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F2W 147 Results, Elisabeth Clay Submits Monteiro And Shocks The Grappling World

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JULY 18, 2020, Austin – Texas, set the scene for the 147th edition of Fight 2 Win, one of the main professional jiu-jitsu promotions in the sport.

As per usual, the show offered high-level entertainment, particularly in the final portion of the card, with top-notch grappling and a solid rate of submissions finishes as shown by the stats below:

22 Recorded Matches – 12 submissions (54.5% sub rate)
12 Gi Matches – 7 submissions (58% sub rate)
10 No-Gi Matches – 5 submissions (50% sub rate)

You will find the full results and our commentary on a few of the more important matches on the card here:


Main Event: Black Belt Middleweight Gi Title
Manuel Ribamar (RPBJJ) def. Johnatha Alves (AOJ) via decision

A brave performance by Johnatha, who is a lightweight but accepted to compete against the larger “Riba” for the F2W middleweight strap. Alves’ gameplan was clear from the get-go, pull guard and Crab-Ride his way on to Manuel’s back, or come up on a leg-drag and achieve the back from there. He almost succeeded.

Johnatha Alves conquered most of the positional battles and did get the sweep to side-control/leg-drag. Unfortunately, this was on the limit of the mat and the referee did poorly on the reset, placing Alves back into Ribamar’s tricky guard.

Ribamar played well to the F2W rules, jumping on a few “ghost” footlocks. The attacks weren’t dangerous enough to worry Alves, yet, they were strategically sound and scored points in the eyes of the judges. These eventually led to Manuel’s arm being raised.

This was a fun, technical match between the very best jiu-jitsu has to offer.

Co-Main Event
Rafael Lovato Jr. (Lovato JJ) def. Helton Jose Jr (ATOS) via armbar

Another solid performance by the veteran American grappler who once again proved why he is widely regarded as one of the country’s most talented jiu-jitsu fighters of all time. Even though Helton’s past has proven him to be one of the savviest defensive competitors in the sport, Lovato’s deadly pressure paid no mind to Jose’s guard and sliced right through it.

Helton was able to protect himself from Lovato’s submission attempts until the final 30 seconds when Rafael wore out the Brazilian and finally got the match-winning submission.

175lbs Black Belt No-Gi
John Combs (Easton JJ) def. Aaron Wilson (GDBJJ) via arm-in guillotine

A brilliant comeback match for John Combs – one of the most entertaining grapplers in the world. Wilson brought the fight to John, and the match proved to be one of the most entertaining of the night. Unfortunately for Aaron, midway through the fight, he stuck his neck out for one second and that is all it takes for Combs to snatch your neck. Win by “Combatine”.

155lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Elisabeth Clay (Ares) def. Luiza Monteiro (ATOS) via outside heel-hook

In one of the biggest upsets of the year, 20YO Elisabeth Clay quickly disposed of 2x IBJJF world champion Luiza Monteiro.

The match started with the Alaskan pulling guard and Monteiro trying to knee-cut her way past Elisabeth‘s defense. In an early exchange, while passing from a standing position, Luiza exposed her leg and Clay immediately took advantage of this by grabbing the Atos athlete’s limb in the outside ashi position. Monteiro appeared somewhat hesitant in her defense, not attempting to clear her knee-line. As a last resort, Luiza tried to roll out, but the brown belt had a nasty bite on the ankle already and the tap was inevitable.

Although unexpected, this result came as further validation to the Ares athlete who is having an outstanding 2020.

165lbs Black Belt No-Gi
– Chris Orozco (Travis Moore BJJ) def. Christopher Hargett (Six Blades JJ) via kimura

165lbs Black Belt Gi
– Thomas Montoya (Gracie Allegiance) def. Brian Pierce (Gracie Barra) via Peruvian necktie w/ lapel

175lbs Black Belt Gi
– Angel Lopez (Halo JJ) via Reinaldo Villa (Johns Gym) via decision

140lbs Black Belt Gi
– Fernando de Jesus (GFT) def. Vinny Saenz (Lovato JJ) via split decision

185lbs Black Belt Gi
Manny Gonzalez (Ralph Gracie) def. Charles Hiersche (CTA) via armbar

205lbs Black Belt Gi
– Jorge Perez (Zombie Krew) def. Luciano Ferreira (Kimura) via decision

185lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Tainan Dalpra (AOJ) def. Ed Johnson (Easton BJJ) via armbar

150lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Julian Godinez (Terra Leon BJJ) def. Manuel Aguilar (GFT) via Estima lock

205lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Dominick Williams (Twin Wolves MMA) def. Maxwell Da Trindade (Kimura) via Cachecol choke

170lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– Tory Russell (Lovato JJ) def. Michael Lugo (Gracie Tampa) via decision

155lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Nicholas Fernando Martinez (RPBJJ) def. Zach Kaina (AOJ) via decision

175lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Bryan Scambler (ARES) def. Christopher Creamer (Brasa CTA) via decision

135lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Jacob Norton (10th Planet) def. Ben Willeford (Strong Style) via armbar

140lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Dylan Nguyen (Lovato JJ) def. Joshua Woosley (Luling MMA) via choke from the back

180lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Matt Kopra (Folk Jitsu) def. Ray Pina (Ares) via decision

210lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Owen Papworth (BTT) def. Randy Wright (Terra Leon) via straight ankle lock

155lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Evan Kotzur (10th Planet) def. Chase Dunlap (Checkmat) via split decision

200lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
James Tyson (Lovato JJ) def. Ramiro Leon (Renzo Gracie) via calf slicer

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