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Luiza Monteiro Puts On a Show At Historic Queen Of Mats Event

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NOVEMBER 02, 2019, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was the home for the first-ever Queen Of Mats Grand Prix, an event that is part of the AJP Tour (Abu-Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Pro), a circuit that is sponsored by the UAEJJF.

The Queen Of Mats is the sister event to the well known King Of Mats (men only) jiu-jitsu tournament, which has been running for the past few years as one of the best paying tournaments in the professional league. This introductory Queen Of Mats GP was set as an under 69 kilograms female division, featuring some of the top jiu-jitsu athletes from rooster to lightweights, all Brazilians with the exception of Belgium prodigy, Amal Amjahid, one of the most active athletes on the AJP Tour.

A peculiarity of the tournament was Alliance’s black belt phenom, Anna Rodrigues, who is part of the team’s Dream Arts rising prospects program. Rodrigues showed up at the Queen Of Mats representing the Al Whada football (soccer) team, a team that sponsored 9 Dream Arts competitors for the Rio de Janeiro Grand Slam this weekend, including Anna’s QOMs performance.

Anna had a fantastic performance against the rest of the line-up, placing second in the tournament. Rodrigues lost to Luiza Monteiro of Atos San Diego, who had a phenomenal performance. Absolutely flawless display of technique and offensive jiu-jitsu by Monteiro who took gold today.


Group A:
Bianca Basílio def. Mayssa Bastos by 2×0 pts; 1×1 adv
– Anna Rodrigues def. Bianca Basílio by decision; 0x0 pts; 1×1 adv; 2×2 pens
– Anna Rodrigues def. Mayssa Bastos by 2×2 pts; 2×1 adv; 2×2 pens

Group B:
Amal Amjahid def. Talita Alencar by 0x0 pts; 3×1 adv
Luiza Monteiro def. Talita Alencar by triangle choke
Luiza Monteiro def. Amal Amjahid by violin armlock

– Anna Rodrigues def. Amal Amjahid by 4×2 pts; 3×0 adv
Luiza Monteiro def. Bianca Basílio by short choke

Bronze Medal:
Bianca Basílio def. Amal Amjahid by 0x0 pts; 1×0 adv

Luiza Monteiro def. Anna Rodrigues by 4×0 pts; 2×0 adv

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