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Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu

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Roberto Abreu, also known as “Cyborg”, is a Brazilian born Jiu-Jitsu competitor and instructor who earned his black belt training with the Nova Geracao Team, who started his own successful academy – Fights Sports – from which he has produced several talented grapplers such as Jake Mackenzie, Ricardo Rezende, Hunter Ewald, and many others. Since he moved to Miami in the US, Cyborg has become a household name for Jiu-Jitsu fans through his unique style and his trademark position, the Tornado Guard, made famous in matches against big names of the sport such as Abmar Barbosa and Braulio Estima.

Roberto Abreu Jiu-Jitsu

Full Name: Roberto de Abreu Filho

Nickname: Roberto had a tough Car accident back in 2000 when he was a Blue Belt. The car accident shattered his left arm, and the doctors told Cyborg he probably wouldn’t move his arm again (he took over 300 stitches and still has broken glass on his arm today). 4 months after the accident, Roberto took 2nd in the Brazilian Nationals. Because Roberto had never been to a major tournament final before, Isaias, a black belt from Carlson Gracie’s academy gave him the nickname Cyborg.

Lineage: Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Carlson Gracie > Francisco Albuquerque > Roberto Abreu

Main Achievements:

  • 1st Place ADCC World Championship (2013*)
  • 1st Place IBJJF World Championship NoGi (2021 / 2017 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010**)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Pan Championship (2008 / 2022)
  • 1st Place IBJJF European Open (2005)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Grand Prix (2019)
  • 1st Place IBJJF Masters World Championship (2018)
  • 1st Place Kasai Pro 264 lbs Grand Prix (2020)
  • 1st Place Grappling Pro Championship (2016)
  • 2nd Place ADCC World Championship (2009)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF World Championship (2010)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF World Championship NoGi (2021* / 2008)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF Pan Championship (2009)
  • 2nd Place CBJJ Brazilian Nationals (2007)
  • 2nd Place AJP King of Mats (2018)
  • 3rd Place ADCC World Championship (2017/2013/2011)

* Absolute
** Weight and absolute

Favorite Technique/Position: Tornado Guard and Reverse Triangle

Weight Division: Super Pesado and Pesadíssimo (Under 100kg/221 and over 100kg/221lbs).

Association/Team: Fight Sports

Roberto Cyborg Abreu Biography

Roberto Abreu was born on the 20th of December, in 1980 in Campo Grande, a city located on the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Roberto’s first contact with Jiu-Jitsu came by way of play-fighting with a friend when he was a teenager. This friend challenged Roberto for a fight, jokingly, which Cyborg accepted. Roberto found the challenge amusing because his friend was very small and skinny.

His skinny friend ended finishing Roberto 3 times with moves that the larger Abreu couldn’t comprehend. Roberto had never heard of Jiu-Jitsu but after his friend told him that he just used the ‘Arte Suave’ on him, he was convinced this was something he wanted to pursue, following his friend to Claudionor Cardoso’s gym the following day, where he started his tuition.

Roberto Abreu won his first competition with just two weeks of training, that win got Cyborg hooked to the sporting aspect of Jiu-Jitsu, an enthusiasm he carried throughout his competitive career.

Competing became one of Cyborg’s prime goals in life. He often traveled to Rio de Janeiro to compete at the top tournaments in the world. When in Rio, Abreu prepared at Nova Geração, of  Francisco Albuquerque, with who he created a strong bond.

As a purple belt, Roberto opened his own gym and remained affiliated with Albuquerque. The school prospered quickly in a land eager to learn the gentle art, raising a strong team with hundreds of students and several world-class competitors. Students that earned titles at important tournaments such as the Brazilian Nationals, the Mundial (World Championships), Pan American Championships as well as other important tournaments.

Abreu receiving his black belt on Dec. 2004

Abreu receiving his black belt in Dec. 2004

Abreu remained one year as a purple belt, winning many important tournaments at this belt division, moving up to brown belt, where he remained for only 9 months, being awarded his black belt, on the day of his birthday (December 20, 2004) after 5 years of training. Master Francisco “Toco” Albuquerque tied the belt around Abreu’s waist himself.

