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Team Carpe Diem Rules Quintet FN 4

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A very strong grappling weekend just went past, and one of its top events was the Quintet Fight Night 4, held in Akita — Japan. The event, led by the legendary MMA fighter Kazushi Sakuraba gathered 4 of the top grappling academies in Asia, namely Paraestra (Japan), Carpe Diem (Japan), Sakuraba’s own group and the South Korea coalition team K-Top Team.

Once again Sotaro Yamada of the Carpe Diem crew dominated the event, taking most of the team’s wins and leading them to victory.¬†Aside from featuring big names such as Tomoyuki Hashimoto, Inseong Jang, Wanki Chae, Masahiro Iwasaki and more, the event also featured a few exhibition matches between old Japanese legends such as Minowaman, Takanori Gomi and Sakuraba himself. Below are the full results of the Quintet Jiu-Jitsu matches.

Also on the card was a more serious super-fight between rising African star Rida Haisam and 10th Planet Freaks athlete Kyle Chambers. A match won by Haisam.


Semi-Final 1:

Carpe Diem x K-Top Team

Tomoyuki Hashimoto drew with Inseong Jang

– Sotoro Yamada def. Youngseung Cho by Kneebar

– Sotoro Yamada def. Gyeongseop Lee by RNC

– Sotoro Yamada drew with Jun Young Cho

Wanki Chae drew with Masahiro Iwasaki

Semi-Final 2:

Sakuraba Team x Paraestra Team

– Shutaro Debana def. Ayumi Shioda by Armbar

– Shutaro Debana drew with Kohei Yasumi

– Yoichi Fukumoto drew with Yusuke Honma

– Shoki Higuchi def. Yuji Hoshino by Armbar

– Shoki Higuchi drew with K Suzuki

– Daisuke Nakamura def. Yutaka Saito by Kneebar


– Tomoshige Sera def. Kazuhiro Suzuki by Armbar

– Tomoshige Sera def. Shutaro Debana by Kneebar

– Tomoshige Sera drew with Yuji Hoshino

– Yukinari Tamura drew with Daisuke Nakamura

– Sotaro Yamada def. Yoichi Fukumoto by Straight ankle lock


Rida Haisam def. Kyle Chambers by decision

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