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Copa Pódio 2016 Lightweights GP Results

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One for the books. The Copa Pódio 2016 Grand Prix fully met its expectations with the athletes in the card providing incredible matches. In a card with an impressive mix of established competitors and the new generation of black belts, the big winner of he event were the fans, who witnessed a very impressive performance by Leandro Lo in his farewell from the lightweight division.

From the new generation, only Dillon Danis reached the semi-final. Although Marcelo Garcia‘s black belt had tremendous performances, with the match of the night going to Danis’ back and forth war with Patrick Gaudio, there were plenty of good performances from the new breed of athletes. One that certainly made a mark was AJ Sousa, who showed tremendous skill in the “group of death”. Facing very serious opposition, Sousa collected the most remarkable feather in the cap of his young career by defeating the 3x world champion Lucas Lepri (4×2).

In the superfights, GF Team’s Max Gimenis showed why he is regarded as one of the top brown belts in the world. 2015’s brown belt Brazilian National Champion (weight + absolute) and silver medallist at the World Jiu Jitsu Championship, Max beat Nova Uniao’s Rafael Teófilo conclusively by 29 points.

Vikings vs Cabras da Peste

In the countries challenge between the Northern Europeans (AKA Vikings) and the representatives of North-East Brazil (AKA Cabras da Peste), the big winners were the Europeans with 2 very impressive wins and one draw. The performance of the night went to the very talented Espen Mathiesen. The Kimura athlete (a team that peculiarly originated in the North East region of Brazil and is now strongly represented in Europe) beat last year’s brown belt World Champion with an impressive guard game.

Copa Podium 2016 Lightweight GP Full Results

Note: On the 3rd Place Match Dillon Danis hurt his elbow while posting his hand on the mat, trying to avoid a takedown. There were 20 seconds left on the clock and Dillon was wining by one advantage.

Lucas LepriDavi Ramos4x2Groups
AJ SousaFelipe Cesar4x2Groups
Dillon DanisEdwin Najmi7x0Groups
Diego BorgesLuan Carvalho0x0 (Adv 2x1)Groups
Lucas LepriFelipe CesarKimuraGroups
Leandro LoDavi Ramos6x2Groups
Diego BorgesDillon Danis0x0 (Pen 1x0)Groups
Patrick GaudioEdwin Najmi2x0Groups
Davi RamosFelipe Cesar2x0Groups
Leandro LoAJ Sousa13x0Groups
Diego BorgesEdwin Najmi2x2 (Adv 3x1)Groups
Luan CarvalhoPatrick Gaudio0x0 (Adv 3x1)Groups
Davi RamosAJ Sousa2x0Groups
Leandro LoLucas Lepri2x2 (Adv 2x1)Groups
Edwin NajmiLuan CarvalhoDQGroups
Dillon DanisPatrick Gaudio2x2 (Adv 6x4)Groups
Leandro LoFelipe Cesar7x0Groups
AJ SousaLucas Lepri4x2Groups
Diego BorgesPatrick Gaudio2x0Groups
Dillon DanisLuan Carvalho0x0 (Adv 2x1)Groups
Leandro LoDillon Danis2x0SF
Lucas LepriDiego Borges0x0 (Adv 2x0)SF
Leandro LoLucas Lepri2x0F
Diego BorgesDillon DanisInjury3RD
Max GimenesRafael Teofilo29x0Superfight
Espen MathiesenYan Cabral4x2Superfight
Tommy LangakerRafael Vasconcelos6x6Superfight
Ida FlosivikKessy Pereira9x2Superfight
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