMarcelo MafraRef decisionMedioRd1
Victor EstimaSergio SilvaPoints: 12x2MedioRd1
Nic NikolaisenCarlos Nevesn/aMedioRd1
Charles SantosVictor HenriqueSub: KneebarMedioRd 1
Otavio SousaLeo Iturralden/aMedio1/4 final
Leandro LoCharles SantosPoints: 4x2Medio1/4 final
Lucas RochaClark GraciePoints: 7x4Medio1/4 final
Victor EstimaNic NikolaisenSub: Inverted triangleMedio1/4 final
Otavio SousaLucas rochaGentleman AgreementMedioSemi final
Leandro LoVictor EstimaPoints: 5x0MedioSemi final
Leandro LoOtavio SousaAdvantages: 5x2MedioFinal
Diego HertzogDJ JacksonPts 2x2 adv 3x1Meio PesadoRd1
Keenan CorneliusSadayoshi KurimoriSub: Choke from backMeio PesadoRd1
Rodrigo PimpolhoRobert YamashitaPoints: 4x0Meio PesadoRd1
Guto CamposBruno TogniPointsMeio PesadoRd1
Eduardo TellesRafael FragaPoints: 4x0Meio PesadoRd1
Murilo SantanaJurandir ConceicaoPointsMeio PesadoRd1
Renato CardosoWilliam Zumbron/aMeio PesadoRd1
Vitor ToledoFelipe PreguicaWOMeio PesadoRd1
Guto CamposDiego HertzogPts 2x2 AdvantagesMeio Pesado1/4 final
Rodrigo PimpolhoEduardo TellesPointsMeio Pesado1/4 final
Renato CardosoVitor ToledoPointsMeio Pesado1/4 final
Keenan CorneliusMurilo SantanaPoints: 4x2Meio Pesado1/4 final
Keenan CorneliusRodrigo PimpolhoSub: Triangle armbarMeio PesadoSemi final
Guto CamposRenato CardosoPts 8x8 advantages 3x1Meio PesadoSemi final
Keenan CorneliusGuto CamposGentlemans agreementMeio PesadoFinal
Jackson SousaJosh JordanPoints: 11x0PesadoRd1
Yuri SimoesArnaldo OliveiraPoints: 17x0PesadoRd1
Felipe BuenoEliot Kellyn/aPesadoRd1
Fabiano LeiteBen BaxterPoints: 2x0PesadoRd1
Roberto TussaGuilherme SantosPointsPesadoRd1
John SlaterAlexandre CeconiPointsPesadoRd1
Yuri SimoesJackson SousaAdvantages 2x0Pesado1/4 final
Rafael Lovato JrBueno/AlliancePointsPesado1/4 final
Roberto TussaFabiano LeitePoints: 4x2Pesado1/4 final
Lucas LeiteJohn SlaterSub: Choke from backPesado1/4 final
Yuri SimoesRafael Lovato Jradvantages 1x0PesadoSemi final
Lucas LeiteRoberto TussaSub: Choke from backPesadoSemi final
Yuri SimoesLucas LeiteAgreement/injury (?)PesadoFinal
Bernardo FariaRoger AmbrosiSubmissionSuper PesadoRd1
Gybson SaRonal Wuestn/aSuper PesadoRd1
Tarcisio JardimTiago GiussaniPointsSuper PesadoRd1
Thiago DeclavoJames PuopoloInjurySuper PesadoRd1
Tarcisio JardimTiago Giussanin/aSuper Pesado1/4 final
Bernardo FariaBernardo SiqueiraSub: Choke from backSuper Pesado1/4 final
Andre CamposGybson SaPointsSuper Pesado1/4 final
Luiz PanzaTiago DeclavoPointsSuper Pesado1/4 final
Bernardo FariaAndre CamposSubmissionSuper PesadoSemi final
Luiz PanzaTarcisio JardimPointsSuper PesadoSemi final
Luiz PanzaBernardo FariaSub: ArmbarSuper PesadoFinal
Rafael GoulartAndre Simoesn/aPesadissimoRd1
Gabriel LucasAlessandro Silvan/aPesadissimoRd1
Leo D'AvilaMario Barbosan/aPesadissimo1/4 final
Alex TransRafael GoulartSub: Choke from backPesadissimo1/4 final
Andre GalvaoGabriel LucasSub: Inverted armbarPesadissimo1/4 final
Abraham MarteWO-Pesadissimo1/4 final
Alex TransLeo D'AvilaSub: Choke from backPesadissimoSemi final
Andre GalvaoAbraham MarteSub: Choke from backPesadissimoSemi final
Andre GalvaoAlex TransAdvantages: 5x1PesadissimoFinal

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