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Copa Podio Heavyweight GP Results

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A star is born! Victor Honório was somewhat overlooked by most when arriving at the tournament. At first glance, being one of the two brown belts in the tournament, Honório did not look like your average killer, but he proved he was given a chance to compete at Copa Podio for a reason.

Seen by his GF Team piers as the next Rodolfo Vieira, after the heavyweight GP it is hard to disregard the claim. Honorio was at the top of his game defeating the current world champion Felipe Pena and many other seasoned veterans in the group stage. In the semi final Victor beat the current open weight Brazilian national champion (black belt) Erberth Santos, who would place 3rd in the GP. Check Honorio’s progress below.

Leandro Lo fought a tremendous fight agains the 3x world champion Sergio Moraes. See below the full results of the Copa Podio Heavyweight GP as well as the superfights.


Tim SpriggsErberth Santos2x0Group
Vinny MagalhaesFernando Reis2x2, AdvGroup
Victor HonorioMaksymilian WiśniewskiLapel chokeGroup
Pe de ChumboEduardo Inojosa0x0Group
Erberth SantosFernando Reis6x2Group
Tim SpriggsNelton Pontes4x0Group
Victor HonorioEduardo Inojosa4x0Group
Felipe PenaMaksymilian WiśniewskiChoke from backGroup
Fernando ReisNelton Pontes0x0, advGroup
Erberth SantosVinny Magalhaes6x4Group
Felipe PenaEduardo InojosaChoke from backGroup
Victor HonorioPe de Chumbon/aGroup
Tim SpriggsFernando Reis5x0Group
Vinny MagalhaesNelton Pontes4x2Group
Felipe PenaPe de Chumbo7x3Group
Maksymilian WiśniewskiEduardo Inojosa0x0, advGroup
Tim SpriggsVinny MagalhaesAdvantagesGroup
Erberth SantosNelton Pontes4x2Group
Vinny MagalhaesNelton Pontes4x2Group
Pe de ChumboMaksymilian Wiśniewskin/aGroup
Victor HonorioFelipe Pena0x0, advGroup
Felipe PenaTim Spriggs2x0Semi final
Victor HonorioErberth Santos4x0Semi final
Erberth SantosTim Spriggs0x0, adv.3rd Place
Felipe PenaVictor HonorioChoke from backFinal
Edwin NajmiAlex CabanesMata leaoSuper fight
Gregor Gracie Daniel MoraesPointsSuper fight
Leandro LoSergio Moraes6x0Super fight
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