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BJJ World Championship 2015 Results

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The most respected event in the world of grappling has now passed us, and fortunately it did not disappoint. Held at the famous Walter Pyramid venue in Long Beach, California on the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st of May, the IBJJF 2015 World Jiu Jitsu Championship had fantastic matches and submissions for all tastes. If there were many doubts about who could stop Marcus Almeida in the open weight division, those doubts were cleared by Ricardo Evangelista. The famous “Jegue” from GF Team‘s camp rose up to the occasion and managed to take the former 2x absolute champion, “Buchecha”, out of the competition with a tight score of 4×4 on points and 2 advantages for Ricardo. Marcus showed a lot less physicality on both his fights in the absolute division, having left the match against Ricardo on a stretcher, with visible pain in his knee. His camp mentioned that Almeida entered the tournament already injured, this being the reason behind the poor performance. The knee injury worsened in the tournament leaving Marcus Buchecha unfit to compete in his weight class (ultra heavy).

Evangelista would relinquish his position in the semi finals of the absolute, allowing his friend and fellow coach in Abu Dhabi, Alexander Trans to advance. Trans was on fire at the tournament, but in an unfortunate turn of events, Alexander injured his knee, escaping a footlock at the semi finals of the ultra-heavyweight division, and could not take advantage of the spot offered by Evangelista. Leaving Bernardo Faria as the champion of the absolute division.

But the BJJ World Championship wasn’t just about Buchecha. All divisions had great names shining through, though none were brighter than this group of athletes:

IBJJF 2015 Jiu Jitsu Worlds Champions (Men)

ROOSTERWEIGHT 57KG/127LBS: Bruno Malfacine << click on link for the division’s full results
In a predictable final between the two most talented roosterweights on the mats this weekend, Bruno Malfacine set the record at 7 world titles in a highly controversial final against Joao Miyao. After a tied score on points, and 1 advantage to Malfacine, Joao pushed the pace and tied the score on advantages in the final seconds. As the stands were awaiting the referee’s decision, head ref. Muzio de Angelis (following the front desk’s instructions) removed the aforementioned advantage, subsequently awarding the victory to “Malfa”. The decision received many boos from the crowd, but that did not change the result.

LIGHT FEATHERWEIGHT 64KG/141LBS: Paulo Miyao<< click on link for the division’s full results
Paulo Miyao steamrolled the Pluma division. With the absence of last year’s nemesis (Gui Mendes), now retired, Miyao made the best of the tournament, defeating the veteran Daniel Beleza in the final by way of choke from the back in the final.

FEATHERWEIGHT 70KG/154LBS: Rafael Mendes << click on link for the division’s full results
As expected Rafael Mendes broke the 15 year old record left by Royler Gracie in 1999, by winning his 5th world title at featherweight, since receiving his black belt in 2009. In the final “Rafa” dominated his old rival, Rubens Charles, from the get go, winning by 6×0.

LIGHTWEIGHT 76KG/168LBS: Michael Langhi << click on link for the division’s full results
The usual suspects, Michael Langhi and Lucas Lepri win one of jiu jitsu’s toughest divisions once again. Alliance‘s formidable duo was unstoppable, winning against veterans, contenders and young guns alike, showing why they are the top names in the sport.

MIDDLEWEIGHT 82KG/181LBS: Claudio Calasans << click on link for the division’s full results
Claudio Calasans Junior did not have a particularly flashy run up to the final, quite the contrary, his fights were tactical 50-50 matches for the most part. However, in jiu jitsu flashy moves won’t get you wins, but strategy might. No one strategised better than Junior this weekend, with guard pulls on every fight leading to the final, the former judoka decided to use his strong top game to defeat the strong Victor Oliveira in his last match, a win by 8×4.

MEDIUM HEAVYWEIGHT 88KG/195LBS: Leandro Lo << click on link for the division’s full results
There are no adjectives that can praise Leandro Lo enough. Being a natural lightweight, Lo consistently pushes the boundaries of reason, winning against all odds. This year Leandro Lo decided to move up two weight classes to prove why he is considered the best “pound for pound” athlete in modern day jiu jitsu and he did it, he won. In the final, Leandro dominated former world champion Tarsis Humphreys, winning by 7×0.

HEAVYWEIGHT 94KG/207LBS: Xande Ribeiro << click on link for the division’s full results
Simply incredible! 34 year old Alexandre Ribeiro comes back from retirement and shows everyone that he is still the man to beat at 207. Ribeiro was on fire throughout the tournament, showing flawless jiu jitsu tactically and technically. In the final “Xande” met a very game opponent in the current Pan American champion Lucas Leite. Although Leite was incredibly tough and had Ribeiro in a tight double collar choke from the back near the end, Alexandre remained calm and collected, defending the attack, to win in the final by 4×2 (points).

