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South American Results: Tayane Dominates Mackenzie, Honório Beats Erberth

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NOVEMBER 27, 2016 – the famous Ginásio José Correa venue in Barueri (Sao Paulo) witnessed an epic 3 days of competition, where the best in South America battled for the crown of continental champion.

In the black belt open weight division, many anticipated a duel that is quickly becoming a modern day classic, between Erberth Santos (Almeida JJ) and Victor Honório (GF Team). Two athletes who made history in the lower belt divisions of the sport (where they faced 6x), having since maintained a heated rivalry that often transpired to jiu jitsu’s media.

The match did happen, and it was as heated as expected. Both athletes came out strong early on, with Erberth earning two advantages within a minute. Immediately the Almeida JJ athlete tried to slow down the pace of the match and manage his lead. This may have cost him dearly, as with 3 minutes to go Honório increased the pace by asserting one of his trademark acrobatic guard passes, earning a match changing 3 points. Santos tried desperately to come back, having his guard passed again in the process. In the end Honório became the open weight champion.

In the female division many hoped to see the sport’s biggest star Mackenzie Dern compete in the open weight against the up and coming stars of the sport, Nathiely de Jesus and Tayane Porfirio. Dern didn’t dissapoint and put in brave performances on her way to the final, where she beat Barbara Gomes and the much larger Joaquina Bomfim. In the final Mackenzie threw everything she had at Tayane Porfirio, who survived the initial onslaught to put on a clinic against Dern. Defeating the Gracie Humaita prodigy by 20 points.


Men’s divisions:

Victor Honório defeated Erberth Santos by 8×2 points

Over 100KG
Victor Honório beat Igor Schneider by 3×0 points

Erberth Santos beat Victor Toledo by points

Guilherme Augusto and Dimitrius Souza closed the heavyweight final (team mates)

Renato Cardoso defeated William Martins by 2×0 points

Claudio Calasans beat Sandrinho Vieira by way of choke

Fabio Caloi and Michael Langhi closed up in the lightweight final (team mates)

Gabriel Marangoni defeated Isaque Paiva by 8×6 points

Hiago George submitted Carlos “Esquisito” Holanda

Rodnei Barbosa defeated Pedro Oliveira via choke from the back

Women’s Divisions:

Thamires Aquino defeated Dyna Sena by 2×0 points

Mackenzie Dern defeated Eloisa Alexandre by way of scissor choke

Nathiely de Jesus defeated Samela Lopes by way of triangle choke

Over 69KG
Tayane Porfirio defeated Joaquina Bomfim by submission

Tayane Porfirio defeated Mackenzie Dern by 20×0 points

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