In 2010 Roberto Cyborg joined forces with a few world-class competitors and friends, such as Rodrigo Cavaca and Marcus Buchecha (who were then coaching at ‘The Armory” in Florida), to form a different team named ‘The Avengers’. The team competed in a few local tournaments as well as at an international stage and was doing well, but as Rodrigo returned to Santos in Brazil, taking with him Buchecha, and the partnership ended.


On March 13, 2018, one of Roberto Abreu’s most prominent black belts and head coach of the former Fight Sports team affiliate in Naples, Florida, was arrested after being accused of a sexual relationship with a sixteen-year-old girl, whom he had coached since the victim was ten years of age. The police report from the day of the arrest stated that Goncalves had “confessed to having sexual intercourse.”

The case received extensive coverage from jiu-jitsu’s media at the time, with Roberto Abreu releasing a message, distancing himself and his team from the actions of Gonçalves, deeming them “horrifying” – check the full statement here.

In June 2019, grappling news website, the Jiu-Jitsu Times was contacted about photos on Instagram that showed Abreu and his partner, Maggie Grindatti, spending time with Goncalves in a group setting. These actions received plenty of backlash when they became public knowledge. Adding to the injury it also became known that Marcel appeared to be working and training at one of Fight Sports’ main affiliate gyms, with another prominent FS figure, Vagner Rocha.

In the aftermath of the news, jiu-jitsu promoter Mo Jassim took it upon himself to research this matter, uncovering plenty of other misconduct allegations within the team, while also unveiling what appeared to be a blasé attitude among the team’s leadership towards the severity of the allegations. Many of these findings can be found on Jassim’s purposely built Instagram profile @motar2k (check here for more) and in the journalistic work of the aforementioned Jiu-Jitsu Times website (check here).

On August 14, 2021, Roberto released a statement through his social media, apologizing for the poor handling of the Marcelo Gonçalves affair and the team allegations, explaining that he had recently reached out to those involved and personally apologized for his shortcomings. Abreu also stated that he was launching a “Sexual Misconduct Review Board” on the team to address any further allegations. Check here for the full statement.

Below is a short description of the main allegations pushed forth through the previously mentioned channels.

– Allegation 1. Keith Rummel (link to original statement)

According to Keith Rummel, the owner of the Naples, Florida gym affiliated with Fight Sports at the time of Marcel’s felony (2018), once the case was made public and authorities moved towards a prosecution, Gonçalves – who was the head coach of his gym – requested to be paid $35,000. The money was to be used in exchange for Keith’s continued use of the Fight Sports brand name. Once Keith refused to pay he was removed from Fight Sports. In a statement given on social media, Mr. Rummel wrote:

I went down to Fight Sports Miami headquarters and met with Cyborg. Just me and him this time. Cyborg talked a little bit about the situation and asked if I thought about Marcel’s offer [E.N. the $35k]. I told him I did and I wasn’t going to pay Marcel anything. He said ‘OK’ and after a little more small talk I left. Shortly after he sent me a message saying that, since I would not pay Marcel the money, I was kicked off the team” – to see the full statement check here.

– Allegation 2. Mandy Schneider (link to original statement)

In August 2021, a female Fight Sports team member, Mandy Schneider, came forth describing her account of a possible sexual assault by one of her coaches, Rodrigo da Costa Oliveira, in October 2020. Rodrigo had since been kicked off the team and left the country, as Roberto Abreu canceling the former coach’s visa rights after hearing of the event.

In her testimony, given through social media (link here), the (then) teenager claims she was inebriated at a hotel room after a competitive jiu-jitsu event, and forced to have sexual relations with the assailant, Mr. Oliveira.

