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F2W 156 Results, Kennedy Maciel and Sam Nagai Victorious In Challenging Matches

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NOVEMBER 07, 2020, The Fight 2 Win show hit Philadelphia once again with a stacked card featuring some of the sport’s most fun competitors, new blood that included Checkmat’s Nagai Brothers, Cobrinha’s Kennedy Maciel, as well as Unity’s Junny Ocasio and Jeferson Guaresi. Adding to these incredible members of jiu-jitsu’s new generation elite, there was also world medalist Márcio André and an array of talented lower belts.

Overall, this was a very fun event with a solid submission ratio of nearly 50% and tons of innovative maneuvers, of which we would like to mention Daniel Sala’s creative lapel choke. One that mixed the old school cross choke motion from turtle position with the powerful cachecol choke. A very fun and creative submission pulled off by the brown belt.

30 Recorded Adult BJJ Matches – 14 submissions (47% sub rate)
11 Gi Matches – 5 submissions (45% sub rate)
19 No-Gi Matches – 9 submissions (47% sub rate)

For the main event, F2W had New York’s Junny Ocasio, the bantamweight reigning champ against one of the rising stars of the sport. ADCC veteran, Kennedy Maciel who battled for the featherweight strap. The match went fully in Maciel’s favor as Ocasio struggled to keep a hold of the fast-paced Brazilian.

One of Junny’s secret weapons as a bantamweight champion has been his ability to stifle movement and lock on to positions where he can methodically apply his submissions. Knowing this, Kennedy made the most of his speed and athleticism to keep away from danger and find his way into an armbar from a fantastic chain of transitions. A match well-worth rewatching.

The upset of the night came from newcomer Sam Nagai. The young Brazilian has been on a tear since he conquered his black belt a couple of months ago, with this being third world medalist he defeats on the mats. A fantastic future is in sight for Nagai. For full match results, check inside.


Main Event
145lbs Black Belt NOGI
Kennedy Maciel def. Junny Ocasio via armbar

Co-Main Event
155lbs Black Belt GI
Samuel Nagai def. Marcio Andre via decision

140lbs Black Belt NOGI
– Sheliah Lindsey def. Yan Reyes via decision

175lbs Black Belt GI
Jackson Nagai def. Jeferson Guaresi via choke from the back

170lbs Black Belt GI
– Dom Hoskins def. Robbie de la Rionda via decision

Heavy Weight Brown Belt NOGI
– Ed Abresley def. Joshua Adams via decision

210lbs Brown Belt GI
– Daniel Sala def. Mateo Nunez via lapel choke

200bs Brown Belt NOGI
– Andre Petroski def. Andrew Jones via decision

Brown Belt GI
– Sebastian Rodriguez def. Chris Passarello via decision

185lbs Brown Belt GI
– Ian Morris def. Ben Parris via decision

135lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Jeff Mock def. Eric Napes via toe hold

– Savion Marañon def. Charlie Livingston via decision

185lbs Purple Belt GI
– Donnie Ortega def. Joshua Pletscher via decision

200lbs Purple Belt GI
– Paul Barboille def. Mike Wescott via kimura

185lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Caleb Livingston def. Nicholas Lawson via inside heel hook

Heavy Weight Purple Belt GI
– Bailey Luttrell def. Erin Orange via cross choke

165lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Anthony Rodriguez def. Nicholas Mimoso via decision

155lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– AJ Discianni def. Quin Puryear via armbar

152lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Nicolas Ponce def. Nicholas Toscano via split decision

150lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Laura Griffith def. Ansley Cox via straight ankle lock

140lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Grant Kircher def. Sam Micale via split decision

150lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– James VanOsdol def. Tyler Carroll via inside heel hook

170lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– David Cox def. Max Livingston via north-south choke

Heavy Weight Blue Belt NOGI
– Patrick Brady def. Zachary Sokol via decision

185lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Nick Mancini def. Shaqueal Vaughn via calf slicer

170lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Phil Abbott def. Manpreet Dhanjal via anaconda

200lbs Blue Belt GI
– Ryan Crescenzo via Markee McCrimmon armbar

155lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– ZaQuan Rosario def. Ian Platz via decision

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