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Justin Rader


Justin Rader BJJ HeroesJustin Rader is an American born, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under the illustrious Rafael Lovato Jr. A former wrestler, Rader adapted his skills to BJJ, becoming one of the top competitors of his generation by reaching the podium of important tournaments such as the world championships (purple belt gold), world nogi championships (black belt gold), the ADCC (bronze) and Grapplers Quest (Pro Division).

Justin Rader Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Justin S. Rader

Nickname: n/a

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr.Carlos Gracie JuniorCarlos Machado > Rafael Lovato Jr > Justin Rader

Main Achievements:

  • World Nogi Champion (2010, 2009 brown belt)
  • Grapplers Quest Pro Champion (2011)
  • American Nogi Champion (2010)
  • World Champion (2007 purple)
  • Grapplers Quest Advanced Nogi Champion (2007)
  • Pan American Champion (2009 brown)
  • World Nogi Silver Medallist (2011)
  • Pan American Silver Medallist (2010 & 2008 brown)
  • World Bronze Medallist (2008 brown)
  • Pan American Bronze Medallist (2006 blue)

Weight Division: Peso Pena (70kg/154lbs)

Favorite Position/Technique: Chave de Pantorrilha (Calf Slicer), Guard Passing

Team/Association: Gracie Humaita/Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu

Justin Rader Biography

Justin Rader was raised in Oklahoma where he began wrestling at the age of 4, he picked up on Jiu Jitsu at age 12, with the Lovatos (father and son) as his instructors. Justin made tremendous progress as a competitor becoming one of the top American fighters with successive medals at the Mundials in the lower belts. In August of 2010 Justin became the first Lovato student to graduate as Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt.

Though Rader ‘only’ placed 2nd in the 2009 ADCC USA trials, his fantastic performances raised a few eyebrows and he ended being called in for by the organization to compete in the finals. He reached the quarter-finals in this prestigious tournament, the same invitation was handed for the 2011 tournament and in 2013 a bronze medal.

Justin Rader vs. Gustavo Carpio

Justin Rader vs. Chris Westfall

Justin Rader vs Ryan Hall

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  • Nathan says:

    Why does it say he is affiliated with Gracie Humaita camp? Lovato and Rader both represent Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Association.

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