Allegation 3. Anonymous – Corroborated by Ricardo Rezende (link to original statement)

On August 15, another former Fight Sports female team member came forth with her own description of an alleged sexual assault at one of the team’s gatherings in Bonito, Brazil, during 2016, which she released through social media. The account was later corroborated by a former FS black belt, Mr. Ricardo Rezende.

In her claim, the anonymous victim explained that a blue belt team member entered her hotel room while she was sleeping and attempted to rape her. An intention she successfully fought off. During the aftermath she explained:

I screamed and called the reception. Made a huge scandal and told them to call the police. Cyborg, this (expletive), came to ask me not to press charges. (…) I went to file a complaint with the police. Cyborg came to yell at me, telling me that because of me the whole jiu-jitsu camp was (expletive). He spoke to my coach at the time, Mohamed Targuisti (…) they told me that since there hadn’t been any penetration it wasn’t that bad“. Check the full claim here and witness #2 account here.

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Roberto Abreu Grappling Record

153 WINS
    67 (44%)
    14 (9%)
    56 (37%)
    13 (8%)
    3 (2%)
  • BY DQ
    0 (0%)


Choke from back
Straight armlock
Knee choke
Outside heel hook
Inverted Triangle
Triangle armbar
Cross choke
Clock choke
North-south choke
Choke from mount
Cross face
One arm guillotine
Inside heel hook
Short choke
    20 (43%)
    6 (13%)
    14 (30%)
    4 (9%)
    0 (0%)
    1 (2%)


Choke from back
Inside heel hook
Loop choke
Cross choke
Mounted X choke
Crucifix choke

