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ADCC 2019 Update: Garry Tonon is Back, Ryan Drops One Class

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AUGUST 29, 2019, and another big, last-minute, change to the line-up of the sport’s biggest tournament happening in September, the ADCC World Championship. After Ethan Crelinsten – North American East Coast 66 Kilogram Qualifier – announced he had been forced to pull-out of the event due to an injury, many questioned who would replace the young Canadian star. That question was answered, as fellow Danaher Death Squad team member Nicky Ryan stepped forward.

Ryan (18) had himself booked his ticket to the big show by winning the North American West Coast Qualifier in this same weight class, but requested to move up a weight class due to the hardship of the weight cut. It seems as though, when presented with the opportunity to return to his weight class due to the Crelinsten vacancy, the young talent has accepted returned to his original division.

To replace the vacuum left by Nicky at 77, another Danaher student is stepping in, the always exciting Garry Tonon. An excellent addition to the division.  Tonon snubbed the ADCC invite earlier this year due to a previous engagement in mixed martial arts (MMA), but as the deal fell through and Tonon is well prepared from been helping his teammates prepare for the ADCC in the team’s camp, he decided to step back in, for his 4th attempt at gold.

Garry has an ADCC World Championship record of 4-7, which may seem unflattering if you do not take into account that those losses were to heavier legends such as Marcus Almeida, Roberto Cyborg or Vinny Magalhães in the absolute division. Tonon has gained a ton of momentum since his 2017 appearance, where he placed 4th, losing in the semi-final by referee decision to the champ – JT Torres.

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