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EBI 7 Featherweights Tournament Full Results

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The king of the Eddie Bravo Invitational’s 145lbs division (featherweight) returned to maintain his crown in decisive fashion, by submitting all opponents with assertive dominance.

The Renzo Gracie Academy representative, and famous pupil of John Danaher showed a more varied game from what he had accustomed us in the past, looking for the back to finish 2 of his adversaries, submitting the other 2 with his trademark heel hook, earning $20,000 in the process winning the featherweight title.

An excellent event, through and through. Below are the results of each match:


Eddie Cummings def. Sergio Hernandez by RNC
Chad George def. Geoff Real by fastest submission escape
Mike Davila def. João Marinho by heel hook
Baret Yoshida def. Alex Eklin by RNC
Bill Cooper def. Ian Sanders by overtime submission (RNC)
Denny Prokopos def. José Domingos by overtime submission (RNC)
Rafael Domingos def. Ashley Williams by overtime submission (RNC)
Geo Martinez def. Mike Main by heel hook


Eddie Cummings def. Chad George by heel hook
Mike Davila def. Baret Yoshida by overtime submission (armbar)
Bill Cooper def. José Domingos (replaced Prokopos due to injury) by heel hook
Geo Martinez def. Rafael Domingos by triangle choke


Eddie Cummings def. Mike Davila by RNC
Bill Cooper def. Geo Martinez by armbar


Eddie Cummings def. Bill Cooper by heel hook

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