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Eddie Bravo Invitational 5 Results

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Garry Tonon reigns supreme once again at the Eddie Bravo Invitational, this time stealing the lightweight crown of the popular grappling tournament. After winning the welterweight title on two occasions (2013 & 2014), the famous Tom DeBlass & John Danaher pupil displayed his versatility and his willingness to push the boundaries of jiu jitsu with a variety of submissions, from chokes to upper and lower limb finishes. Tonon came in to the event on a late replacement of his team mate Eddie Cummings who could not participate due to an injury during his camp.

Full EBI 5 Results

1st Round
Garry Tonon vs Stephan Martinez (Garry Tonon Wins Via Bulldog Choke)
Javi Vasquez vs Lucas brown (Javi Vasquez Wins Via Armbar)
Lachlan Giles vs Nathan Orchard (Winner Giles By Escaping 9 Seconds Faster At OT)
Rany Yahya vs. Jason buzzard (Rany Yahya Wins Via Mounted Guillotine)
Denny Propokos vs Christian Carillo (Denny Propokos Wins Via Triangle)
Rafael Domingos vs Geoff Real (Domingos Wins Via Katagatame)
Kim Terra vs Juan Bernarndo (Kim Terra Wins Via RNC At OT)
Ruben Alvarez vs Jon Ortega (Ruben Alvarez Wins Via Heelhook)

Quarter Finals:
Garry Tonon vs Javi Vasquez (Garry Tonon Wins Via Heelhook)
Lachlan Gilles vs Rany Yahya (Lachlan Gilles Wins Via Armbar)
Rafael Domingos vs Denny Propokos (Rafael Domingos Wins Via Armbar)
Kim Terra vs Ruben Alavrez (Kim Terra Wins Via RNC At OT)

Semi Finals:
Garry Tonon vs Lachlan Gilles (Garry Tonon Wins Via Armbar)
Rafael Domingos vs Kim Terra (Rafael Domingos Wins on OT)

Garry Tonon vs Rafael Domingos (Garry Tonon Wins Via Heelhook)

Super Fight: Riley Breedlove vs Sophie lee (Riley Breedlove Wins Via Heelhook)
Super Fight: Derek Rayfield vs Aaron Curtin (Derek Rayfield Wins Via Triangle)
Super Fight: Lyla smadja Defeats Talia Alacar By 2 Seconds On OT

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