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Gabriel Arges

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Gabriel Arges is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Romulo Barral and Felipe “Preguiça”, who also trained extensively with Marcelo “Uirapuru”, competing for the Gracie Barra Academy. Arges made a name for himself in the lower belt divisions of the sport, particularly during his purple and brown belt campaigns (2013-2015) where he conquered important titles such as IBJJF World Champion (Gi/No-Gi), European Open Champion, as well as Pan America and American National Champion.

Gabriel Arges Jiu-Jitsu

Full Name: Gabriel Arges

Nickname: “Frodo”. When the Lord of The Rings films came out, Gabriel’s haircut resembled that of the famous hobbit. For that reason, his fellow football teammates started calling him Frodo.

Lineage: Carlos Gracie (Sr) > Helio Gracie > Carlos Gracie Junior > Vinícius Magalhães > Rômulo Barral > Gabriel Arges

Main Achievements:

  • 1st Place IBJJF World Championship (2016***/ 2017 / 2019)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Pans Championship (2018)
  • 1st Place ACBJJ 4 85 kg Grand Prix (2017)
  • 1st Place UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro (2016 / 2017 )
  • 1st Place UAEJJF King of Mats 85 kg GP (2019)
  • 1st Place UAEJJF Grand Slam, Abu Dhabi (2017)
  • 1st Place UAEJJF Grand Slam, Los Angeles (2016)
  • 1st Place UAEJJF Grand Slam, Tokyo (2016)
  • 1st Place IBJJF European Open (2016)

Main Achievements (Colored Belts):

  • 1st Place IBJJF World Championship (2014 purple)
  • 1st Place IBJJF World No-Gi Championship (2015 brown, 2013 purple)
  • 1st Place UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro (2015 brown, 2014 purple)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Pans Championship (2014 purple)
  • 1st Place IBJJF European Open (2014 purple)
  • 1st Place IBJJF American Nationals (2015 brown)
  • 1st Place IBJJF American Nationals No-Gi (2015** brown)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF World Championship 3rd Place (2015** brown)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF World No-Gi Championship (2014 brown)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF Pan Championship (2013 purple, 2015 brown)

* Absolute
* Weight and absolute
*** Closed bracket with teammate

Favorite Position/Technique: X + Single X Guards

Weight Division: Peso Médio (82,30 kg/181.5 lbs)

Team/Association: Gracie Barra

Gabriel Arges Biography

Gabriel Arges was born on the 29th of January, 1993 in Belo Horizonte – state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Throughout his childhood, Gabriel practiced a number of sports, with his first martial arts experience coming at the age of 14 through Thai-boxing. This contact that was short-lived as Arges was more committed to his school’s football (soccer) team, a group he captained at the time.

In his early teens, Arges had a few friends who trained and competed in jiu-jitsu. They would often invite Gabriel to watch their tournaments and even attend their open mat sessions at each other’s homes. These invites eventually led Gabriel to the mat (at the age of 16), joining a gym close to his house, which he already attended for fitness purposes.

At this gym, Gabriel Arges’ first instructor was Fernando Fialho of the Gracie Barra Belo Horizonte (GB-BH) team. Fialho had just earned his brown belt at the time and was starting his coaching career, having plenty of eagerness and time to spend with his students. After 18 months of training under the watchful eye of Fernando, Gabriel earned his blue belt.

After earning his blue belt, Gabriel decided he wanted to compete more regularly. Fialho’s gym only had a few blue belts to spar with and offered 3 classes per week, so with his coach’s permission, Arges decided to reconcile his training between Fialho and the GB-BH headquarters’ classes – led by Marcelo “Uirapuru” Azevedo.

At the headquarters of the BH academy, Gabriel Arges met and befriended Felipe “Preguiça” Pena who was a purple belt then. Together with senior coach Uirapuru, Pena helped push Arges’ game to the next level.

Felipe Pena and Arges trained extensively together, from 2011 onwards. Arges would often travel with Pena and train at his academy, right from this academy’s inception. In 2012 Preguiça decided to return to Romulo Barral‘s academy (Gracie Barra Northridge), where he had been for the previous year’s Pan Am and World Championship preparation, a recipe that had been very fruitful. Pena invited Arges to come as well, which turned out to be the start of another important student-coach relationship in Arges’ life, with Barral.

