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Solid Wins By Almeida, Ocasio and Monteiro At F2W149

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AUGUST 15, 2020, Dallas, Texas was once again the home for Fight 2 Win, one of the very few companies in the USA who are still working hard to keep our sport alive amidst the current COVID19 world-wide situation.

As per usual, the show offered high-level entertainment, particularly in the final portion of the card, with top-notch grappling and a solid rate of submissions finishes as shown by the stats below:

37 Recorded Matches – 16 submissions (43% sub rate)
21 Gi Matches – 9 submissions (43% sub rate)
16 No-Gi Matches – 7 submissions (44% sub rate)

You will find the full results and our commentary on a few of the more important matches on the card here:


Main Event: 205lbs Black Belt Gi
Gabriel Almeida def. Manuel Ribamar via decision

Originally set to compete against Keenan Cornelius, Almeida ended up facing Manuel Ribamar, a man who had beaten him 3x in the past.  “Riba” himself came in with a 5-2 record in 2020, and highly confident with a recent title win over AOJ phenom Johnatha Alves. This positive period for the Manaus native had him leading as a favorite coming into the super-fight.

The match was very close, with Ribamar doing his best to slow down Gabriel with his lapel game, and Almeida using his scrappy and aggressive style to keep Manuel from gaining any type of momentum.

There weren’t any dangerous moments, submission wise, nor did any of the athletes conquer critical positions on each other, nevertheless, Gabriel appeared to be the one trying to keep the game loose and offensive, and Ribamar the one trying to tie up in 5050 and lapel guards. These dynamics swayed the judges in favor of the Checkmat athlete.

Co-Main Event: Black Belt Featherweight Gi Title
Luiza Monteiro def. Jena Bishop via slide choke from the back

A very dominant performance by Luiza who started out very well, conquering a few of her key positions from the get-go. Always tough to control Jena escaped a few of Monteiro’s traps early, but the Atos competitor was just too much for Bishop in this match and forced Jena to tap from a tight choke.

Black Belt Bantamweight No-Gi Title
Junny Ocasio def. Lucas Pinheiro via split decision

A great day for the underdog, Junny Ocasio as the new yorker beat one of the top jiu-jitsu athletes in the light-featherweight division and added his name to the elite of grappling.

This was not an easy match. Junny’s dangerous leg-lock game seemed to have an effect on Lucas’s game, who refused to engage Ocasio head-on from a passing stance. Lots of face pushing and distance passing attempts, though nothing that phased Murilo Santana’s black belt.

Ocasio tried to engage, chasing Pinheiro in the scooting position for a large portion of the match. This forward movement had an effect on the judges in the final decision.

155lbs Black Belt Gi
– Max Danrely def. Mauricio Fernandes via armbar

155lbs Black Belt No-Gi
– Cody Hoffstatter def. Frank Rosenthal via split decision

165lb Black Belt Gi
– Diego Santana def. Erick Raposo via split decision

195lbs Black Belt Gi
– Gilvan Costa def. Kevin Williams via split decision

200lbs Black Belt No-Gi
– Joao Costa def. Jean Petric via split decision

180lbs Black Belt Gi
– Jeff Hammond def. Eric Board via armbar

145lbs Black Belt Gi
– Cliff Sabroe def. Sean Joseph via split decision

Brown Belt Light Heavyweight No-Gi Title
– Sloan Clymer def. Emil Fischer via decision

Brown Belt No-Gi Flyweight No-Gi Title
– Cameron Mellott def. Eric Naples via decision

Brown Belt Middleweight Gi Title
– DC Deangelis def. Tyler Murrah via mounted cross choke

145lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– David Weintraub def. Cameron Adair via RNC

235lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Michael Egley def. Leandro Nascimento via calf-slicer (cloverleaf)

160lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Zach Cothren def. Guilherme Monteiro via decision

175lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Austin Fraley def. Jacob Charles via decision

210lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Dominick Williams def. Nader Tannir via bow and arrow

230lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Guilherme Bacha def. Breylor Grout via split decision

235lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Christian Johnson def. Leroy Brown via decision

150lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Stephanie Williamson def. Yasmim Coutinho via decision

180lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Zach Wolivar def. Austyn McNeil via decision

200lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Gabriel Costa def. Hemerson Neris via decision

150lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Juno Lucero def. Carson Steicher via decision

165lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Noah Villemarette def. Christopher Soto via decision

160lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Kyle Hodgdon def. Aric Mercado via decision

145lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Alexandru Marculescu def. Jacob Scott via outside heel-hook

140lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Jess Feliciano def. Rhodes Faraday via decision

170lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Jerry DeAmond def. Jacob Kassama via armbar

205lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Ramiro Leon def. Jordan Marshall via triangle-armbar

160lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Hamza Al-Saad def. Gray Hernandez via kneebar

180lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Chase Main def. Mitchell Cupp via inside heel-hook

190lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Nick Carlucci def. Manuel Mejia via decision

140lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Skylar Idell def. Marie Cordeiro via RNC

170lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Anthony Williams def. Alejandro Felix via arm-in guillotine

130lbs Blue Belt Gi
– Joshua Rodriguez def. Oliver Smith via slam (TKO)

150lbs Blue Belt Gi
– Lorenzo Ledesma def. Guillaume Prada via split decision

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