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Roberto “Gordo” Correa
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Roberto “Gordo” Correa

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Roberto “Gordo” Correa is one of the most important figures in Jiu Jitsu’s panorama. An important competitor in the 1990’s, “Gordo” became a top instructor at the Gracie Barra academy, where he formed tremendous fighters such as Celso Vinicius, Braga Neto and many others. He has been sought out by experts in the grappling game to sharpen their tools, champions like Kyra Gracie and Vinicius Magalhaes though his biggest contribution to Jiu Jitsu is the half guard, a specific position that he developed when he was still a purple belt.

Roberto Correa Gordo Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Roberto Correa de Lima

Nickname: “Gordo” means Fat in Portuguese, the name was probably given to Roberto because he was a little overweight when he first started, although the reason has not been confirmed.

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr. > Helio Gracie > Carlos Gracie Junior > Roberto Correa

Main Achievements:

  • World Champion (1996);
  • Brazilian National Champion (1997 – Open Weight Division);
  • 4x Pan American Champion (1996, 1997, 2001, 2003);
  • World Silver Medallist (1997);
  • 2x Pan American Silver Medallist (1996 – Open Weight Division, 1998 – closed the final with team mate);
  • Brazilian National Silver Medallist (1996, 1997 – closed the final with team mate, 2000)

Favourite Position/Technique: Meia-Guarda (Half Guard)

Weight Category: Medio or Meio-Pesado (181/194.5lbs)

Team/Association: Gordo Jiu Jitsu Evolve (formerly with Gracie Barra)

Roberto “Gordo” Correa Biography

Roberto Correa was born in 1971 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Roberto grew up in the burgh of Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, where he met a few of the Gracie family members. People like Ryan and Ralph Gracie (the latter one having been his kindergarten buddy). One of the benefits of growing up in Tijuca was it’s proximity to the “Barra” one of the best surfing spots in Rio, and “Gordo” grew fond of surfing from an early age sharing the spot with a few other Jiu Jitsu practitioners who also loved surfing.

Though Roberto shared the same environment as the Jiu Jitsu surfers, it wasn’t until 1985 (when he was 19) that he took his first BJJ class. starting off in the famous academy where Jean Jacques Machado taught. He continued training even after Jean Jacques moved to the United States, getting his tuition from some of the best instructors at the time.

When he was a purple belt, a defining moment in Roberto Correa’s life occurred. He injured his knee severely, an injury that prevented him from training, but “Gordo” wasn’t convinced and decided to return to the mats prematurely. In order to keep his knee safe, he started playing from the bottom controlling one of the legs of his opponent with his own legs. This was a position he used defensively to keep his opponents from passing his guard. People had “fallen” into this position before, but Roberto started exploring it to his benefit. He was so fruitful that he started training specifically this position even after his convalescence period being extremely successful both in class and in competition. People started calling it “Meia-Guarda” (English equivalent to Half-Guard) a position that became fundamental for any Jiu Jitsu fighter of the modern era.

Correa received his black belt in 1993 by the hands of Carlos Gracie Junior, the Gracie Barra president. He went on to have a very successful career as a competitor in the black belt divisions winning every major tournament available and being part of the 2 time World Champion Gracie Barra team of the 1990’s.

In 2007 Carlos Mata, the manager of most of the Gracie Barra MMA fight team members and personal friend of “Gordo” had an argument with Carlos Gracie Junior (the head of the Gracie Barra team), as a result, the team split having most of it’s fighters join Mata on the way out, some in support, others for contractual reasons. As Roberto Correa had been working with the team for a long time, he felt that he shouldn’t abandon the fighters and joined them forming the Gordo Jiu Jitsu/Evolution. Gordo never openly admitted breaking up with Gracie Barra, having expressed only that he felt the need to support the fighters who were left without a coach.

Today Roberto Gordo Correa is regarded as one of the best Jiu Jitsu instructors in Brazil. Many big names in the Jiu Jitsu and MMA game come to him regularly to request his technical advise.

Banner photo taken by William Burkhardt of BJJ Pix.

Roberto Correa “Gordo” vs Rogerio Olegario


This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil)


  • Cody says:

    Didn't Gordo split form Gracie Barra? If so, I would love to hear the story behind that.

  • admin says:

    Hi Cody,

    Gordo never expressed animosity towards Gracie Barra (not to my knowledge), he explained that the split was made to help the fighters (who had split from the team). Check out the last couple of paragraphs.



  • Cody says:

    Awesome. Thanks Andre! Your site is for sure one of my favorites on the internet. Any chance at doing an article on Rodrigo Medeiros or Toco of Nova Geracao/BJJ Revolution/Carlson Gracie?

  • admin says:

    Hi Cody, Thank you for the kind words! Toco and Medeiros are definitely on my plans.

    I will try and work harder on these two, specially Medeiros as I am having alot of people asking about him.

    All the best


  • JP says:

    you have agreat site! it will be great an article about Helio Soneca from Gracie Barra and Toco Albuquerque from Carlson Gracie now leader of Nova Geracao they are great teachers very respected arround the world

  • Tom says:

    Hey, great article. I read every new bio you put on! lol. Any chance of a Ryan Hall bio? love his style and id like to know more about him if possible.

    Cheers, Tom.

  • DirtyWhiteGi says:

    I remember while I was training at Gordo Jiu Jitsu Academy, someone telling me that 'Gordo' was his nickname when he was a kid because he was a bit fat/chubby and I guess it just stuck. Can't remember who told me though.

    Also Gordo Jiu Jitsu was the academy he formed… Gracie Fusion was the MMA team formed with Ryan Gracie… and now Evolve MMA are big sponsors/benefactors and have invested in the club so when they compete it's Gordo Jiu Jitsu/Evolve or something along those lines.

  • Great article and great work over all the site! It's so important to keep the history of the art alive with so many new people beginning to learn jiu jitsu.

  • reza says:

    how about his brother??
    Rafael Gordinho Lima

  • gavin says:

    hurry up and do gordinhos

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