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Musumeci To Compete At One FC Again Tomorrow Against Cleber Clandestino

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This weekend, on September 30, 2022, 4x IBJJF black belt jiu-jitsu world champion, Mikey Musumeci, returns to the ONE Fc cage to compete under grappling rules against one of his most formidable foes, Cleber “Clandestino” Sousa, one of a selected group of people who have beat Mikey in competition.

The match is part of the famous combat sport’s promotion’s effort to enter the submission-grappling market, having recently hired some of the top talents in the sport such as the Ruotolo Brothers, André Galvão, Gordon Ryan, to name a few stars now on One’s roster.

Part of One’s main card, which will headline two of the top female athletes in MMA, namely Xiong Jing Nan and Angela Lee, Musumeci x Sousa will decide the event’s Flyweight title.

Currently, Musumeci (58-5-0 record) has one win over Cleber Sousa (88-39-1), and Clandestino has one win over Mikey. Both matches were razor sharp wins.

Stylistically speaking, both Mikey and Cleber are versatile and will work well from their guards and from the top, with the wrestling advantage going to Clandestino and the submission prowess to Musumeci. The dynamics should make for an interesting clash, particularly considering these are both, originally, more gi-oriented athletes, whose previous matches were with the kimono.

The clash and the full event will be streamed in the US market with Amazon Prime Video, which makes this event a widely available show, one that will start at 20:00 Eastern Time (ET).

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