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Bruno Malfacine

Bruno Malfacine is a jiu jitsu black belt under Vinicius Amaral who is widely regarded as the best rooster weight in the history of the sport with 6 world titles at black belt, having surpassed the world championships gold medal record established by Omar Salum in 2000. Malfacine started his career in GFTeam, but moved to Alliance where he became one of the star figures of the academy.

Bruno Malfacine Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Bruno da Silva Malfacine

Nickname: He is called “Bad Boy”, the name was given by his training partners when he was still a child.

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Carlson Gracie > Vinicios Amaral > Bruno Malfacine

Main Achievements:

  • World Champion (2004 purple, 2005 brown, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2014 in black belt)
  • Pan American Champion (2005 purple, 2007 and 2008 in the black belt)
  • European Champion (2010)
  • Rio Open Champion (2008 and 2009)
  • Brazilian National Champion (1999 Yellow Belt – under 13 years old, 2002 Junior Blue, 2003 Blue – Under 17, 2005 Purple Belt, 2008, 2009, 2010 black belt)
  • NOGI Brazilian National Champion (2009)
  • Pan American Silver Medallist (2011)
  • European Silver Medallist (2011)

Favourite Position/Submission: Butterfly Guard & Taking the back

Weight Division: Peso Galo (54.4Kg – 126lbs)

Team/Association: Alliance (formerly GFT)

Bruno Malfacine Biography

Bruno Malfacine was born on the 28th of August, 1986 in Duque de Caxias (Rio de Janeiro State), Brazil. Bruno started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when he was 11 years old (1998) under the instruction of Carlos Santana. He began training via his uncle’s influence, a BJJ enthusiast who was also training BJJ at the time. Unfortunately Malfacine had to interrupt his training at orange belt because the coach, Mr Santana, stopped coaching.

Malfacine’s Jiu Jitsu career almost ended there and then, but with his family’s support (specially from his uncle) he restarted his training routine with Vinicius Amaral from the Academia Game Fight, an affiliate of GFT (Gama Filho Team – now Grappling Fight Team). With Professor Vinicius Amaral Bruno Malfacine achieved his blue, purple, brown and black belt. In the end of 2008 Malfacine had the opportunity to train with “The General” Fabio Gurgel, one of the best BJJ coaches in the World and the leader of Alliance’s Team in Brazil. Bruno did not turn down such an opportunity and moved to São Paulo to train at Alliance’s HQ.

Bruno Malfacine Fight Stats

1 by sub
8 by Points (28%)
2 by Advantages (7%)
0 by Penalties (0%)
18 by Submission (62%)
1 by Decision (3%)
0 by Disqualified (0%)
5 by Armbar (28%)
2 by Bow and arrow (11%)
Bow and arrow
3 by Choke from back (17%)
Choke from back
1 by Footlock (6%)
1 by Mata leao (6%)
Mata leao
3 by Submission (17%)
2 by Toe hold (11%)
Toe hold
1 by Triangle (6%)
4 by Points (80%)
0 by Advantages (0%)
0 by Penalties (0%)
1 by Submission (20%)
0 by Decision (0%)
0 by Disqualified (0%)
1 by Mata leao (100%)
Mata leao

Fight History

ID Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
937Caio TerraCaio TerraLMata leaoWorld Champ.U57kgSemi f.2008
1241Ary FariasAry FariasLPts: 6x4EuropeanU64kgFinal2011
1253Rafael MendesRafael MendesLPts: 7x0World Pro.U65kgSemi f.2011
2341Caio TerraCaio TerraLPts: 2x0Pan AmericanU64kgFinal2013
2520Caio TerraCaio TerraLPts: 4x2World Champ.U57kgFinal2013
971Narciso VilacaWMata leaoBrasileiro CBJJEU57kg1/4 final2009
972William CamposWToe holdBrasileiro CBJJEU57kgSemi2009
973Jonas FortunatoWToe holdBrasileiro CBJJEU57kgFinal2009
1074Mikio OgaWChoke from backWorld Champ.U57kg1/4 final2009
1076Felipe CostaFelipe CostaWArmbarWorld Champ.U57kgSemi f.2009
1077Caio TerraCaio TerraWAdvWorld Champ.U57kgFinal2009
1164Felipe CostaFelipe CostaWChoke from backPan AmericanU57kgFinal2010
1201Felipe CostaFelipe CostaWPts: 9x0BrasileiroU57kgFinal2010
1212Caio TerraCaio TerraWAdvWorld Champ.U57kgFinal2010
1249Reinaldo RibeiroReinaldo RibeiroWPts: 2x0World Pro.U65kgRd 12011
1252Bruno FrazattoBruno FrazattoWPointsWorld Pro.U65kg1/4 final2011
1278Felipe CostaFelipe CostaWPts: 23x0BrasileiroU57kgFinal2011
1323Koji ShibamotoKoji ShibamotoWChoke from backWorld Champ.U57kg2nd2011
1418Brandon MullinsBrandon MullinsWPts: 13x0World Champ.U571/4 Final2011
1452Josef ManuelJosef ManuelWPts: 10x0World Champ.U57Semi f.2011
1468Caio TerraCaio TerraWPts: 4x2World Champ.U57kgFinal2011
1741Daniel BelezaDaniel BelezaWFootlockPan AmericanU64kg1/4 final2012
1744Guilherme MendesGuilherme MendesWPts: 2x0Pan AmericanU64kgFinal2012
1983Jordy PeuteWArmbarWorld Champ.U57kgRd 22012
1990Joao Carlos HiroshiWArmbarWorld Champ.U57kg1/4 final2012
1993Rafael FreitasRafael FreitasWBow and arrowWorld Champ.U57kgSemi f.2012
2337Takahiko YashiokaWArmbarPan AmericanU64kg1/4 final2013
2339Felipe CostaFelipe CostaWSubmissionPan AmericanU64kgsemi f.2013
2514Raul MarcelloWSubmissionWorld Champ.U57kg1/4 Final2013
2518Felipe CostaFelipe CostaWTriangleWorld Champ.U57kgSemi f.2013
2973Joao KuruokaWArmbarWorld Champ.U57kgRounds2014
2978Brandon MullinsBrandon MullinsWBow and ArrowWorld Champ.U57kg1/4 Final2014
2982Jorge Elias BucaramWSubmissionWorld Champ.U57kgSemi f.2014
2983Joao MiyaoJoao MiyaoWRefree DecisionWorld Champ.U57kgFinal2014
Bruno Malfacine vs Bernardo Pitel

Bruno Malfacine vs Pablo Teixeira (2009)

Bruno Malfacine vs Emanuel de Jesus (2012)

Picture taken by Ross Finlayson


This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil)


  • Mario N says:

    Parabéns, meu amigo…vc merece…que o grande arquiteto de ilumine e proteja em td sua trajetória para o td e sempre…Assim Seja… (Mario N.'. – Piu RJ…rsrsrs..)

  • Mario N says:

    Parabéns, meu amigo…vc merece…que o grande arquiteto de ilumine e proteja em td sua trajetória para o td e sempre…Assim Seja… (Mario N.'. – Piu RJ…rsrsrs..)

  • Allan says:

    Boa!!! muito suor pra vc, nesse e nos próximos anos!!! saúde bixooo!!

    Rio de Janeiro.

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