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Claudio Calasans

Claudio Calasans is a Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, considered by many BJJ enthusiasts as one of the top grappling middleweights in the world. Claudio Calasans fights for the talented Atos Jiu Jitsu academy from Rio Claro, Brazil, being the training partner of stars such as Andre Galvao, Guilherme & Rafael Mendes as well as Bruno Frazatto.

Claudio Calasans Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Cláudio Calasans Camargo Junior

Nickname: he is often called “Juninho” which stands for little junior

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Reyson Gracie > Osvaldo Alves > Sergio Lisboa > Erivaldo Junior > Claudio Calasans

Main Achievements/Record:

  • Pan American Champion (2011, 2o12 IBJJF)
  • World Cup Champion – CBJJO (2006)
  • World Champion – CBJJE (2008)
  • 4x World Pro Cup Champion (2010 weight and absolute, 2011, 2012)
  • European Champion (2011, 2013, 2014)
  • South American Champion – CBJJE (2009)
  • Desafio Black Belt Champion (2012)
  • Brazilian ADCC Trials Champion 2011 (Grappling)
  • 2nd Place in Brazilian ADCC Trials 2009 (Grappling)
  • World Silver Medallist (2010)
  • European Silver Medallist (2011 open weight)

Favourite Position/Technique: closed guard, toe hold, wrist lock.

Weight Division: Leve (167lbs) and Medio (181lbs).

Association/Team: Atos Jiu Jitsu/Academia Calasans Camargo

Claudio Calasans Biography

Claudio Calasans was born in 1984 in a town called São José dos Campos 100 Kilometres from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is the son of Judo personality Calasans Camargo, the youngest Brazilian Judoka to have ever received his coral belt (white and red – received when he was 38 years old), and his uncle (who is his father’s identical twin) is also a black belt in Judo.

Being part of a family with such a strong judo background, it was only natural that Claudio also picked up the Japanese martial art, and so, when Calasans Junior reached the age of 3, he began his tuition and family tradition. Being a strong Judo competitor since he was but a child, he felt the need to train some Jiu Jitsu when he reached 15 years of age in order to improve his Newaza (ground work), as chokes and armlocks are allowed in Judo from that age onwards. In the beginning he used his new found BJJ skills in Judo competitions, but slowly the Jiu Jitsu “bug” grew in him and he started practicing and competing mainly in the Brazilian Style.

His Jiu Jitsu tuition took place at a Sao Jose de Campos academy called “Liga Jiu Jitsu”, and he trained there from his Blue Belt to his Black Belt, a belt which was awarded to him in the end of 2006 by the hands of his long time master Erivaldo Junior.

Being a very strong competitor, Calasans also joined the Wrestling team in his gym, he was very successful at that discipline also, winning a spot with the Brazilian National Wrestling Team.

After receiving his black belt, Claudio’s dream of becoming a professional Jiu Jitsu fighter was getting faded as he was teaching classes at his gym and didn’t have time to train full time. when the Atos Jiu Jitsu team was formed by a good old friend of Calasans by the name of André Galvão (another big name in Jiu Jitsu), Claudio asked Galvão if he could be part of his team and was immediately accepted. So was forged a strong alliance with the team from Rio Claro, and Claudio now spends most of his time before big competitions preparing in the Southern Brazilian town.

Having fought most of his life as a lightweight, on the 2009 World Cup Claudio decided to try his luck at the absolute division. In order to do that he went through a rigorous weight lifting program, and that is the reason he now fights in middleweight. This new program almost bared fruits immediately as he got to the semi finals of the World Cup Open Weight Division, unfortunately on the other side of the bracket was a man by the name Roger Gracie, a man who many believe to be the best BJJ fighter to have ever competed. Claudio’s end was no different than the others who fought Roger that year as he was submitted from the mount.

In 2010 at the World Pro Cup in Abu Dhabi, came the prize Calasans so vehemently fought for, winning the competition in both the Middleweight and the Absolute divisions.

Banner picture taken by Ross Finlayson.

Claudio Calasans Grappling Record

Claudio Calasans grappling record fighting in major jiu jitsu competitions from the start of 2011.