SUPERHEAVYWEIGHT 100KG/221LBS: Bernardo Faria << click on link for the division’s full results
Bernardo Faria on fire. The Alliance stud had a tremendous year submitting the majority of his opponents (see full results of his campaign below). In the final against Joao Gabriel Rocha, Faria – who does not known the word “stalling” – gave it his all beating the inspiring Soul Fighter athlete by 8×2.

ULTRA HEAVYWEIGHT: Gabriel “Fedor” Lucas << click on link for the division’s full results
In the absence of “Buchecha”, the ultra-heavyweight stays in the hands of Checkmat! A fresh black belt, this being Lucas’ first year in the division, Gabriel Lucas benefited from a few injured athletes on his way to the final. In his last match, he beat Ricardo Evangelista (3×2 advantages).

ABSOLUTE: Bernardo Faria << click on link for the division’s full results
The Alliance deep half guard wizard, Bernardo Faria, pulled it of, joining his name to the rare few who achieved double gold at a world championship. Unfortunately there was no open weight final as Alexander Trans injured his knee fending off Rodrigo Cavaca‘s footlocks in the semi final of the ultra heavies.

IBJJF 2015 Jiu Jitsu Worlds Champions (Women)

LIGHT FEATHERWEIGHT: Rikako Yuasa << click on link for the division’s full results
Rikako Yuasa is the new face of the light featherweight division, the Paraestra black belt had a tremendous tournament and caused one of the biggest upsets in the tournament, by defeating the talented Gezary Matuda in the final by advantages (3×1) after a tied score of 4×4 on points.

FEATHERWEIGHT: Mackenzie Dern << click on link for the division’s full results
Another great performance by the most famous woman in jiu jitsu today. Dern had a fantastic tournament and in the final against Michelle Nicolini we watched a true “change of the guard” in the women’s featherweight division. Mackenzie pressed on the pedal from the get go, finishing the former world champion with a choke from the back.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Bia Mesquita << click on link for the division’s full results
Beatriz Mesquita wins another title in great fashion, finishing Gracie Barra’s Fabiana Borges with a kneebar in a beautiful exchange.

MIDDLEWEIGHT: Luiza Monteiro << click on link for the division’s full results
The talented Luiza Monteiro won one of the toughest divisions in women’s BJJ. A black belt under Ricardo Vieira, training with Cicero Costha for the last few years, Luiza managed to pull the upset by beating two of the favorites, Monique Elias (semi final) and Luanna Alzuguir, in a very tough final match that went to a referee decision.

MEDIUM HEAVYWEIGHT: Ana Laura Cordeiro << click on link for the division’s full results
Regarded as the best female grappler of her generation before a devastating back injury took her out of the game, Ana Laura Cordeiro is back and completely recovered. After years of watching the world championships from the stands, Cordeiro had a tremendous tournament and a final to remember against Andresa Correa, beating the (now former) champ by 4 points.

HEAVYWEIGHT: Dominyka Obelenyte << click on link for the division’s full results
Another impressive performance by the Marcelo Garcia protegee, Dominyka Obelenyte left no doubts that she is here to dominate the division beating the veteran Vanessa Oliveira with a choke from the back.

SUPERHEAVYWEIGHT: Fernanda Mazelli << click on link for the division’s full results
With Gabi Garcia away, Fernanda Mazelli ruled the division, defeating Alison Tremblay in a tough final.

ABSOLUTE: Dominyka Obelenyte << click on link for the division’s full results
An incredible tournament by Obelenyte, Dominyka won impressively against the two favorites to win the show, Mackenzie Dern in the semi final and her team mate Monique Elias (6×2) in the final. Fantastic performance.

For the full results of all divisions and weight categories, please scroll down.


Peso Galo Full Results

Washington LimaAndre VerdemarePoints57KG1/8F
Rafael FreitasJorge Elias10x057KG1/4F
Joao MiyaoKoji Shibamoto6x257KG1/4F
Ivaniel OliveiraFabbio AlencarPts: 0x0, adv: 3x057KG1/4F
Bruno MalfacineWashington LimaCrussifix choke57KG1/4F
Joao MiyaoIvaniel OliveiraChoke from back57KGSF
Bruno MalfacineRafael FreitasArmbar57KGSF
Bruno MalfacineJoao MiyaoAdvantage57KGF