Roberto Abreu Fight History

ID Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
1128Roger GracieRoger GracieLCross chokeEuropean OpenABS4F2005
1309Alexandre RibeiroAlexandre RibeiroLArmbarWorld Champ.100KGR12005
1471Alexandre RibeiroAlexandre RibeiroLMounted X chokeWorld Champ.ABSSF2006
1506Marcelo GarciaMarcelo GarciaLCrucifix chokeBrasileiroABSR12006
1596Rafael LovatoRafael LovatoLPts: 4x0Brasileiro100KGF2007
1776Alexandre RibeiroAlexandre RibeiroLEzekielWorld Champ.ABSR12007
1966Rafael LovatoRafael LovatoLPts: 8x4World Champ.100KGSF2008
1982Andre GalvaoAndre GalvaoLPointsWorld Champ.ABSR22008
2026Braga NetoBraga NetoLPts: 6x0NoGi Worlds100KGF2008
2181Braga NetoBraga NetoLChoke from backPan American100KGF2009
2195Romulo BarralRomulo BarralLPts: 3x0Pan AmericanABS4F2009
2293Fabricio WerdumFabricio WerdumLPointsADCCO99KGF2009
2353Alexandre CeconiAlexandre CeconiLPts: 4x4, AdvWorld Champ.94KG4F2009
2400Daniel MoraesDaniel MoraesLPointsCopa AmericaABSSF2009
2733Rodrigo CavacaRodrigo CavacaLBotinhaWorld Champ.O100KGF2010
2783Lucas LepriLucas LepriLPts: 6x2Long Island PrideABSF2010
2983Alexandre CeconiAlexandre CeconiLAdvWorld Champ.ABSR22011
3146Braga NetoBraga NetoLPts: 9x0World Champ.O100KGSF2011
3289Fabricio WerdumFabricio WerdumLPointsADCCO99KGSF2011
3910Bernardo FariaBernardo FariaLArmbarWorld Champ.ABS4F2012
4139R. EvangelistaR. EvangelistaLPointsWorld Champ.O100KGR22012
4519Nivaldo OliveiraNivaldo OliveiraLChokePan AmericanABSR22013
4680Marcus AlmeidaMarcus AlmeidaLPts: 4x3World ProABS4F2013
5050Marcus AlmeidaMarcus AlmeidaLPointsADCCO99KGSF2013
5713Braulio EstimaBraulio EstimaLPointsWorld Champ.ABSR32014
8000Andre GalvaoAndre GalvaoLPts: 6x0ADCCABSSPF2015
8274R. EvangelistaR. EvangelistaLPts: 10x0Grand Slam LAO94KGF2015
9531Alexander TransAlexander TransLPts: 0x0, AdvWorld ProABSR22016
9664R. EvangelistaR. EvangelistaLPts: 0x0, AdvWorld ProO94KG4F2016
10230Rafael LovatoRafael LovatoLReferee DecisionF2W 7O100KGSPF2016
13036Erberth SantosErberth SantosLPts: 2x2, AdvWorld Champ.ABS8F2017
13205Mahamed AlyMahamed AlyLPts: 2x2, AdvWorld Champ.100KG4F2017
13615Alexandre RibeiroAlexandre RibeiroD---Copa PodioABSSPF2017
13857Marcus AlmeidaMarcus AlmeidaLPts: 4x0ADCCO99KGSF2017
13931Gordon RyanGordon RyanLInside heel hookADCCABSE12017
16070Alexander TransAlexander TransLChoke from backKing of Mats110KGF2018
18696Gordon RyanGordon RyanLDQNoGi WorldsO97KGF2018
20866Nicholas MeregaliNicholas MeregaliLLoop chokeThird Coast100KGSPF2019
21886Nick RodriguezNick RodriguezLReferee DecisionADCCO99KGSF2019
22827Victor HugoVictor HugoLKneebarNoGi WorldsABSF2019
28199Pedro MarinhoPedro MarinhoLReferee DecisionNoGi WorldsABSF2021
35080Rida HaisamRida HaisamLArmbarADCCO99KGR12022
35117Yuri SimoesYuri SimoesLPts: 2x0ADCCABSSF2022
39056Mauricio OliveiraMauricio OliveiraLPts: 2x0BJJ StarsABSR12023
40830Nicholas MeregaliNicholas MeregaliLEBI/OTUFC FPI 4ABSSPF2023
43074Pedro AlexPedro AlexLPts: 2x1ADGS Miami120KGSF2023
