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F2W 183 Solid Performances By Pinheiro, Cueto, Andrew, Hinger, And More In Action Packed Event

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2021, SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA. Another glorious jiu-jitsu event laid out by the Fight 2 Win promotion, this time in one of the biggest submission grappling cities in the world.

Given the talent density in the area, there was no shortage of high-level action on the mats, including magnificent work by Sophia Nordeno and Nikki Sullivan (one of the matches of the night), as well as Fellipe Andrew, Lucas Pinheiro, Melissa Cueto, and more.


A very tough task, deciding which match was best at F2W 183 as solid matches were in abundance, though we would argue for Nordeno vs Nicolle Sullivan and Fellipe Andrew vs Fellipe Trovo as the most entertaining. Non-stop action from these four grapplers who were relentless in their search for the submission. Both matches we will be certainly watching again.


Lucas Pinheiro‘s work rate against Carlos Alberto “Bebeto” Oliveira, was certainly one of the most impressive we’ve seen in a while. Oliveira is known for having one of the toughest guards in the sport, both defensively and offensively, nevertheless, Pinheiro had no problems in picking the top position and going to work against Bebeto’s bottom game.

Working with leg pins and toreandos, Pinheiro eventually forced the GF Team athlete to turtle and expose his back, which Pinheiro took full advantage of, finishing the match from the back.

Another great performance was that of Gracie Humait√°’s Melissa Cueto. After a solid showing at the Pan American Championships earlier this month, Melissa returned to the mats strong, dominating Joy Pendell from the top position, taking the mount, and submitting the Cassio Werneck BJJ representative.


After over 1 year of competitive hiatus, it seems as though ADCC veteran, and one of the sport’s most exciting grapplers, is back. Josh Hinger made an official return back in April, at F2W 170, but has since seldomly dipped his toes on the big stage. Last night he did so in style with a very dominant performance over 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu’s Corey Guitard.

There wasn’t much Hinger didn’t do in this match. Takedowns, guard passes, mount, multiple submission attempts, etc. A complete dominance by the Atos HQ athlete, someone we hope to see again soon on the mats.


Melissa Cueto DEF. Joy Pendell via Mounted X choke

– Talal Alrasheed DEF. Roberto Ramirez via Choke from the back

– Piter Frank DEF. Richard Lopez via Armbar

– Tim Mendoza DEF. Chris Richey via Armbar

– Takahito Yoshioka DEF. Andre Pontes via Decision

– Paul Woo DEF. Gabriel Bergami via Decision

– Antonio Zuazo DEF. Adam Bradley via Decision (NOGI)

– Rafael Gama DEF. Orlando Coronel via Decision (NOGI)

– Steve Hargett DEF. Johnny Souza via Decision

– Sophia Nordeno DEF. Nikki Sullivan via Decision

– Christopher Hargett DEF. Zimitro Perez via Decision

– Anthony Harris DEF. Adam Mazin via Decision (NOGI)

– Tyler Najjar DEF. Michael Salazar via Decision (NOGI)

– Geoff Real DEF. Jason Cook via Decision (NOGI)

Lucas Pinheiro DEF. Bebeto Oliveira via Choke from the back

Fellipe Andrew DEF. Fellipe Trovo via Katagatame (NOGI)

Gabriel Almeida DEF. Dominique Bell via Decision

Josh Hinger DEF. Corey Guitard via Decision

Michael Liera Jr. DEF. Jackson Nagai via Decision

Baret Yoshida DEF. Bernardo Pitel via Anaconda choke

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