Peso Pluma Full Results

Paulo MiyaoGustavo CaceresWO64KG1/8F
Vitor PaschoalPaulo FilhoPoints64KG1/8F
Kim TerraBernardo PitelToe hold64KG1/8F
Carlos HolandaRam AnandaPoints64KG1/8F
Samuel BragaLucas DantasInverted triangle64KG1/8F
Daniel BelezaThomas LisboaTriangle64KG1/8F
Tiago BarrosTakuto KakoPoints64KG1/8F
Samir ChantreSimone FranceschiniBotinha64KG1/8F
Daniel BelezaSamuel Braga2x064KG1/4F
Tiago BarrosSamir ChantrePts: 0x0, Adv: 2x064KG1/4F
Kim TerraCarlos Holanda8x664KG1/4F
Paulo MiyaoVictor PaschoalChoke from back64KG1/4F
Daniel BelezaTiago Barros4x064KGSF
Paulo MiyaoKim Terra8x264KGSF
Paulo MiyaoDaniel BelezaChoke from back64KGF

Peso Pena Full Results

Leo SaggioroEd RamosPoints70KG1/8F
Rafael MendesAndre MonteiroBow and arrow70KG1/8F
Phillipe Della MonicaWellington DiasArmbar70KG1/8F
Jonathan ThomasIsaque PaivaPoints70KG1/8F
Mario ReisKevin MahechaArmbar70KG1/8F
Rubens CharlesItalo LinsArmbar70KG1/8F
Osvaldo MoizinhoVictor Genovesi4x270KG1/8F
Rubens CharlesOsvaldo Moizinho3x070KG1/4F
Gianni GrippoLeo Saggioro2x2 1x1 adv Ref Decision70Kg1/4F
Rafael MendesPhillipe Della MonicaChoke from back70Kg1/4F
Mario ReisJonathan PaulGentlemen's agreement70Kg1/4F
Rafael MendesMario ReisWristlock70KGSF
Rubens CharlesGianni GrippoGentlemen's agreement70KGSF
Rafael MendesRubens Charles6x070KGF

Peso Leve Full Results

Arthur DominickAlex CabanesArmbar76KGR1
Andris BrunovskisRafael HenriquePts: 0x0, Advantages76KGR1
Ilke BulutChoi ChoiPoints76KGR1
Gustavo DantasTatsuya KanekoChoke from back76KGR1
Michael LanghiArthur DominickPoints76KG1/8F
Lucas LepriIlke BulutBow and arrow76KG1/8F
Rodrigo de FreitasAntonio Carlos FariasPoints76KG1/8F
Gabriel RolloAndris BrunovskisChoke from back76KG1/8F
Michael LieraRafael Rosendo2x076KG1/8F
JT TorresGustavo DantasSubmission76KG1/8F
Juan KamezawaNathan MendelsohnChoke from back76KG1/8F
Samuel HertzogRodrigo CaporalPoints76KG1/8F
Michael LanghiSamuel Hertzog2x0 adv76KG1/4F
JT TorresJuan Kamezawa2x076KG1/4F
Lucas LepriRodrigo de FreitasArmbar76KG1/4F
Gabriel RolloMichael LieraPts: 2x2, Advantages76KG1/4F
Lucas LepriGabriel Rollo4x076KGSF
Michael LanghiJT Torres2x2 1x0 adv76KGSF
Michael LanghiLucas LepriGentlemen's agreement76KGF

Peso Medio

Tanner RiceThomas OyarzunPoints82KGRD1
Jonathan SatavaMarcos Souza11x482KGRD1
Charles NegromonteMarcos TinocoChoke from back82KGRD1
Luca AnacorletaDarragh O'ConaillPoints82KGRD1
Bruno TogniOliver GeddesPoints82KGRD1
Jaime CanutoVinicius AgudoChoke from back82KGRD1
Claudio CalasansBruno TogniEstima lock82KG1/8F
Victor EstimaTanner RiceEstima lock82KG1/8F
Victor OliveiraJonathan Satava3x082KG1/8F
Jaime CanutoFrancisco IturraldeArmbar82KG1/8F
Otavio SousaLuca AnacorletaCross choke f. mount82KG1/8F
Murilo SantanaVictor SilverioRef. Decision82KG1/8F
Marcelo MafraMagid HagePoints82KG1/8F
Vinucius MarinhoCharles NegromontePoints82KG1/8F
Otavio SousaJaime CanutoPts: 0x0, Adv: 4x082KG1/4F
Vitor OliveiraMarcelo MafraPts: 3x3, Adv: 1x1, Ref Decision82KG1/4F
Claudio CalasansVinicius Marinho6x482KG1/4F
Victor EstimaMurilo Santana2x2, Ref. Decision82KG1/4F
Claudio CalasansVictor Estima4x282KGSF
Vitor OliveiraOtavio Sousa2x082KGSF
Claudio CalasansVitor Oliveira8x482KGF