Romulo Barral became a huge influence in Gabriel’s decision to become a professional jiu-jitsu athlete, promoting Arges to brown belt after he won his first world title (2014) together with Felipe Pena. The two would also award Gabriel his black belt in a similar situation after Arges won the No-Gi World Championship in 2015, whilst on the podium.

The banner picture was taken by Preston Smith.

Gabriel Arges Back Takes Instructional

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Gabriel Arges Grappling Record

100 WINS
    37 (37%)
    15 (15%)
    37 (37%)
    11 (11%)
    0 (0%)
  • BY DQ
    0 (0%)


Choke from back
Mounted triangle
Toe hold
Mounted X choke
Inside heel hook
    9 (31%)
    3 (10%)
    6 (21%)
    7 (24%)
    1 (3%)
  • BY DQ
    3 (10%)


Toe hold
Outside heel hook

Gabriel Arges Fight History

ID Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
8991Jackson SousaJackson SousaLToe holdEuropean OpenABSR22016
9046Alan FinfouAlan FinfouLDQPNBJJC88KGGP2016
9323Leandro LoLeandro LoLPts: 12x6Pan American88KG4F2016
9393Bernardo FariaBernardo FariaLDogbarPan AmericanABS4F2016
10708Otavio SousaOtavio SousaLBotinhaBJJ Pro LA82KGSF2016
11080Manuel RibamarManuel RibamarLDQGrand Slam RJ85KG4F2016
11919Alexandre RibeiroAlexandre RibeiroLReferee DecisionArgentina ProABSSF2017
12080Jose JuniorJose JuniorLPenGrand Slam LDN110KGF2017
16350Leandro LoLeandro LoLPointsACBJJ 1385KGSPF2018
16548Tommy LangakerTommy LangakerLDQWorld Champ.82KG4F2018
17630Adam WardzinskiAdam WardzinskiLPts: 2x0King of Mats110KGRR2018
17638R. EvangelistaR. EvangelistaLPts: 2x0King of Mats110KGRR2018
17642Gutemberg PereiraGutemberg PereiraLPts: 2x2, AdvKing of Mats110KGRR2018
17808Manuel RibamarManuel RibamarLReferee DecisionWSOG 281KGSF2018
18663Marcos TinocoMarcos TinocoLPts: 6x4NoGi Worlds85KG4F2018
18818Rudson MateusRudson MateusLPts: 2x2, AdvGrand Slam AD85KG4F2019
18845Lucas BarbosaLucas BarbosaLPts: 3x0King of Mats II85KGRR2019
19321Craig JonesCraig JonesLRNCGrappleFest 4ABSSPF2019
21851Matheus DinizMatheus DinizLReferee DecisionADCC88KG4F2019
22013Gustavo BatistaGustavo BatistaLPointsTemplum FNABSSPF2019
22651Levi JonesLevi JonesLReferee DecisionSpyder Invitational76KG4F2019
23757Gustavo BatistaGustavo BatistaLPoints3CG Kumite88KGSF2020
27198Rafael LovatoRafael LovatoLReferee DecisionF2W 18092KGSPF2021
35576Manuel RibamarManuel RibamarLPts: 9x0NoGi Pan85KG8F2022
36884Jonnatas GracieJonnatas GracieLReferee DecisionNoGi Worlds85KG8F2022
40822Dan ManasoiuLOutside heel hookUFC FPI 4ABS4F2023
46617Davi LorettoLPts: 2x2, AdvSul Brasileiro88KG4F2024
47325Luciano SouzaLReferee DecisionADCC BRA 199KG4F2024
49905Giancarlo BodoniGiancarlo BodoniLRNCUFC FP790KGSPF2024
8743Lucas BarbosaLucas BarbosaWPts: 6x4Irvine Open88KGRR2015
8745Lucas BarbosaLucas BarbosaWPts: 2x2, AdvIrvine Open88KGF2015
8751Carlos FariasCarlos FariasWAdvIrvine OpenABS4F2015
8753Lucas BarbosaLucas BarbosaWPts: 8x6Irvine OpenABSSF2015
