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Najmi, Lovato, Nagai & Tackett Put On A Show At F2W 141

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MAY 24, 2020, as the sport of jiu-jitsu continues to test the competitive waters in the US amid the Covid19 crisis, combat sports promotion Fight 2 Win is leading the pack with their well-established brand and top-notch logistic skills.

The return of F2W to Dallas, this weekend set a line-up of 16 matches for the fans in a mix of gi and nogi matches. Although with a slow start, the matches started heating up to boiling level, right about the time Checkmat’s Samuel Nagai entered the room to face Mario Fonseca of Tripple Threat. Nagai looked like a Tasmanian Devil on the mats, as soon as the clock started, triangles, omoplatas, sweeps, foot attacks, the former Japan-based athlete looked on fire, on his way to a match-ending armbar.

Equally impressive was Nagai’s team-mate, William Tacket – who represents both the Brazilian Fight Factory and the Checkmat squad. One of the brightest rising stars in the sport today, Texas-raised William Tacket set a similar path of destruction on his way to a slick reverse triangle choke over Troy Russell to win the middleweight F2W belt.

The roll of outstanding performances did not end with the two brown belts. Soon after it was time for “The Kid”, Edwin Najmi to shine in his win over former UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson. Edwin opted to pull guard against the wrestler return to a few of his “old” Najmi classics, playing spider-guard and attacking his trademarked triangles, which he used to perfection on a systematic basis during his colored belts career. Always tough, Henderson did not give up easily and made Edwin work hard for the tap, nonetheless, the hard eventually work paid off.

For the main event we had the return of Rafael Lovato Junior to the gi after a 2-year hiatus from grappling with his armor. The result was another flawless victory for the American legend. Ungodly pressure like only Lovato Junior can deliver, dismantled Arnaldo Maidana’s game, setting his finish with a cross choke from the mount.

Overall it was amazing to see, once again, gi jiu-jitsu dominating the action, and to see a professional grappling promotion continuously giving gi athletes a chance to show this style has more than enough room in the pro-grappling world.


Main Event
– Black Belt Light Heavy Weight Title
Rafael Lovato Jr def. Arnaldo Maidana via mounted cross choke

Co-Main Event
– 175lbs Black Belt GI
Edwin Najmi def. Ben Henderson via triangle

– 205lbs Black Belt GI
Jean “Panqueca” def. Mike Anderson via cross choke

– Brown Belt NOGI Middle Weight Title
William Tackett def. Troy Russell via reverse triangle choke

– Brown Belt Masters Middle Weight GI Title
Tyler Murrah def. Bobby Alexander via decision

– 165lbs Black Belt GI
Dylan Whyte def. Jason Bright via decision

– 165lbs Brown Belt GI
Samuel Nagai def. Mario Fonseca via armbar

– 145lbs Purple Belt GI
Erica Barnes def. Catherine Arnold via decision

– 145lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Trey Hawkins def. Daniel Gabriel via decision

– 180lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Aaron Mckenzie def. Noah Villemarette via straight ankle lock

– 155lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Dmitri Thompson def. Aric Mercado via decision

– Purple Belt NOGI
T Byars def. M Valdez via outside heel hook

– 230lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Ed Johnson def. Kenny Gunter via decision

– Purple Belt GI
Andy Van Hook def. Ben Kroskey via decision

– 175lbs Blue Belt NOGI
Colton Phoenix def. Robert Galan via decision

– Blue Belt NOGI
Hope Russel def. H. Daniel via decision

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