Opponent W/L Method Tournament Weight Stage Year
Tanquinho W Adv. (2×0) Euro Open Absolute ¼ Final 2011
Bernardo Faria W Points (4×2) Euro Open Absolute Semi 2011
Sergio Moraes L Adv. (1×0) Euro Open Absolute Final 2011
Victor Estima W Points (6×2) Euro Open Médio Semi 2011
Bruno Alves W Back Choke Euro Open Médio Final 2011
Clark Gracie W Points (2×0) Pan American Médio Semi 2011
Lucas Leite W Wristlock Pan American Médio Final 2011
Alan “Finfou” W Advantages Word Pro Cup U83kg Semi 2011
Vinicius Corrales W Pt(6×6) Ad(2×0) Word Pro Cup U83kg Final 2011
Cristiano “Titi” W n/a ADCC Trials Médio Semi 2011
David Vieira Silva W n/a ADCC Trials Médio Final 2011
Tetsuya Kondo W Choke World Champ. Absolute Round 1 2011
Rodolfo Vieira L Armbar World Champ. Absolute Round 2 2011
n/a W Submission World Champ. Médio Round 1* 2011
Daniel Strauss W Knee Bar ADCC Finals U77kg Round 1 2011
Tanquinho W Heel Hook ADCC Finals U77kg ¼ Finals 2011
Leo Vieira L Points (3×0) ADCC Finals U77kg Semi 2011
Kron Gracie L Guillotine ADCC Finals U77kg 3/4 Place 2011
S. Jamaledine W Guillotine Pan Am CBJJE Absolute Round 1 2011
Frederico Oliveira W Armbar Pan Am CBJJE Absolute Round 2 2011
Jose Carlos W Armbar Pan Am CBJJE Absolute ¼ Final 2011
Alexandre Ceconi W Advantages Pan Am CBJJE Absolute Semi 2011
Marcus Almeida L Points (9×5) Pan Am CBJJE Absolute Final 2011
Francisco Torres W n/a Pan American Médio Round 2012
Thiago “Baiano” W Armbar Pan American Médio ¼ Final 2012
Clark Gracie W Points (4×0) Pan American Médio Semi 2012
Victor Estima W Points (4×2) Pan American Médio Final 2012
DJ Jackson W Armbar World Pro Cup U82kg Round 2012
Marcos de Souza W n/a World Pro Cup U82kg ¼ Final 2012
Bruno Alves W Armbar World Pro Cup U82kg Semi 2012
Lucas Leite W Points (2×0) World Pro Cup U82kg Final 2012
Rodrigo Sousa W Shoulder Lock World Champ. Médio Rd 2 2012
Jake Mackenzie W Wristlock World Champ Médio Rd 3 2012
Alan “Finfou” W Points (4×2) World Champ Médio ¼ Finals 2012
Victor Estima W Points (2×2, Adv) World Champ Médio Semi 2012
Octavio Sousa L Points (6×6, Negative Pts 1×0) World Champ Médio Final 2012
Mauricio da Silva W Points (14×0) Desafio BB Absolute Rd 1 2012
Adriano Silva W Points (8×0) Desafio BB Absolute ¼ Finals 2012
“Big Mac” W Leg Lock Desafio BB Absolute Semi 2012
Leo Nogueira W Points Desafio BB Absolute Final 2012
Vitor Hugo W Guillotine Mundial CBJJE Absolute ¼ Finals 2012
Felippe Mattos W Points (4×0) Mundial CBJJE Absolute Semi 2012
Renato Cardoso W Points (2×2, adv) Mundial CBJJE Absolute Final 2012
Leonardo Maciel W Points (2×0) European Open Absolute Rd 1 2013
DJ Jackson W Judge Decision European Open Absolute ¼ Finals 2013
Bernardo Faria L Points (4×0) European Open Absolute Semi 2013
Mathias Ribeiro W Armbar European Open Médio Semi 2013
Terere W DQ European Open Médio Final 2013

* Claudio Calasans injured himself and could not proceed on the tournament.

Claudio Calasans vs Mathias Ribeiro

Claudio Calasans vs Jose Carlos

Claudio Calasans vs Claudio Cardoso

Claudio Calasans vs Marius Linke

Claudio Calasans vs Vitor Estima

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