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F2W’s Halloween Card Is Scary Good!!

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Fight 2 Win returns to America’s Midwest, this time the promotion set for Chicago, IL, a place well known for being the adopted home of Carlson Gracie Sr. where the Master who spent his older age, leaving deep, deep roots in the city, including his academy which is now run by his son – Carlson Gracie Junior. Chicago is also a synonym of teams such as Brazil 021, 10th Planet as well as Tac Team, and considering íts proximity to Toledo, you can always count on the GF Team boys to be down for the count. These teams make the bulk of Fight 2 Win’s Chicago show, which will headline a clash of champions – Bantamweight vs Featherweight in Talita Alencar and Catherine Perret.

The main event truly looks like a barn burner on paper. Two athletes with a proven showmanship record; Catherine with her great wrestling and solid knee slide passing, and Talita for her wildness and relentless pace. Although Alencar will have a significant disadvantage here, size-wise, you can never count the Tazmanian Devil, Alencar, out. She is also the more submission oriented of the two athletes.

The card will also feature another super female bout, that of the legend and Brazil 021 team leader, Hanette Staack (currently named by BJJ Heroes as one of jiu-jitsu’s GOAT’s). She will be facing the powerful Jessica Flowers.

Other spectacular matches available here are Leo Silva vs Blake Klassman. Klassman being a former F2W Champ with tons of sub-only experience and Silva who is one of the top up and comers in the world today. A good test for the GFT athlete (Silva) and his second match since receiving his black belt.

An underrated match on the 129th F2W card is the Matt Leighton vs Mauricio Oliveira, Leighton is one of the finest guard players ever developed in the Midwest, with a very aggressive and submission oriented game while Oliveira is one of the figureheads of modern jiu-jitsu. Always fantastic to watch, Mauricio has very recently announced his break up with the GFT Toledo workgroup after only recently having returned after a long hiatus from training and competition. We hope this match sets him back on track.

Lastly, on the “Fight of The Night” candidates is Isaque Bahiense – arguably the most butchered name by live commentators’ in our sport (say with us people: B-A-H-I-E-N-S-E [silent “H”]), who will be squaring up with Dante Leon. Although Bahiense has traditionally been a very tactical athlete, he showed a new and aggressive angle to his game at last week’s event, and if he brings that same attitude to Dante, we will have a big, big fight in our hands, because Leon always comes to submit.


Location: Odeum Expo Center, Chicago
Date: Oct 19, 2019
Matches Start: 5:00 pm – local time > Main Event:10:20pm
Stream: FloGrappling

Main Event
Champion vs Champion
Talita Alencar (Alliance) vs Catherine Perret (Checkmat)

Co Main Event
Masters + Middle Weight Title
Mark Vives (Tac Team) vs Andre Maneco Leite (Soul Fighters)

Female Middle Weight NOGI
Hanette Staack (Brazil 021) vs Jessica Flowers (Gracie Barra)

180lbs Black Belt NOGI
Isaque Bahiense (Alliance) vs Dante Leon (GFT)

200lbs Black Belt GI
Tommy Woodruff (Core Combat Sports) vs Michael Hagl (UFlacker)

195lbs Black Belt Gi
Mike Cimm (Tac Team) vs Jeff Ake (Easton BJJ)

195lbs Black Belt NOGI
Josh Passini (10th Planet) vs Nick Macellaio (Bodhi Collaborative BJJ)

195lbs Black Belt Gi
Matt Leighton (Tac Team) vs Mauricio Oliveira (GFT)

185lbs Black Belt Gi
Steven Patterson (University of Ground Fighting) vs Fred Vinicius (Alliance)

185lbs Black Belt NOGI
Daniel Wanderley (Carlson Gracie) vs Ryan Courtney (Crossover BJJ)

180lbs Black Belt Gi
Leonardo Silva (GFT) vs Blake Klassman (Serafin BJJ)

165lbs Black Belt NOGI
Richie Tobar (Team MOTA) vs Oca Ocasio (10th Planet)

155lbs Black Belt NOGI
Dennis Dombrow (LCCT) vs Alberto Rodriguez (Enforcer BJJ)

150lbs Black Belt Gi
Rafael Rodrigues Fabiano (Soul Fighters) vs Aaron Brooks (Carlson Gracie)

155lbs Brown Belt Gi Title
Joshua Chavez (Checkmat ) vs Nicholas Salles (Marcelo Garcia Jiu-Jitsu)

220lbs Brown Belt GI
Yohance Moore (Team Fumaca) vs Adam Sippos (Alliance)

200lbs Brown Belt NOGI
Elias Cepeda (Foundation) vs Troy Everett (Mile High Gracie)

200lbs Brown Belt NOGI
Aaron Rodriguez (Torres Martial Arts) vs Yosef Al-Ghoul (LCCT)

190lbs Brown Belt Gi
James Fritz (Tac Team) vs Daniel Hart (Alpha BJJ)

180lbs Brown Belt Gi
Brad Shemluck (Lake County BJJ) vs Jim Williams (Team Fumaca/Power Fitness)

180lbs Brown Belt GI
Mike Leighton (Tac Team/Citadel BJJ) vs Anthony Kalina (Team Redzovic)

170lbs Brown Belt Gi
Bill Mayer (Corral Martial Arts) vs Mark Aguinaldo (Team Redzovic)

160lbs Brown Belt NOGI
Laquinn Swift (Valko BJJ) vs Jose Calvo (VFS)

155lbs Brown Belt NOGI
James Mikus (Way of Jiu Jitsu) vs Lior Ofir (Valko BJJ)

150lbs Brown Belt NOGI
Kyle Perkins (Team Curran) vs Christopher Hanson (Gracie Barra)

145lbs Brown Belt Gi
Vincius Silva (Brazil 021) vs Alex Seaver (Carlson Gracie)

145lbs Brown Belt Gi
Paul Do (Brazil 021) vs Sean Joseph (Sabre)

230lbs Purple Belt GI
Robert Calvo (Gracie Barra) vs Martin Schueltz (Tac Team)

205lbs Purple Belt GI
Matt Im (LCCT) vs Daniel Calvert (GFT)

200lbs Purple Belt Gi
Brett Bohn (Veneration BJJ) vs Scott Giller (Serafin BJJ)

180lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Mike Demakes (10th Planet) vs Samuel Mugnolo (Infinito BJJ)

180lbs Purple Belt Gi
David Heineman (Tac Team) vs Brian Kranz (LCCT)

175lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Grzegorz Witek (10th Planet) vs Ryan Camonier (Team Curran)

170lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Matt Garrity (10th Planet) vs John Pontarelli (Serafin BJJ)

170lbs Purple Belt Gi
Alex Diaz (Gracie Barra) vs Dave Chapman (Alliance)

165lbs Purple Belt NOGi
James Johnson (10th Planet) vs Michael Wroda (Team ASD)

155lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Stephen Gladhill (Carlson Gracie) vs Mathew Asatacio (Bodhi Collaborative BJJ)

150lbs Purple Belt GI
Robert Ellison (Team Curran) vs Andrew Wang (Gracie Barra)

130lbs Purple Belt Gi
Michelle Dominik (Tac Team) vs Lauren Kucera (Serafin BJJ)

115lbs Purple Belt Gi
Mykee Vives (Tac Team) vs Julia Balmante (Cobrinha BJJ)

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