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José Mario Sperry

One of the main competitors in both Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the late 1990′s and early 2000′s, José Mário Sperry, also known as Zé Mário or Zé Maquina, was a big figure of the Pride Fc organization in Japan. Though he was awarded his black belt by the late Master Carlson Gracie, Sperry left the Carlson Gracie Academy at the turn of the century, to form and lead the Brazilian Top Team (BTT), a controversial move at the time that turned him into a persona non grata in his masters circle. BTT would become one of the most successful MMA gyms in the world for most of that decade an achievement highly influenced by Sperry’s presence.

Ze Mario Sperry Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Jose Mario Sperry

Nickname: He is often called “Zé” Mario, Zé is short for José in Portuguese. Sperry was also named “Zé Maquina” (Zé Machine) for his fighting skills.

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Carlson Gracie > Ze Mario Sperry

Main Achievements:

  • World BJJ Champion (1996, 1997, 1998 @absolute)
  • ADCC World Champion (1998 weight and absolute)
  • ADCC Superfight Champion (1999, 2000, 2011)

Most Famous Fight (in BJJ) : Against “Gordo” (final of the Word Championship 1997), and his fight against Royler Gracie (in which he tapped the Gracie who had never been tapped before).

Favorite Technique/Position: Guard Pass and Clock Choke.

Weight Division (in BJJ): Super Pesado (100kg)

Team/Affiliation: Started w/ Carlson Gracie, changed to BTT (Brazilian Top Team).

Jose Mario Sperry Biography

Jose Mario Sperry was born on the 28th of September 1966, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Like many other Jiu Jitsu practitioners from his generation, Sperry’s first approach to grappling came through Judo. he started Judo by the hands of Jorge Medhi and only picked up Jiu Jitsu when he was a brown belt in the Japanese art of throwing. After this first aproach to BJJ he became obsessed with the sport, making it his life style which led to a very fast rise to Blue Belt (one month) a belt received from the hands of Master Carlson Gracie the same person that would award him with the Black Belt years later.

In Jorge Medhi’s gym (his Judo coach), many athletes prepared for the Olympics and Sperry trained with them every day, gaining alot of the physical attributes of an Olympic level athlete. Coming from a Military College, physical training was a big part of his day to day routine, having trained extensively in Water Polo, Volleyball, Football (soccer) and Hammer Throw.

Sperry also has a degree in Economy and worked as an economist for a short period. That came to a holt when he was offered a job as a BJJ instructor for an academy in Porto Alegre in 1993. His first No-Holds-Barred fight was in 1995 in Niteroi, Brazil in a show called “Duelo de Titas”, his opponent was a fighter by the name of Tyson.

Sperry became an amazing competitor in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Wrestling winning Gold at all the major tournaments in both sports, also venturing in “Vale-Tudo” the base of what Mixed Martial Arts became. Although he had raised the Carlson Gracie flag for most of his BJJ career, in 2000 Sperry together with Murilo Bustamante, Ricardo Liborio and “Bebeo” Duarte decided to leave the famous “Arrebentacao” team to form their own (Brazilian Top Team), a break up that was less then amicable, ending in the process the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team of that era.

One of the reasons behind this break up was the fact that Carlson Gracie had moved to the United States, and fighters like Sperry, Arona who competed in MMA and wanted to train with their master would have to travel to the US (all costs at the fighters own expense). Bustamante and Sperry got the idea of having coaches in Rio that could teach all aspects of the fight game  - Wrestling and Kickboxing coaches (leaving BJJ to them) to which Carlson disapproved as he wanted to supervise their training. There was also the commission that the gym took over the fighters purses which weighed heavily on the break up decision.

Sperry also became the manager of many important fighters such as the Nogueira Brothers (Rogerio and Rodrigo), Ricardo Arona and many others. in the late 2000′s Ze Mario Sperry retired from fighting and coaching, becoming an entrepreneur though keeping his links to Jiu Jitsu.

Mario Sperry Fight Stats

1 by sub
7 by Points (44%)
1 by Advantages (6%)
0 by Penalties (0%)
7 by Submission (44%)
1 by Decision (6%)
0 by Disqualified (0%)
1 by Armbar (14%)
1 by Clock choke (14%)
Clock choke
1 by Cross choke (14%)
Cross choke
1 by Footlock (14%)
1 by Submission (14%)
2 by Wristlock (29%)
2 by Points (50%)
1 by Advantages (25%)
1 by Penalties (25%)
0 by Submission (0%)
0 by Decision (0%)
0 by Disqualified (0%)

Fight History

ID Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
190Leonardo LeiteLeonardo LeiteLPts: 4x0World Champ.U100kgFinal1999
193Rodrigo CompridoRodrigo CompridoLAdvWorld Champ.AbsoluteSemi f.1999
335Mark KerrLPenADCCAbsoluteSuperfight2001
496Roger GracieRoger GracieLPts: 2x0ADCCU99kgRd 12003
49Francisco BuenoWWristlockAtlantico SulU100kgFinal1994
102Saulo RibeiroSaulo RibeiroWPointsWorld Champ.AbsoluteRd 21997
103Roberto CorreaRoberto CorreaWWristlockWorld Champ.Absolute1/4 final1997
134Muhammad SalehWPointsADCCU99kgRd 11998
136Larry ParkerWArmbarADCCU99kg1/4 final1998
137Renato VerissimoWSubmissionADCCU99kgSemi f.1998
138Ricardo AlvesWPointsADCCU99kgFinal1998
139Oleg TaktarovWPointsADCCAbsolute1/4 final1998
140Simon SiasiWFootlockADCCAbsoluteSemi f.1998
141Ricardo MoraisWPointsADCCAbsoluteFinal1998
172UnknownWCross chokeWorld Champ.Absolute1/4 final1998
173Royler GracieRoyler GracieWClock chokeWorld Champ.AbsoluteSemi f.1998
174Roberto RoletaRoberto RoletaWAdvWorld Champ.AbsoluteFinal1998
242Enson InoeWPointsADCCAbsoluteSuperfight1999
1600Renzo GracieRenzo GracieWPts: 2x0ADCCAbsoluteSuperfight2011
2645Fabio GurgelFabio GurgelWRefree DecisionADCCAbsoluteSuperfight2013

Ze Mario Sperry Highlight

Ze Mario Sperry vs. Royler Gracie


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