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Copa Podio Heavyweight GP Results

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THIS WEEKEND we saw the final chapter of Copa Podio’s 5th season, the famous Heavyweight Grand Prix.  The promotion was one of the first professional outlets for jiu jitsu athletes a few years back, remaining today as one of the best platforms for up and coming talent to reveal itself to a mainstream audience.

This year’s HW GP gathered a few well known competitors, veterans of the Copa Podio spotlight such as Renato Cardoso, Fellipe Andrew and the American power house Jared Dopp while mixing one of the most promising athletes in the sport today: Kaynan Duarte, who was making his black belt debut.

Other rising talent also on the card was represented by a deluxe trio of brown belts which featured Fabio Alano (BRA), Devhonte Johnson (USA) and Bruno Lima (POR). Leonardo Lara on the other hand was an athlete brought forward last minute to replace Admilson Gobi, Lara who also made his black belt debut on the Copa Podio card after a stellar career as brown belt.

The heavyweight crown ended up falling on one of the promotion’s favorites – Fellipe Andrew, though the star of the show was likely Fábio Alano the brown belt student of Mário Reis at Alliance, Porto Alegre. Alano (nicknamed Kamikaze) had an amazing campaign throughout the tournament, making it to 3rd place after wins over Renato Cardoso, Devhonte Johnson and Bruno Lima. Below are the full results for the Copa Podio V, Heavyweight Grand Prix.


Renato Cardoso drew with Devhonte Johnson 0x0 pts
Fellipe Andrew def. Fábio Alano by reverse Triangle
– Bruno Lima def. Horacio Antunes by bread cutter choke
Kaynan Duarte def. Leonardo Lara by toe hold
– Fábio Alano def. Devhonte Johnson by 2×0 pts
Renato Cardoso def. Perttu Tepponen 2×0 pts
Kaynan Duarte def. Horacio Antunes by wormbar
– Bruno Lima def. Jared Dopp by 2×0 pts
– Fábio Alano def. Renato Cardoso 4×0 pts
Fellipe Andrew def. Perttu Tepponen by mounted triangle
Kaynan Duarte def. Bruno Lima by triangle
Jared Dopp def. Leonardo Lara by choke from back
Fellipe Andrew def. Renato Cardoso by 9×0 pts
– Devhonte Johnson by Perttu Tepponen advantages (0x0 pts)
– Leonardo Lara def. Bruno Lima by penalty (0x0 pts)
Jared Dopp def. Horacio Antunes by 6×0 pts

Fellipe Andrew def. Bruno Lima by botinha lock
Kaynan Duarte def. Fábio Alano by advantage (0x0 pts)
– Fábio Alano def. Bruno Lima by advantage (0x0 pts)

Fellipe Andrew def. Kaynan Duarte by 2×0 pts

Jhonny Loureiro def. Ygor Rodrigues by 1 advantage (6×6 pts)
Diego Borges def. Charles Oliveira by 2×0 pts
– Bianca Basílio def. Luciane Silva by submission.

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