8956Jurandir ConceicaoJurandir ConceicaoWPts: 8x4European Open88KGR12016
8960Tero PyylampiWPts: 14x6European Open88KG4F2016
8964Patrick GaudioPatrick GaudioWReferee DecisionEuropean Open88KGSF2016
9043Luca AnacoretaLuca AnacoretaWPts: 4x4, AdvPNBJJC88KGGP2016
9045Gregorio ThomazWArmbarPNBJJC88KGGP2016
9317Manuel DiazWPts: 16x0Pan American88KG8F2016
9382Arnaldo MaidanaArnaldo MaidanaWPts: 10x4Pan AmericanABSR22016
9386Pedro MouraWReferee DecisionPan AmericanABS8F2016
9592Andre AlmeidaWToe holdWorld Pro77KGR12016
9599Sam GibsonWPts: 8x0World Pro77KG8F2016
9606Cesar MiyahiraWPts: 2x0World Pro77KG4F2016
9611Jhonny LoureiroJhonny LoureiroWPts: 3x2World Pro77KGSF2016
9612Roberto SatoshiRoberto SatoshiWPts: 6x2World Pro77KGF2016
9995Manuel RibamarManuel RibamarWPts: 8x8, AdvWorld Champ.82KGR22016
10010Celso ViniciusCelso ViniciusWPts: 8x7World Champ.82KG8F2016
10015Claudio CalasansClaudio CalasansWKneebarWorld Champ.82KG4F2016
10018Marcos TinocoMarcos TinocoWKneebarWorld Champ.82KGSF2016
10365Alan FinfouAlan FinfouWReferee DecisionBerkut 3ABSSPF2016
10453Lucas BarbosaLucas BarbosaWPts: 4x2Grand Slam LA85KGSF2016
10455Otavio SousaOtavio SousaWPts: 2x0Grand Slam LA85KGF2016
10759Gottrell KingWKneebarLas Vegas Pro85KGSF2016
10760Nathan MendelsohnNathan MendelsohnWKneebarLas Vegas Pro85KGF2016
10807Yongam NohWPts: 2x2, AdvGrand Slam TYO85KGSF2016
10808Faisal AlKitbeFaisal AlKitbeWPts: 2x0Grand Slam TYO85KGF2016
11074Ricardo FilhoWKneebarGrand Slam RJ85KG8F2016
11172David AghionWChoke from backCuritiba Pro85KGRR2016
11173David AghionWMounted X chokeCuritiba Pro85KGF2016
11209Flavio SantosWMounted triangleBelem Int. Pro85KG4F2016
11210Luis NogueiraWChoke from backBelem Int. Pro85KGSF2016
11211Wanderley Fr.WChoke from backBelem Int. Pro85KGF2016
11303Jhonathan RamosWRNCColombia Nat. Pro85KGF2016
11461Marcos CostaMarcos CostaWChoke from backGrand Slam AD85KG4F2017
11464Jaime CanutoJaime CanutoWPts: 0x0, AdvGrand Slam AD85KGSF2017
11466Matheus SpirandeliMatheus SpirandeliWRNCGrand Slam AD85KGF2017
11667Victor SilverioVictor SilverioWPts: 6x2UAEJJF Orlando85KGF2017
11798Alexsandro PereiraWTriangleManaus Nat. Pro77KG4F2017
11801Mateus BernardiWPointsManaus Nat. Pro77KGSF2017
11804Talison SoaresWPointsManaus Nat. Pro77KGF2017
11826Jhonny LoureiroJhonny LoureiroWPts: 4x2Manaus Nat. ProABSF2017
11910Enrique MarchWSubmissionArgentina Pro85KGSF2017
11911Enrique MarchWChoke from backArgentina Pro85KGF2017
11916Giovanni DellaWPts: 4x2Argentina ProABSR12017
11917Facundo AcostaWRNCArgentina ProABS4F2017
11958Josh HingerJosh HingerWPointsACBJJ 485KG4F2017
11961Arnaldo MaidanaArnaldo MaidanaWTriangleACBJJ 485KGSF2017
11963Otavio SousaOtavio SousaWKneebarACBJJ 485KGF2017
12079Gabriel LucasGabriel LucasWPts: 2x0Grand Slam LDN110KGSF2017
12649Akira OsokawaWRNCWorld Pro77KG4F2017
12652Isaque BahienseIsaque BahienseWPts: 4x4, AdvWorld Pro77KGSF2017
12657Edwin NajmiEdwin NajmiWPts: 2x0World Pro77KGF2017
