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Polaris 20 Squads Brazil X USA, Mica Saves The Day For Team Brazil

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JUNE 26, 2022, WALES, UNITED KINGDOM, The Polaris Squads format is split into two rounds of 60 minutes and, as expected, the first round saw an array of exciting matches with team Brazil playing mostly from the top and dominating the positional exchanges, though without success in the submission department. Team USA also had very positive matches, mainly from Hunter Colvin, Mason Fowler, and Geo Martinez.

Team USA played spectacularly in the first round, tactically speaking, using their Ace In The Sleeve – Mason Fowler – against Brazil’s lesser experienced representative, Kywan Gracie. The strategy worked perfectly in that first round as Fowler took the win in a fast-paced match. After team USA took the lead and, shortly thereafter, took out South America’s top submission athlete (Mica Galvão via draw), the road to success was paved.

Then the second round came and Team Brazil understood it had a tough climb ahead and that a better strategy was required to have any chance of beating the North Americans. Not only did the Brazilian squad adapt to the match dynamics by opting to play mostly from the bottom in the second round (trying to come up with back-exposing positions), BRA also came in ready to take Mason out of the race early, by placing him against Igor Tanabe, who was a better fit for the Caio Terra pupil.

Although even, the tactical adjustment did balance things out with Mica Galvão making it a draw (1×1) in the 5th match of the second round by submitting the USA’s ADCC Trials 66KG champion Keith Krikorian. The two teams remained tied, but a strategical blunder near the end of the event placed featherweight Krikorian once again on a collision path with middleweight Micael Galvão. The match led to another submission win for the 18YO via mounted triangle choke after yet again a dominant performance (his 3rd over Keith today), leading team Brazil to victory.


– Luiz Paulo x Nathan Orchard – DRAW

– Igor Tanabe x Hunter Colvin – DRAW

– Marcelo Fausto x Geo Martinez – DRAW

– Isaque Bahiense x Richie Martinez – DRAW

– Mason Fowler Defeated Kywan Gracie – Armbar

– Mica Galvao x Keith Krikorian – DRAW

– Diogo Reis x Nick Ronan – DRAW

– Mason Fowler x Fabricio Andrey – DRAW

– Jon Blank x Isaque Bahiense – DRAW

– Mica Galvao x Geo Martinez – DRAW

– Luiz Paulo x Nathan Orchard – DRAW

– Igor Tanabe x Nick Ronan – DRAW

– Keith Krikorian x Fabricio Andrey – DRAW


– Richie Martinez x Kywan Gracie – DRAW

– Luiz Paulo x Jon Blank – DRAW

– Diogo Reis x Nathan Orchard – DRAW

– Hunter Colvin x Marcelo Fausto – DRAW

– Mica Galvao Defeated Keith Krikorian – Armbar

– Mason Fowler x Igor Tanabe – DRAW

– Mica Galvao x Nick Ronan – DRAW

– Fabricio Andrey x Geo Martinez – DRAW

– Isaque Bahiense x Hunter Colvin – DRAW

– Luiz Paulo x Jon Blank – DRAW

– Marcelo Fausto x Nick Ronan – DRAW

– Mica Galvao Defeated Keith Krikorian – Triangle

– Mica Galvao x Mason Fowler – DRAW

FINAL RESULT: Brazil 2 x USA 1


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In between rounds, we had the pleasure of witnessing the return of Demian Maia to submission grappling in a solid showing against former UFC lightweight champion, Benson Henderson. The match was somewhat lopsided with Demian hanging on Henderson’s back trying to attach himself to the American’s neck to no avail.

– Demian Maia Defeated Ben Henderson – Decision

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