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SUBVERSIV 4 Team Tournament Is Fire! Check Line-Ups Here

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SUBVERSIV is one of Fight 2 Win’s side brands, dedicated to team versus team tournament style clashes. This weekend, SUBVERSIV is producing one of its most talent dense events to date (and that is saying a lot, considering how many good shows the company has produced).

Featuring some of the most prominent academies in North America such as Atos San Diego, Fight Sports Miami, Checkmat, 10th Planet as well as coalition type teams such as Team Brave (GFT + Five Five), Team New York (RGA + Matt Serra BJJ), Team Level (Ares + Brazilian Fight Factory), this event is gaining a ton of momentum over the past few days.

The SUBVERSIV event will take place on Halloween day, October 31st, and will be streamed by FloGrappling.

Keep in mind that the event’s ruleset will be that of F2W, which heavily favors submission attempts over positional dominance, therefore, expect a few surprises here. That said, IBJJF style competition team Atos seems to be the favorite here, with a very strong group, favoritism shared with Team Brave and Team Level.

Expect Checkmat to put on a tough challenge here as well as Fight Sports and Team NYC. Below is each team’s line-up.


The most decorated team, and the team to beat on the card. 3 world champions!

Female – Rafaela Guedes
Lightweight – Andy Murasaki
Heavyweight – Lucas Barbosa

We know John Combs very well – one of the most exciting athletes in jiu-jitsu today – but not the other members of team S84. As far as we know, Mr. Mione is a black belt of the Renzo Gracie lineage, so expect him to be a solid competitor.

Female – Brittney Elkin
Lightweight – Guitano Mione
Heavyweight – John Combs

Another strong contender to the main prize here. Canadian national and New York based competitor, Oliver Taza is one of the most talented leg lockers in the sport and dangerous in all other aspects of the game. A real Ace for the team. Matt Serra black belt Nick Ronan is not far behind in terms of leg-locking prowess while MMA fighter Fatima Kline has proven to be very durable. This will not be an easy team to beat.

Female – Fatima Kline
Lightweight – Oliver Taza
Heavyweight – Nick Ronan

All experienced athletes here with Gabriel Almeida leading the team in terms of momentum considering how much and how well he has competed this year. Maidana, on the other hand, has run hot and cold over the past few months, currently holding a negative record in 2020. Regardless, Maidana is still a dangerous athlete, holding a win over Fellipe Andrew just a few weeks ago.

Thamires Monteiro is a recently promoted brown belt under Lucas Lepri. A powerful competitor that will pose a threat to a few of the more experienced athletes in the female division.

Female – Thamires Monteiro
Lightweight – Gabriel Almeida
Heavyweight – Arnaldo Maidana

If it were a gi event, we would have the Brave team as the front runners. Considering this is no-gi and in a submission-only style ruleset, time will tell how these very successful IBJJF competitors will do.

Female – Laurah Hallock
Lightweight – Hugo Marques
Heavyweight – Max Gimenis

We would say this is the dark horse of the race. Elisabeth Clay has proven to be a real force in any ruleset, but particularly in F2W. It is unlikely we will see her lose on October 31st. Adding to that William Tacket, one of the most experienced, talented, and submission-oriented athletes in the game is also on the squad as is Kody Steele, who is equally talented at lightweight, albeit, not as submission oriented.

The big question here for team Level Black is how will Tackett perform as a heavyweight, considering he is a middleweight competing against some very large athletes in this SUBVERSIV tournament.

Female – Elisabeth Clay
Lightweight – Kody Steele
Heavyweight – William Tackett

Aaron Johnson is one of the most unpredictable athletes in the sport, but the perfect athlete to succeed in a submission-only, F2W style ruleset. He should be giving an edge to Team FS. Equally experienced is Cavalcante, a retired MMA veteran and a black belt in luta-livre, a fact that should add a bit of flavor to this team.

Female – N/A
Lightweight – JZ Cavalcante
Heavyweight – Tex Johnson

Both Souza and Trovo are known for their aggressive, sub-oriented gi games, though their no-gi style will be the one at play this weekend. The talent is there and we will soon find out how hard they have been working on this facet of the game.

Carlos and Fellipe will be supported by Caitlin Cardenas, who has an extensive career in wrestling, though we are not familiar with her BJJ curriculum.

Female – Caitlin Cardenas
Lightweight – Carlos Souza
Heavyweight – Fellipe Trovo

Although “only” a blue belt, Lutrell will be the largest athlete on the female division and a real puzzle for a few of the more experienced competitors on the roster. Add Bailey’s potential with the experience of Isiah Wright and Team Wild Card starts shaping up to be a tough group to beat. Luttrell and Wright are also backed by purple belt Savion.

Female – Bailey Luttrell
Lightweight – Savion Marañon
Heavyweight – Isiah Wright

Amanda Leve is one of the most impressive female athletes on the card, a real talent with tons of experience at the highest level and will be a great asset for team RGA. We don’t know too much about Royce or Myers.

Female -Amanda Leve
Lightweight – Dylan Royce
Heavyweight – Alex Myers



Female – Jacquelyn Gola
Lightweight – Zach Green
Heavyweight – N/A

Female – Eve Isaacs
Lightweight – Tom Cellamare
Heavyweight – Daishi Goto

Female – Samatha Fishers
Lightweight – Andrew Kochel
Heavyweight – Kyle Meyers

Female – Laura Kent
Lightweight – Rene Souza
Heavyweight – Zack Edwards

Female – Chrissy Briggs
Lightweight – N/A
Heavyweight – N/A

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