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Polaris Jiu Jitsu Event
Luanna Alzuguir

Luanna Alzuguir is one of the top jiu jitsu competitors in the female division and a member of the Alliance Team. A black belt under Marco Barbosa, Luanna has won every major tournament in the last few years, including the World Championships (Mundials) and the ADCC.

Luanna Alzuguir in Detail

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rickson Gracie > Marcelo Behring > Waldomiro Perez > Roberto Godoi > Marco Barbosa > Luanna Alzuguir

Favourite Technique/Position: Open Guard

Main Achievements:

  • 2x World Champion (2009 – lightweight, 2010 – open weight);
  • 2x World Pro Cup Champion (2011, 2012);
  • ADCC Champion (2009);
  • Pan American Champion (2011);
  • 2x European Champion (2011 weight and open weight);
  • 2x World Cup Champion (CBJJE, 2007 – Weight and Absolute);
  • 8x Sao Paulo State Champion

Weight Division: Lightweight

Team/Association: Alliance

Luanna Alzuguir’s Biography

Luanna was born on the 16th of August 1985 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and her first contact with Jiu Jitsu was at a very young age (9 years old), being taught by Marcelo Mathias.

In 1994 she competed for the first time winning her first of many medals in BJJ at the “Paulista” trials, Sao Paulo’s main event (State competition).

When Luanna Alzuguir was still an orange belt, she decided to make her first change in the training routine, unsatisfied with the way training was going at her gym she moved to the famous Godoi/Macaco academy training mainly under Celso Brito were she stayed for a few years obtaining her blue belt.

Problems came across Luanna once again as Macaco and Godoi split un an unsavoury affair, leaving her adrift. Finding it hard to find consistent training partners she got disappointed with Jiu Jitsu deciding then to change her focus to a different career, Journalism. It was fait however that it was because of University that she regained interest in BJJ once again. Seeing the highly competitive University BJJ Competitions the fire in her belly grew stronger, and it was on one of these University championships that she met Marco Barbosa (who had also been a Macaco/Godoi representative) and his team. They invited Alzuguir to start training with them, and so she did. Soon the big competitions started to come and Luanna started competing again.

Luanna started teaching Jiu Jitsu at Anhembi Morumbi’s University as a brown belt, and being very successful in competitions she was awarded her Black Belt in December 2007. In 2008 Alzeguir graduated from her university, but never finished her internship having set her sights on a Jiu Jitsu career she continued training like a professional athlete.

After the Mundials in 2008 Luanna decided to move on and shake up her training regime again, and so she moved to one of the best teams in the World – Alliance – led by the legendary Brazilian“General” Fabio Gurgel. That change of training camps paid off as she had a fantastic year in 2009, winning all major BJJ tournaments and the most prestigious submission grappling tournament in the World, the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club).

Today Luanna is one of the best Jiu Jitsu fighters in the World.

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Luanna Alzuguir vs Marcia de Souza

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