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Arlisson “Kiki” Melo

Arlisson “Kiki” Melo

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Arlisson “Kiki” Melo is a premium jiu jitsu black belt from the famous Kimura-Nova Uniao. This former BJJ World Champion is also a Brazilian National Wrestling Champion and a successful MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter.

Kiki Melo Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Arlisson Melo Dos Santos

Nickname: “Kiki” was a character from the cartoon “Knights of the Zodiac” a famous cartoon when Arlisson was a child. His friends gave him that name because of his love for the character and it carried throughout his life.

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Carlson Gracie > Andre Pederneiras > Arlisson Melo

Main Achievemens:

  • 2x World Champion (2000 purple, 2001 black);
  • 3x World Cup Champion – CBJJO (2002, 2003, 2004);
  • Brazilian National Champion (1998 – Blue Belt);
  • Brazilian National Cup Champion – CBJJO;
  • Dumau Cup Champion (Japanese Organization);
  • Brazilian National Wrestling Champion 2001

Weight Category: Galo (Rooster) 126lbs/57kg

Team/Association: Kimura-Nova Uniao

Arlisson Kiki Melo’s Biography

Arlisson Melo was born on the 25th of June, 1981 in the Amazonian city of Manaus, Brazil.¬†Kiki started his Jiu Jitsu training from a very young age (around 7 or 8 years old), his father was an accomplished Jiu Jitsu athlete and he decided to take his son’s tuition upon himself. When He was older he joined his dad’s gym and took regular classes there with coach Nonato Machado with whom he received his blue and purple belts.

After he received his purple belt from Mr Machado he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he started training with Andre Pederneiras and Wendell Alexander at the Nova Uniao head quarters, he received the brown and black belts (2001) by the hands of Andre Pederneiras himself.

A certain day when training at Nova Uniao in Rio de Janeiro his wrestling prowess was spotted by Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro, who told him he should compete at the Wrestling Nationals that were on later that week. Arlisson knew very little about wrestling rules so for the days leading to the Open he went over the rules with “Shaolin”. When the tournament came, “Kiki” won his division with flying colours and was invited to be a part of the National Team. Fortunately (for jiu jitsu) he refused to continue his focus on BJJ.

In the meantime he met another Nova Uniao black belt, Jair Lourenco who is also the head of Kimura-Nova Uniao team from Natal (state of Rio Grande do Norte). The two created a very strong bond which led Kiki to join Lourenco’s team. Today Kiki considers Mr Lourenco as a second father and one of the most important persons in his life. Arlisson Melo moved to Europe in 2007, he chose London – England as his first destination, though he didn’t have much contact with Jiu Jitsu while he was there. He moved to Basel – Switzerland later that year, after an invitation from a former student of his who was already teaching there.

When interviewed for BJJ Heroes, Arlisson expressed his gratitude for everyone that has helped him with his career as a BJJ fighter and instructor, on that list he mentioned his father Cosmo Dias, Marco Loro, teacher Jair Lourenco, Andre Pederneiras, Vitor Ribeiro and Wendell Alexander, these people he will forever cary in his heart.

Kiki Melo vs Kenshi Tomari

Kiki Melo vs Bernardo Pitel

This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil)

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