47213Henrique CardosoHenrique CardosoLReferee DecisionADXC3ABSSPF2024
1127Leonardo RamosWN/AEuropean Open100KGF2005
1466Braulio EstimaBraulio EstimaWArmbarWorld Champ.ABSR12006
1470Demian MaiaDemian MaiaWPts: 4x0World Champ.ABS4F2006
1514Waldir NetoWChokeTeam NationalsO88KG4F2006
1595Rodrigo CompridoRodrigo CompridoWPts: 8x0Brasileiro100KGSF2007
1882Marcel FortunaMarcel FortunaWAdvPan American100KGSF2008
1883Arthur JacintoWAdvPan American100KGF2008
2025Cristiano LazzariniCristiano LazzariniWPointsNoGi Worlds100KGSF2008
2190Felipe PaccesWChoke from backPan AmericanABS8F2009
2287Tom DeBlassTom DeBlassWPointsADCCO99KGR12009
2290Asa FullerWPointsADCCO99KG4F2009
2291Jeff MonsonWPointsADCCO99KGSF2009
2391Bill CooperBill CooperWPointsGQ Del MarABSF2009
2393Bill CooperBill CooperWPts: 4x4, AdvGrapplers QuestABSF2009
2604Stephen HalWN/AMiami OpenO100KGF2010
2620Joao PinhoWN/ANo Gi WorldsO100KGSF2010
2621David HerzogWKnee chokeNo Gi WorldsO100KGF2010
2626JT TorresJT TorresWPointsNo Gi WorldsABSR22010
2630Fabricio CamoesWPointsNo Gi WorldsABS8F2010
2635Lucas LeiteLucas LeiteWPointsNo Gi WorldsABSSF2010
2732Braga NetoBraga NetoWTriangleWorld Champ.O100KGSF2010
2781Renan BorgesWChoke from backLong Island PrideABSSF2010
2974Diego VivaldoDiego VivaldoWAdvWorld Champ.ABSR12011
3092Helton NogueiraWPts: 2x0World Champ.O100KGRDS2011
3129Carlos FariasCarlos FariasWPts: 11x0World Champ.O100KG4F2011
3166Warren StoutWKnee chokeMiami OpenABSSF2011
3167Vitor HenriqueWArmbarMiami OpenABSF2011
3254Sekine HidekiWArmbarADCCO99KGR12011
3277Glover TeixeiraWPointsADCCO99KG4F2011
3294Gerardi RinaldiGerardi RinaldiWKneebarADCCO99KG3PLC2011
3379Luis PedroWArmbarNo Gi WorldsO100KGSF2011
3389Ricardo FelicianoRicardo FelicianoWInverted TriangleNo Gi WorldsO100KGF2011
3716K. CorneliusWPointsNYC World TrialsO92KGN/A2012
3717UnknownWArmbarNYC World TrialsO92KGSF2012
3718Abraham M.WArmbarNYC World TrialsO92KGF2012
3892Murilo SantanaMurilo SantanaWPts: 6x4World Champ.ABSR22012
3903Marcio CruzMarcio CruzWPts: 12x4World Champ.ABSR22012
4130Gustavo DiasGustavo DiasWChokeWorld Champ.O100KGR12012
4198Diego SilvaWChoke from backMiami OpenABS4F2012
4200Vitor ToledoVitor ToledoWChoke from backMiami OpenABSSF2012
4202Leonardo DavilaLeonardo DavilaWCross chokeMiami OpenABSF2012
4260Leonardo DavilaLeonardo DavilaWRNCNoGi WorldsO100KGSF2012
4261Gustavo DiasGustavo DiasWPts: 6x0NoGi WorldsO100KGF2012
4473Brendan SchaubWReferee DecisionMetamoris 2ABSSPF2013
4495UnknownWChoke from backNYC World TrialsO92KGN/A2013
4496Keneth BrownWPts: 10x0NYC World TrialsO92KGF2013
4510Luiz PanzaLuiz PanzaWPointsPan AmericanABSR12013
5043Mike MartelleWArmbarADCCO99KGR12013
5048Orlando SanchezOrlando SanchezWPenADCCO99KG4F2013
5051Jared DoppJared DoppWPointsADCCO99KG3PLC2013
5057Kamil HuminskiWPointsADCCABSR12013
5058Garry TononGarry TononWPointsADCCABSR12013
5062Keenan CorneliusKeenan CorneliusWPointsADCCABSSF2013
5065Marcus AlmeidaMarcus AlmeidaWPts: 10x0ADCCABSF2013
5699Tanner riceTanner riceWN/AWorld Champ.ABSR22014