Peso Meio Pesado

Inacio NetoJohn JordanChoke from back88KGR1
Pedro MelloMax CarvalhoPoints?88KGR1
Julien CazierWilliam DiasWO88KGR1
Ricardo OliveiraGiacomo ZanniniPoints?88KGR1
Leandro LoInacio NetoWO88KG1/8F
Matheus DinizVitor ToledoWO88KG1/8F
Renato CardosoPedro MelloBotinha88KG1/8F
Thiago Sá FortesVictor BonfimReferee Decision88KG1/8F
Tarsis HumphreysJulien CazierChoke from back88KG1/8F
Rodrigo FajardoDiego GamonalPoints?88KG1/8F
Gustavo CamposRicardo OliveiraTriangle88KG1/8F
Patrick GaudioDiogo AraújoWO88KG1/8F
Leandro LoMatheus Diniz4x088KG1/4F
Renato CardosoThiago Sá FortesTriangle88KG1/4F
Tarsis HumphreysRodrigo Fajardo7x288KG1/4F
Gustavo CamposPatrick GaudioArmbar88KG1/4F
Tarsis HumphreysGustavo Campos6x488KGSF
Leandro LoRenato Cardoso15x288KGSF
Leandro LoTarsis Humphreys7x088KGF

Peso Pesado

Arnaldo OliveiraFelipe DiasChoke94KGR1
Manuel DiazEliot KellyPoints94KGR1
Herico PintoFelipe BuenoPoints94KGR1
Alexandre RibeiroArnaldo OliveiraChoke94KG1/8F
Dimitrius SouzaRoberto TorralbasPoints94KG1/8F
Cassio FrancisManuel DiazToe Hold94KG1/8F
Jackson SouzaAntonio Antonioli2x094KG1/8F
Lucas LeiteHerico PintoChoke from back94KG1/8F
Eduardo InojosaLucas RochaTriangle armbar94KG1/8F
Keenan CorneliusAlan RegisTriangle armbar94KG1/8F
Tim SpriggsTarcísio JardimKatagatame94KG1/8F
Lucas LeiteEduardo InojosaAdv: 1x1 Ref Decision94KG1/4F
Tim SpriggsKeenan Cornelius2x094KG1/4F
Jackson SouzaCassio FrancisPts: 2x2, Adv: 3x094KG1/4F
Alexandre RibeiroDimitrius Souza2x094KG1/4F
Alexandre RibeiroJackson Souza6x094KGSF
Lucas LeiteTim SpriggsAdv: 1x1 Ref Decision94KGSF
Alexandre RibeiroLucas Leite4x294KGF

Peso Super Pesado

Yuri SimõesJames Puopolo7x4100KG1/4F
João Gabriel RochaErberth SantosMata Leão100KG1/4F
Igor SilvaRoberto AlencarChoke100KG1/4F
Bernardo FariaPedro MouraArmbar100KG1/4F
Bernardo FariaIgor SilvaKneebar100KGSF
João Gabriel RochaYuri SimõesChoke from back100KGSF
Bernardo FariaJoão Gabriel Rocha8x2100KGF

Peso Pesadíssimo

Gabriel LucasLeo DavilaChoke from backO100KG1/8F
Alexander TransThiago GaiaKneebarO100KG1/8F
R. EvangelistaCarlos Farias2x0O100KG1/8F
Gutavo EliasBruno BastosPointsO100KG1/8F
Abraham MarteKeneth BrownArmbarO100KG1/8F
Gabriel LucasLeo NogueiraWO - InjuryO100KG1/4F
Alexander TransRodrigo Cavaca4x2O100KG1/4F
R. EvangelistaGustavo Elias3x0O100KG1/4F
Abraham MarteMarcus AlmeidaWO - InjuryO100KG1/4F
Gabriel LucasAlexander TransWO - InjuryO100KGSF
R. EvangelistaAbraham MarteGentlemen's agreementO100KGSF
Gabriel LucasR. EvangelistaPts: 0x0, Adv: 3x2O100KGF