13149Jonathan SatavaJonathan SatavaWChoke from backWorld Champ.82KG8F2017
13152Felipe CesarFelipe CesarWPts: 4x4, AdvWorld Champ.82KG4F2017
13154Jaime CanutoJaime CanutoWReferee DecisionWorld Champ.82KGSF2017
13156Marcos TinocoMarcos TinocoWChoke from backWorld Champ.82KGF2017
15020Gianni CrivelloWChoke from backLA Open88KGSF2018
15021Gabriel VieiraWChoke from backLA Open88KGF2018
15408Igor PaivaIgor PaivaWPts: 8x0, AdvPan American82KG8F2018
15415Felipe CesarFelipe CesarWPts: 2x0Pan American82KG4F2018
15418Ygor DantasWTrianglePan American82KGSF2018
15420Marcos TinocoMarcos TinocoWPts: 0x0, AdvPan American82KGF2018
16529Edson AntonioWPts: 0x0, AdvWorld Champ.82KGR22018
16546Dante LeonDante LeonWPts: 12x8World Champ.82KG8F2018
17634Tanner RiceTanner RiceWPts: 4x0King of Mats110KGRR2018
17794Lucas RochaLucas RochaWArmbarWSOG 281KGR12018
17800I. SousaWReferee DecisionWSOG 281KG8F2018
17804R. JuniorWReferee DecisionWSOG 281KG4F2018
17809J. GracieWChoke from backWSOG 281KG3RD2018
18650Isiah WrightWMounted triangleNoGi Worlds85KGR12018
18655Nick CalvaneseNick CalvaneseWPts: 2x2, AdvNoGi Worlds85KGR22018
18817Thabet AlTaherWRNCGrand Slam AD85KGR12019
18843Espen MathiesenEspen MathiesenWChoke from backKing of Mats II85KGRR2019
18848Caio CaetanoCaio CaetanoWReferee DecisionKing of Mats II85KGRR2019
18850Rudson MateusRudson MateusWPts: 2x2, AdvKing of Mats II85KGRR2019
18860Manuel RibamarManuel RibamarWPts: 4x2King of Mats II85KGSF2019
18862Isaque BahienseIsaque BahienseWPts: 6x2King of Mats II85KGF2019
20467Matheus DinizMatheus DinizWReferee DecisionF2W 11288KGSPF2019
20646Dante LeonDante LeonWPts: 4x0World Champ.82KGR22019
20655Claudio CalasansClaudio CalasansWPts: 6x4World Champ.82KG4F2019
20657Marcos TinocoMarcos TinocoWPts: 2x0World Champ.82KGSF2019
20658Isaque BahienseIsaque BahienseWPts: 2x2, AdvWorld Champ.82KGF2019
21499Dante LeonDante LeonWReferee DecisionF2W 12385KGSPF2019
21846Alec BauldingAlec BauldingWPts: 5x0ADCC88KGR12019
23754Jake WatsonJake WatsonWRNC3CG Kumite88KG4F2020
23932Marcio AndreMarcio AndreWReferee DecisionF2W 15184KGSPF2020
27323Thiago AsoWPts: 2x2, AdvGB Arizona SMN/ASPF2021
35574Matheus MartinezWPts: 8x4NoGi Pan85KGR12022
36880Aaron TiegsWPts: 4x2NoGi Worlds85KGR12022
38903Vinicius CoimbraWTriangleCharleston NGO85KGSF2023
38905Vinicius CoimbraWInside heel hookCharleston NGO85KGF2023
39172Alan SanchezAlan SanchezWPts: 2x0S. Cruz NGO85KGF2023
39178Ethan VistroWPts: 21x0S. Cruz NGOABS4F2023
39179Benjamin SilvaWPts: 2x0S. Cruz NGOABSSF2023
39181Calon SabinoWPts: 11x0S. Cruz NGOABSF2023
46637Cleiton SantosWChoke from backSul BrasileiroABSR12024
46643Leonardo BroccaWChoke from backSul BrasileiroABS4F2024
47318Vinicius LessaVinicius LessaWReferee DecisionADCC BRA 199KGR22024

Gabriel Arges Abu Dhabi World Pro 2015 Highlight

Gabriel Arges IBJJF World Championship 2014 Highlight

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