5868Lincoln PereiraWPts: 7x0Boca Raton OpenABSF2014
8270Joseph MokuWClock chokeGrand Slam LAO94KG4F2015
8273Andre CamposWPts: 3x0Grand Slam LAO94KGSF2015
8276Alec BauldingAlec BauldingWPts: 6x0Grand Slam LAABS8F2015
8281Erberth SantosErberth SantosWChoke from backGrand Slam LAABS4F2015
8284R. EvangelistaR. EvangelistaWPts: 4x2Grand Slam LAABSSF2015
8286Andre CamposWChokeGrand Slam LAABSF2015
8470Joseph MokuWPts: 4x2NoGi WorldsO100KG4F2015
9522Luan CarvalhoLuan CarvalhoWPts: 2x0World ProABSR12016
9658Daniel BaiaWPts: 6x0World ProO94KGR12016
9893Francisco SantoroWArmbarMiami SPOO100KGSF2016
9894Jollyson FrancinoWNorth-south chokeMiami SPOO100KGF2016
9896Jurandir ConceicaoJurandir ConceicaoWSubmissionMiami SPOABS4F2016
9899Ruan OliveiraRuan OliveiraWKimuraMiami SPOABSSF2016
11295Paulo RibeiroWKatagatameGrappling Pro 2120KG4F2016
11299J. FriedrichWKnee chokeGrappling Pro 2120KGSF2016
11302Mahamed AlyMahamed AlyWKneebarGrappling Pro 2120KGF2016
12572Vinny MagalhaesVinny MagalhaesWPts: 3x0ADCC WC TrialsO99KGSPF2017
12936Gabriel LucasGabriel LucasWChoke from mountMiami SPOO100KGF2017
12942Kevin MahechaKevin MahechaWArmbarMiami SPOABS4F2017
12944Samir AbdolkaderWStraight armlockMiami SPOABSSF2017
12945DJ JacksonDJ JacksonWPts: 25x0Miami SPOABSF2017
12948Joao RodriguesWStraight armlockMiami Spring NGOABSF2017
13028Carlos FariasCarlos FariasWPts: 0x0, AdvWorld Champ.ABSR12017
13203Eliot KellyEliot KellyWPts: 22x2World Champ.100KG8F2017
13850Khazmat StambulovWPts: 0x0, PenADCCO99KGE12017
13855Victor HonorioVictor HonorioWReferee DecisionADCCO99KG4F2017
13858Jared DoppJared DoppWReferee DecisionADCCO99KG3RD2017
14210Max GimenisMax GimenisWPts: 2x2, AdvMiami FOO100KGF2017
14213Kevin MahechaKevin MahechaWStraight armlockMiami FOABSR22017
14214Thomas MacMahonWN/AMiami FOABS4F2017
14216Horlando MonteiroHorlando MonteiroWChoke from backMiami FOABSSF2017
14218Max GimenisMax GimenisWChoke from backMiami FOABSF2017
14719Raymond SeraileWArmlockNoGi WorldsO97KG4F2017
14721Adam SachnoffWPts: 29x0NoGi WorldsO97KGSF2017
14723Joao RochaJoao RochaWPts: 0x0, AdvNoGi WorldsO97KGF2017
16061Andre CamposWReferee DecisionKing of Mats110KGRR2018
16063Lucio RodriguesLucio RodriguesWPts: 0x0, AdvKing of Mats110KGRR2018
16066Alexandre SouzaAlexandre SouzaWArmbarKing of Mats110KGRR2018
16347Erberth SantosErberth SantosWPointsACBJJ 13O95KGSPF2018
17864Rene ArangoWSubmissionMiami FOABSSF2018
17865Fabricio BarbarottiFabricio BarbarottiWCross faceMiami FOABSF2018
18693Gustavo DiasGustavo DiasWPts: 0x0, AdvNoGi WorldsO97KG4F2018
18694Max GimenisMax GimenisWPts: 2x0NoGi WorldsO97KGSF2018
18707Nick CalvaneseNick CalvaneseWPts: 10x0NoGi WorldsABSR12018
18712John CombsJohn CombsWPts: 4x2NoGi WorldsABSR22018
19232Afranio SilvaWPts: 10x2Miami W. OpenO100KGF2019
19233Johnny TamaJohnny TamaWPts: 3x0Miami W. OpenABSSF2019
19235Alexandre MolinaroAlexandre MolinaroWChokeMiami W. OpenABSF2019
19695Luiz PanzaLuiz PanzaWReferee DecisionF2W 106100KGSPF2019
