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EBI 16 Results, Female Bantamweights

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JUNE 25, 2018 – The beautiful San Diego skyline set the scenery for yet another historic event in Eddie Bravo Invitational’s female division where the first ever bantamweight was crowned.

For this elimination style tournament Bravo headlined some of grappling’s most prominent bantamweights, a mix of points based and sub-only athletes in arguably the first EBI event with an even representation of IBJJF and sub only style representatives. The event ran smoothly and quickly with fast submissions dictating the pace of the tournament, in particular the quarter finals which all mixed together must’ve lasted no longer than 7 minutes. Check full results of each match below.

With no big upsets throughout the tournament, the bigger surprise was Nikki Sullivan of Atos JJ who defeated veteran athlete Tracey Goddell and 10th Planet first pick Lima Samdja.


Bia Mesquita defeated Miri Niedrauer by armbar
– Amanda Leve defeated Brooke Mayo by OT sub
– Talia Vaughan defeated Pamela Aguirre by pressure
Luanna Alzuguir defeated Jess Feliciano by OT sub
Bianca Basilio defeated Kayla Patterson by toe hold
– Sophia Nordeno defeated Liz Tracy by calf slicer
– Nikki Sullivan defeated Tracey Goddell by TO quickest escape
– Lila Samdja defeated Amanda Ribas by heel hook


Bia Mesquita defeated Amanda Leve by triangle choke
Luanna Alzuguir defeated Jess Feliciano by heel hook
Bianca Basilio defeated Sophia Nordeno by Mir armlock
– Nikki Sullivan defeated Lila Samdja by Toe hold


Bia Mesquita defeated Luanna Alzuguir by mounted triangle
Bianca Basilio defeated Nikki Sullivan by armbar


Bia Mesquita defeated Bianca Basilio by OT submission

Also on the card were a two Combat EBI matches. Below are the results.

– PJ Barch def. Michael Gonzalez by kimura
Richie Martinez def. Bobby Evans by darce choke

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