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Abu Dhabi Grand Slam LA Results

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One of the main Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments of this year’s fall, the UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tour – Los Angeles took place on October 18, 2015 at the Azusa Pacific University.

As expected, the tournament delivered many spectacular matches and brought the attention of several high level black belts, in a perfect mix of veterans (Cyborg Abreu, Celso Vinicius, Gregor Gracie, Lúcio Lagarto, etc) and the new generation of the sport (Márcio André, Alec Baulding, Tanner Rice, Lucas Barbosa, etc).

In the lower belts, two athletes stood out. Kennedy Maciel, blue belt and son of Rubens Charles put on a show in his weight and absolute division. Maciel is a juvenile athlete but decided to compete at adult. Brown belts Jeremy Jackson and Gabriel Arges were two other competitors who stood out with aggressive and eye pleasing grappling games.

For the full results of the tournament, see below:


Joao SomaliaGilbert PolimSF62KG
Joao MiyaoRafael Freitas3x0SF62KG
Joao MiyaoJoao SomaliaChoke from backFinal62KG
Samir ChantreEd RamosPoints1/4F69KG
Paulo MiyaoMatthew Magana13x01/4F69KG
Samir ChantreVitor Paschoal2x0SF69KG
Paulo MiyaoOsvaldo Moizinho6x4SF69KG
Paulo MiyaoSamir Chantre5x0F69KG
Celso ViniciusStephen Martinez3x01/4F77KG
Marcio AndreYoungam NohPoints1/4F77KG
Tiago BravoVinicius Agudon/a1/4F77KG
Celso ViniciusMarcio Andre2x0SF77KG
Roberto SatoshiTiago BravoBow and arrowSF77KG
Celso ViniciusRoberto SatoshiInjuryF77KG
Tanner RiceGregor Gracien/a1/4F85KG
Alec BauldingRyan Golgoskyn/a1/4F85KG
Lucas BarbosaThomas Gallicchion/a1/4F85KG
Lucas BarbosaMatt BakerPointsSF85KG
Tanner RiceAlec Bauldingn/aSF85KG
Tanner RiceLucas Barbosa0x0 advF85KG
Alec BauldingMatt BakerClock choke3RD85KG
Erberth SantosJackson Sousa2x2 ref decSF94KG
Evandro NunesFaisalTriangleSF94KG
Erberth SantosEvandro Nunes10x0F94KG
Jackson SousaFaisalpoints3RD94KG
Roberto AbreuJoseph MokuClock choke1/4FO94KG
Lucio RodriguesJames PuopoloAdvantages1/4FO94KG
Ricardo EvangelistaLucio Rodrigues0x0 ref decSFO94KG
Roberto AbreuAndre Camposn/aSFO94KG
Ricardo EvangelistaRoberto Abreu10x0FO94KG
Roberto AbreuAlec Baulding6x01/8FABS
Jackson SousaUnknownToe hold1/8FABS
Carlos FariasMatt Baker0x0 adv1/8FABS
Ricardo EvangelistaLucio Rodrigues0x0 ref decision1/8FABS
Andre CamposUnknownn/a1/8FABS
Roberto AbreuRicardo Evangelista4x21/4FABS
Jackson SousaCarlos Farias5x01/4FABS
James puopoloAndre CamposRef Decision1/4FABS
Roberto AbreuErberth SantosChoke from backSFABS
Andre CamposJackson Sousa0x0x Ref decisionSFABS
Roberto AbreuAndre CamposChokeFABS
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