21482Victor HugoVictor HugoWPts: 0x0, AdvIBJJF GPABS4F2019
21483Lucas BarbosaLucas BarbosaWPts: 4x4, PenIBJJF GPABSSF2019
21485Joao RochaJoao RochaWReferee DecisionIBJJF GPABSF2019
21823Hudson TaylorWPts: 2x0ADCCO99KGR12019
21827John HansenWPts: 6x0ADCCO99KG4F2019
22812Fernando RibasWArmbarNoGi WorldsABSR12019
22821Jackson SousaJackson SousaWOne arm guillotineNoGi WorldsABS4F2019
22826Devhonte JohnsonDevhonte JohnsonWReferee DecisionNoGi WorldsABSSF2019
22907Victor HugoVictor HugoWPts: 0x0, AdvNoGi WorldsO97KGSF2019
22908James PuopoloJames PuopoloWStraight armlockNoGi WorldsO97KGF2019
23201Bruno BastosBruno BastosWPts: 2x0Kasai Pro 7120KGRR2020
23203Nick RodriguezNick RodriguezD---Kasai Pro 7120KGRR2020
23206Lucas BarbosaLucas BarbosaWPts: 6x0Kasai Pro 7120KGF2020
23445Andre GoisAndre GoisWChokeMiami WOABSSF2020
23451Rafael LovatoRafael LovatoWPointsSub StarsN/ASPF2020
23728Vinicius TratorVinicius TratorWReferee DecisionF2W 139115KGSPF2020
23822Arnaldo MaidanaArnaldo MaidanaWPoints3CG Kumite IVABS4F2020
23826Roberto JimenezRoberto JimenezWReferee Decision3CG Kumite IVABSSF2020
23827Fellipe AndrewFellipe AndrewWGuillotine3CG Kumite IVABSF2020
23855Lucas BarbosaLucas BarbosaWReferee DecisionWNOABSSPF2020
23928Kaynan DuarteKaynan DuarteWInside heel hookBJJ Bet95KGSPF2020
25037Tim SpriggsTim SpriggsWReferee DecisionF2W 161ABSSPF2021
28190Ruben CoronadoWChokeNoGi WorldsABS8F2021
28193Max GimenisMax GimenisWPts: 3x0NoGi WorldsABS4F2021
28198Gabriel AlmeidaGabriel AlmeidaWPts: 5x0NoGi WorldsABSSF2021
28333Austin BakerAustin BakerWPts: 0x0, AdvNoGi WorldsO97KG4F2021
28336John HansenWPts: 3x0NoGi WorldsO97KGSF2021
28337Victor HugoVictor HugoWPts: 4x0NoGi WorldsO97KGF2021
31718Wildermar SouzaWPts: 8x0Pan AmericanO100KGR12022
31721Wallace CostaWallace CostaWPts: 3x0Pan AmericanO100KG4F2022
31722Davi CabralDavi CabralWPts: 0x0, AdvPan AmericanO100KGSF2022
31724Gutemberg PereiraGutemberg PereiraWPts: 2x0Pan AmericanO100KGF2022
35106Elder CruzElder CruzWPts: 3x0ADCCABS8F2022
35114Victor HugoVictor HugoWPts: 2x0ADCCABS4F2022
36789Bryan PetersonWShort chokeNoGi WorldsABS8F2022
36796Michael PerezMichael PerezWPts: 15x0NoGi WorldsABS4F2022
36799Victor HugoVictor HugoWPts: 0x0, AdvNoGi WorldsABSSF2022
36924Austin BakerAustin BakerWPts: 39x0NoGi WorldsO97KG4F2022
36927John HansenWKatagatameNoGi WorldsO97KGSF2022
36929Victor HugoVictor HugoWPts: 2x0NoGi WorldsO97KGF2022
37984Joshua BrownWGuillotineGrappling Ind.ABSR12023
37987Nathan SaundersWOutside heel hookGrappling Ind.ABS8F2023
37991Chris PaulyWTriangle armbarGrappling Ind.ABS4F2023
37993Cameron SullivanWSubmissionGrappling Ind.ABSSF2023
37994Dante LeonDante LeonWReferee DecisionGrappling Ind.ABSF2023
43071Guilherme CordiviolaGuilherme CordiviolaWN/AADGS Miami120KG4F2023
43996Anton MinenkoWReferee DecisionADXC1120KGSPF2023
49368Ty FreemanWPts: 1x0NA Cont. NGP120KGF2024
49369Ty FreemanWPts: 1x0NA Cont. NGPHWAF2024


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