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15 Year Old Blue Belt Defeats Black Belt at Orange League

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JANUARY 13, 2018, São Paulo, Brazil witnessed the rise of Jeferson Mayca’s new vision, the Orange League, an event set to promote the younger generations of jiu-jitsu.

Mayca, founder and promoter of Copa Podio referenced in a recent interview to BJJ Heroes, how he intended to force grappling fans to think about the value of a belt rank, against that of time spend on the mats. To test this concept he decided to headline the Orange League event with a bout between a seasoned black belt and a juvenile blue belt. Mind you, not your ordinary juvenile, we are speaking of Micael Galvão who won the IBJJF Kids Pan in 2017, having recently (December) been promoted to blue belt – one of the best athletes in the kids division.

If there was a point to be made, Galvão made it by submitting Leandro Rounaud, a former IBJJF Manaus Open adult black belt champion, who looked out of his depth against the outstanding 15-year-old talent.

Micael, often referenced as “Mica” is the son of BJJ and Luta-Livre black belt Melqui Galvão, and is now heading towards Portugal to compete at the IBJJF European Open.

The match ending sequence by Micael, which seems to have broken/dislocated Leandro’s arm:

Micael Galvão Postfight Interview (Portuguese)


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É azul! Mica venceu a super luta da The Orange League Brazil.

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