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UAEJJF 2019 ADGS Results, BJJ Fireworks in Abu Dhabi!

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JANUARY 11, 2019 Abu Dhabi witnessed the first major international event of this year’s jiu-jitsu season by way of the United Arab Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Federation (UAEJJF) Grand Slam, a tournament that gathered a decent amount of international stars of the sport.

As per usual in these January events, we had the chance to see how a few recently promoted black belts faired up against the veterans of the game. One of the most anticipated debuts of the tournament was that of Australian standout Levi Jones-Leary, who tested his new belt for the first time in the Grand Slam. Levi showed tremendous composure on his way to the final, taking out two veterans in former UFC fighter Adriano Araujo, and multiple time IBJJF World medal placer Roberto Satoshi. Jones would eventually succumb to Diego Ramalho’s strategy in the final, losing by advantage. A very positive start for the Murilo Santana black belt.

Another athlete who continues to impress in the UAEJJF league is Polish butterfly guard genius Adam Wardzinski, who defeated two tough veterans in Matheus Godoy and Renato Cardoso for gold at 94 kg, this while the Incredible Hulk, Lucas Barbosa dominated his division (85 kg). Also on the honorable mentions is Tiago Bravo. The veteran featherweight has been stationed in the UAE for years but remains as relevant as ever, taking out a couple of big players on his way to a final match, which he lost to Paulo Miyao (69 kg). Outstanding work by the Muzio de Angelis black belt.

Another interesting clash on schedule at the Grand Slam were the bouts unveiling at the 55 kilograms mixed brown-black female division, which featured 3 of the most feared female featherweights in the business. We are talking about Belgium sensation Amal Amjahid, Brazilian phenom Mayssa Bastos and the technical veteran Ariadne Oliveira. Although galvanized by their recent wins, the newcomers could not overtake Oliveira, who took gold without suffering a point or advantage. Big win for the always entertaining Ariadne, who lives in the Arab Emirates.

Also on the mixed female division, two brown belts were worthy of mention, namely Thamara Silva and Gabrieli Pessanha, who beat world class black belts on their way to gold.

For the podium placements on today’s ADGS event, please read below:

56 KG DIVISION || Male
1. Bebeto Oliveira
2. Massaki Todokoro
3. Jorge Nakamura

62 KG DIVISION || Male
1. João Miyao/Hiago George (closed)
3. Pedro Dias

69 KG DIVISION || Male
1. Paulo Miyao
2. Tiago Bravo
3. Gabriel Sousa

77 KG DIVISION || Male
1. Diego Ramalho
2. Levi Jones-Leary
3. Roberto Satoshi

85 KG DIVISION || Male
1. Lucas Barbosa
2. Rudson Mateus
3. Igor Sousa

94 KG DIVISION || Male
1. Adam Wardzinski
2. Renato Cardoso
3. Matheus Godoy

110 KG DIVISION || Male
1. Erberth Santos
2. Ricardo Evangelista
3. Rodrigo Ribeiro

55 KG DIVISION || Female
1. Ariadne Oliveira
2. Mayssa Bastos
3. Amal Amjahid

62 KG DIVISION || Female
1. Bianca Basilio
2. Dayane Bazoni
3. Hope Douglass

70 KG DIVISION || Female
1. Thamara Silva
2. Samantha Cook
3. Yara Kakish

90 KG DIVISION || Female
1. Gabrieli Pessanha
2. Nathiely de Jesus
3. Marcelle Cantanhede

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