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Master Wilson Mattos

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Master Wilson Mattos, also known as “Shihan”, is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 9th degree red belt, who previously earned his black belt rank in 1970, while training at the Fadda Academy. A devout follower of Grand Master Oswaldo Fadda, Wilson formed his own academy in the 70’s (Equipe Mestre Wilson), a team with affiliates all over the world, in countries such as Brazil, the United States of America and Japan.

Wilson Mattos Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Wilson Pereira Mattos

Nickname: “Shihan” means Master in Japanese, the name started being said by his students after Wilson Mattos received his red belt.

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Luis França > Oswaldo Fadda > Wilson Mattos

Main Achievements:

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Favourite Position/Technique: n/a

Weight Division: n/a

Team/Association: Equipe Mestre Wilson

Wilson Mattos Biography

Master Wilson Mattos was born on the 14th of April 1951, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, more precisely in the residential neighborhood of Padre Miguel.

Mattos began his jiu jitsu journey on the 22 of April 1956, at the age of 5, training under the watchful eyes of Grand Master Oswaldo Fadda. As a child, Wilson Mattos was known for his volatile temper which made him difficult to tame inside the gym and earned him a number of fights inside the dojo. These were punished by a sequence of suspensions.

Every suspension was well deserved according to Master Wilson himself, but even having to deal with the headache that was young Wilson Mattos, Oswaldo Fadda never gave up on his pupil and always accepted him back. With Jiu Jitsu instilling the right discipline and with age, Wilson Mattos became one of the most respected role models in the academy.

Back in the old days when competition was scarce, most Jiu Jitsu academies promoted their students according to their performance in closed-door bouts within the academy. The Fadda academy was no different, and in order to receive his black belt Mattos’ test was to defeat 10 of the academy’s brown belts. This test occurred in 1970, and at the age of 18 Wilson received his black belt from Grand Master Oswaldo Fadda.

After Wilson Mattos received his black belt, he took on a different challenge, that of excelling as a coach. He started teaching classes at a club in Realengo, and in a short period of time formed a small team that defeated Fadda’s own students at an inter-club competition. Master Wilson’s team grew over the years and the list of achievements of his team grew as well.

In 1995 Wilson received his red and black belt granted by the CBJJ. During a trip to Sao Paulo for a competition, the ceremony took place at the Bonsai Academy and was coordinated by Adilson Souza (father of Marcos Souza and Roberto Satoshi).

In 2009 the Confederation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Sports (CBJJE) came to recognize his 9th degree and Wilson Mattos received from the hands of President Moises Murad his red belt and the title of Grand Master. Better known as “Shihan”, Master Wilson devoted all his life to Jiu Jitsu, reaping dividends of having team members and competitors all over the world, in countries such as the United States, Australia, Japan and obviously, Brazil.

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  • edgardo venegas says:

    Great to see other Fadda students and Fadda Jiu Jitsu come to light.

  • The inquirer says:

    Can anyone confirm if he had a student named eduardo da rocha? ( allegedly now a coral belt ) . Thank you.

  • A concerned fan of your site says:

    Interesting article. You forgot to mention that many of the Gracies say he is not in fact a red belt. There are many contradicting stories about this guy. Supposedly many of the Gracie family had never heard of him it is also strange that a red and black belt (coral) would give someone a belt higher than his own rank. Is that allowed? Murad is a coral belt, and not a direct student of Maeda or Gracie. How can he give a shihan a belt out ranking his?

    • bjjheroes says:

      We don't work on " supposedlys" concerned fan. He is a registered red belt, so he doesn't need Gracie consent, this is jiu jitsu and although important, the Gracie family doesn't hold any rights outside their own practice. As for the second question, yes. It is standard procedure for red belts to be handed by those of inferior rank. Anything above black belt is an honourable rank awarded by a federation, doesn't come from an instructor > student relationship.

  • Belts are not given, belts are earned. A honor for me to be one of grand master Wilson Mattos students. Grand master Wilson is a very humble and honest men. Thank you Andre Borges for the article, looks awesome, I am so proud of my grand master’s achievements, obrigado!

  • Makaya says:

    Great story thank you for bringing to light the non Gracie lineage of BJJ ,Wilson mattos is highly recognized in Brazil and helio Gracie himself , said that jiu jitsu is not exclusively a Gracie privilege

  • Renan Cardoso says:

    Maximum respect possible to speak of Mestre Wilson. A living legend of jiu jitsu, it brings together refined techniques and details, as well as incorporating jujutsu and aikijutsu in its variations. who dares to question him, let him meet on the mat. One of the only red belts still teaching. Deep knowledge of jiu jitsu to kill, as a weapon. Wonderful article!

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