Peso Absoluto

Abraham MarteArnaldo OliveiraPointsABSR1
R. EvangelistaWalnan PrestoEzekielABSR1
Cássio FrancisChoi Choi14x0ABSR1
Alexander TransGustavo EliasPointsABSR1
Tarcisio JardimMatheus DinizPts: 0x0, AdvantagesABSR1
Murilo SantanaVinicius AgudoTriange armbarABSR1
Erberth SantosJohn JordanLeglock\Toe HoldABSR1
Jackson SouzaEliot KellyMata LeãoABSR1
Roberto AlencarTanner RicePts\adv?ABSR1
Keenan CorneliusCarlos FariasTriangleABSR1
Tim SpriggsManuel DiazPointsABSR1
Tarcísio JardimMatheus DinizAdvABSR1
Marcus AlmeidaAlan RegisArmbarABSR1
R. EvangelistaCássio FrancisPointsABSR2
Abraham MarteLeo NogueiraArmbarABS1/8F
Alexander TransMurilo Santana2x0ABS1/8F
R. EvangelistaMarcus AlmeidaPts 4x4, Advantages 2ABS1/8F
Erberth SantosJackson Souza4x2ABS1/8F
Bernardo FariaRoberto AlencarBow and arrowABS1/8F
Leandro LoTarcísio Jardim9x4ABS1/8F
Bernardo FariaErberth SantosKneebarABS1/4F
Leandro LoKeenan Cornelius8x6ABS1/4F
Alexander TransR. EvangelistaWOABS1/4F
Bernardo FariaLeandro LoArmbarABSSF
Alexander TransAbraham MarteKneebarABSSF
Bernardo FariaAlexander TransWO (injury)ABSF

Female Weight Divisions

Amanda LowenRachel DemaraTriangleABSE1
Mackenzie DernLuiza Monteiro8x0ABS8F
Ana Laura CordeiroYasmine WilsonArmbarABS8F
Tammi MusumeciVenla Luukonen2x0ABS8F
Dominyka ObelenyteLaurence FouillatTriangle armbarABS8F
Vanessa NascimentoTalita NogueiraReferee decisionABS8F
Fernanda MaioShanti Abelha4x0ABS8F
Monique EliasTammi GriegoAdvantagesABS8F
Bia MesquitaAmanda LoewenArmbarABS8F
Bia MesquitaVanessa OliveiraToe HoldABS4F
Monique EliasFernanda Maio4x2ABS4F
Mackenzie DernAna Laura CordeiroArmbarABS4F
Dominyka ObelenyteTammi MusumeciReferee decisionABS4F
Monique EliasBia Mesquita2x0ABSSF
Dominyka ObelenyteMackenzie DernPointsABSSF
Dominyka ObelenyteMonique Elias6x2ABSF
Gezary MatudaAriadne OliveiraArmbarPlumaSF
Rikako YuasaLaurence FouillatPointsPlumaSF
Rikako YuasaGezary Matuda4x4 3x2 advPlumaF
Mackenzie DernMichelle NicoliniChoke from backPenaF
Amanda LoewenAnna Louise MayneWOLeve8F
Jena BishopYasmine WilsonTriangleLeve8F
Bia MesquitaAmanda LoewenPointsLeve4F
Nyjah EastonJessica SantosWOLeve4F
Angelica GalvãoJena BishopBotinhaLeve4F
Fabiana BorgesNadia MeloWOLeve4F
Bia MesquitaNyjah EastonPointsLeveSF
Fabiana BorgesAngelica GalvãoArmbarLeveSF
Bia MesquitaFabiana BorgesKneebarLeveF
Luana MoraisCharlene CoatsWOMédio4F
Sijara EubanksIda HansonPointsMédio4F
Monique EliasShanti AbelhaPointsMédio4F
Luiza MonteiroMegan NevillPointsMédio4F
Luana MoraisSijara EubanksPointsMédioSF
Luiza MonteiroMonique EliasReferee DecisionMédioSF
Luiza MonteiroLuana Morais2x2 1x1 adv Ref DecisionMédioF
Rachel DemaraGretchen ZoellerChokeMeio-Pesado4F
Andresa CorreiaRachel DemaraCalf SlicerMeio-PesadoSF
Ana Laura CordeiroKaren PetersonKimuraMeio-PesadoSF
Ana Laura CordeiroAndresa Correia4x0Meio-PesadoF
Dominyka ObelenyteTammi GriegoPointsPesadoSF
Vanessa OliveiraLeticia LalliSubmissionPesadoSF
Dominyka ObelenyteVanessa OliveiraMata LeãoPesadoF
Alison TremblayTalita NogueiraPointsSuper-Pesado4F
Alison TremblayLuiza FernandesWOSuper-PesadoSF
Fernanda MaioVenla LuukonenPoints\AdvSuper-PesadoSF
Fernanda MaioAlison Tremblay9x0Super-PesadoF

BJJ Heroes would like to extend a big warm thank you to Hugo Miranda and Rafaela Rosa for all the help in collecting these results.

Banner picture taken by Gracie Mag.

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