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BJJ Stars 4 One Of The Best Cards Of 2020 Happens This Weekend

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BJJ Stars has had a bumpy ride in its short history, but the well-known, Brazilian based, grappling promotion has kept pushing forward and setting up outstanding and exciting grappling cards.

After the tumultuous Erberth Santos incident of February 2019 (check here for details), the promotion launched two more events – the latest of which in July 2020 – all with star-studded line-ups. Arguably among the top 3 professional cards of the year. This brand new event, taking place this weekend, is no different.

Under new management, the BJJ Stars crew has continued to make the most of the incredible talent available in Brazil, where the event will take place, adding to the card a few national players who reside in the USA, including Victor Hugo, Gabi Garcia, Matheus Diniz, and Gustavo Batista. Adding to those two of America’s very best grapplers in BJJ legend Rafael Lovato Junior and Devhonte Johnson.

The BJJ Stars 4 event will feature a middleweight tournament that will hand the winner a fine sum of 100,000 Reals (nearly 20k dollars). In the tournament will be some of the top middleweights in the world, including multiple-time world champion Leando Lo, 2018 World Champion Isaque Bahiense, reigning ADCC champion Matheus Diniz, current Pan American gold medalist Otavio Sousa to name a few.

Outside of the tournament, BJJ Stars has set-up very exciting super-fights. These will include the highly anticipated black belt debut of BJJ phenom Erich Munis, who will face a heavier, more experienced, and more accomplished Victor Hugo – a tall order for the Dream Art Project.

Another exciting match-up will be that of BJJ GOAT, Beatriz Mesquita, who will return to competition to face the young challenger Thamara Ferreira, one weight class above Mesquita’s natural weight. Both competitors are very aggressive and thrive when looking for the submission, so do not expect this one to go the full length.


– November 14, 2020

Claudia Do Val x Gabi Garcia
Thamara Ferreira x Beatriz Mesquita
Patrick Gaudio x Devhonte Johnson
Victor Hugo x Erich Munis
Rafael Lovato Jr. x Dimitrius Souza
Amanda Monteiro x Anna Rodrigues

Leandro Lo
Isaque Bahiense
Matheus Diniz
Claudio Calasans
Otavio Sousa
Jaime Canuto
Luan Carvalho
Gustavo Batista

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