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Happy announcement to all United Kingdom readers: The prestigious CBJJ referee Muzio de Angelis (4 Grau black belt and Director of the refereeing department at the IBJJF) will be directing a 4 hours course with the latest rules on sport Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
The BJJ Judges & Referee course will be conducted in London, England, on the 22rd of January (Saturday). This course will be approved by CBJJ (IBJJF), and the cost will cost £40 (British Pounds).
This is definitely the cheaper option for all you guys that aren’t going to Portugal in January for the Europeans and a chance to meet a top coach and referee, with experience in ten’s of World and Pan American finals.
If you are interested in being a part of this, contact the organizer Marco Canha on his email: [email protected]

Starts: 10am
Duration: 4 hours
Fee: £40
Conductor: Muzio de Angelis
Address: 82 Hanbury Street,London
Post Code: E1 5JL

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